1. Xavi says

    I love them, confident, dedicated, informed and, most importantly, loving men.

    Prop 8 will be ruled unconstitutional “tout de suite” in CA. Couples like Jeff and Paul all over CA will win the opportunity to have their relationships recognized by the state as civil marriages, equal in every way to civil marriages granted to heterosexual couples.

    CA and its citizens deserve this, as do all citizens of our country.

  2. Tyron says

    Anyone see in the irony in that fact the Republicans believe the 2nd Amendment gives ALL people the right to carry a concealed weapon but that the Constitution doesn’t respect the rights of ALL people to marry (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness)? Guess the logic is that you have the right to kill somebody but not the right to love someone.

  3. Zlick says

    I had the pleasure of meeting them, and they are such nice guys. Didn’t notice the eyebrows – just the commitment and the passion and the integrity and the kindness. It’s really nice, for me, to have that kernel of human connection to the Perry case that I’m so nearly obsessed with for much larger reasons.

    I’m glad for them … and yes, for the rest of us, that the case will be heard on the merits by the Ninth Circuit. I don’t like the way that’s happening, but Jeff and Paul remind me it’s more important that it DOES.

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