1. alguien says

    nice to see an actual apology for a change. i only wish that shows that purported to report the news would stop bringing in people like arkansas family council’s jerry cox to provide “expert opinion.” cox & his cohorts may have opinions but they’re most certainly not experts.

  2. sleepy bear says

    apologies are nice.

    heading off the confusion at the very beginning would’ve been better.

    not having guests who perpetuate the pedophilia=homosexuality lie would’ve been best of all.

  3. RyanInSacto says

    I’m of two minds about this. On the one hand, I appreciate what looks to be an actual apology which includes a very clear statement that there is no link between pedophilia and homosexuality. On the other hand, it is difficult for me to imagine that Olney and/or the producers of his show were unaware of exactly what they were doing when they planned an episode that highlighted what should have been separate and unrelated topics: child sexual abuse and same-sex adoption.

  4. TampaZeke says

    Wait just a gall dern minute. They make it sound like it was a big misunderstanding that was TOTALLY unintentional. Then PLEASE NPR, tell us, WHO invited the rabidly anti-gay representative of the ARKANSAS FAMILY POLICY COUNCIL (who lead the effort in Arkansas to ban gay adoptions by using the very same argument) to the show to discuss ADOPTION BY GAY PARENTS?

    I’m sorry but this apology doesn’t address why this show invited such an inflammatory bigot to the show to discuss this issue in the first place. They make it sound like it was totally unforeseeable. Fact of the matter is, they got EXACTLY what they were expecting and hoping for.

  5. dani says

    As always, they say it before, then they apologize. But the damage is done; and some people will take this for granted! In the end; this confusion was their first objective and they got it. It’s so simple to point a minority in a society as the responsable of its own abnormalities.

  6. Your Stimulus Package (Seattle) says

    I heard that show, and he did indeed ask the guests if it would not be better to let gays and lesbians adopt, in light of this week’s bad news about a man with seemingly ideal foster home credentials. Gays and lesbians could provide good safe homes for the children. He also brought up that there are false assumptions about their higher risk that has proved untrue. He stated the coach was exactly the kind of person traditionally deemed to be the very ideal candidate for being a good foster family, but that ideal vision was not reality. He asked the gay man what background checks he and his partner had. Although the opinions of his conservative guests made up a bulk of the show, these counter points were definitely there. He does over pack the number of guests he has offering opinions during each broadcast, so that rebutal section of questioning was rushed, clumsily done, and toward the end of the hour. I will have to go to the podcast to listen to see what the dust up was about. I felt frustrated during the show as I did not agree with some of the guests’ views and I do find his interview style to be stiff. I get irritated at his timing and rushing at the end of segments. His impatiently wanting ‘experts’ to finish up quickly, when he always asks in-depth questions right up against a break is pretty common. He was more clumsy than phobic.

  7. says

    An apology by the rapist does NOT un-rape the child, and Olney’s apology does not in ANY degree mitigate the damage he caused. It was not random that a rabidly homophobic group was given air time, it was not accidental that gay couples were placed into a discussion about pedophilia and there could be nothing accidental about the motive. It’s time for Olney to step down- apology NOT accepted.