1. Disappointed says

    When you quote Kenneth Walsh, you really detract from the quality of your fine blog. There must be some other LGBT commentator, one who doesn’t routinely slur the disabled, you could go to for things Arizona.

  2. Chicklets says

    Buh bye Russell. All bigots eventually fail. Now lets get rid of “Ol’ Leatherette” Jan Brewer.

  3. Charley says

    Van Susteren takes hideousness to a new level. As for the yahoo, let him crawl back under his rock and dream up more groups to demonize.

  4. stevenelliot says

    Its is astonishing that 32 years after reagan, these old blowhards are still using the same manual to get votes. and its taken the american voting public 32 years to figure out that the right’s mantra of “God, Guns and Gays (or bashing any outsider)” wont put food on your table. Its merely a distraction and a way for rethugs to divide us just enough so that they can squeak into office. pathetic on many levels

  5. Nick says

    seen any thetans lately?
    You are astonsishingly lacking in any journalistic integrity continually living down to L Ron Hubbard’s standards.