Out Gay Lawmaker Elected Minority Leader of Colorado House

Out gay Colorado State Representative Mark Ferrandino has been elected to the position of House Minority Leader, the Victory Fund reports, adding that "he could become House Speaker if the chamber flips back to Democratic control next year."

FerrandinoBrad Clark, the Executive Director of One Colorado, released a statement following Ferrandino's election:

“When openly LGBT people are elected, the face of politics is changed.  By speaking honestly about their lives and their families, they are giving voice to our community and bravely serving as champions for equality. Representative Ferrandino has been a tremendous voice at the Capitol for the LGBT community. He succesfully sponsored a bill to grant domestic partner benefits to state employees, and he garnered significant support for a civil unions bill that was blocked from a floor vote. During the civil unions debate, Representative Ferrandino spoke openly about his partner and about his family’s hopes of starting a family. Because of his courage and willingness to publicly share his life, countless Coloradans feel connected to gay and lesbian families in their own neighborhoods. Representative Ferrandino hasn’t just been a champion for the LGBT community; he has also been an incredible leader for the people of House District 2. As a respected member of the powerful Joint Budget Committee and the Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Committee, Representative Ferrandino has been applauded for his keen understanding of fiscal matters and his sharp political mind. Without a doubt, openly LGBT lawmakers like Representative Mark Ferrandino are instrumental in creating a government and a world that is more fair and just.”


  1. Alex Parrish says

    Congratulations to Colorado and to Rep. Ferrandino. I wish him the best of luck and thank him for his hard work on behalf of his community and on behalf of the LGBT community as well. Today the state-house — tomorrow the White House! 😉

  2. Gregv says

    Congratulations to Colorado for having someone who speaks out for equality in a position to move Colorado closer to the goal of fairness for all.
    It was a bit sloppy of One Colorado to talk about his family’s hopes of “starting a family.”. I assume they meant that his family hopes to include children in the future.

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