1. DiogenesI says

    A political activist group criticizes a politician for quoting things out of context? A classic example of the pot calling the kettle black.

  2. says

    I don’t see how the quote is out of context, or if it is out of context, how that changes the meaning Romney is giving to it. Any quote out of a long speech is always “out of context” by definition.

    The economy was one of the main issues Obama ran on, he was going to bring about “change”. That hasn’t happened.

    When Obama said the quote he was using it against McCain, now it’s being used against Obama.

    I don’t see the intellectual dishonesty, other than from the people pretending the lack of “context” is somehow dishonest.

  3. AnonymousJack says

    Jason, it’s WAY out of context, even by political ad standards, because Obama was literally crtiticizing a quote by the McCain campaign for saying “if we keep talking about the economy, we lose.” He was not saying that, “he” never said it, he was criticizing McCain’s people for saying it, and he was doing it 4 years ago. For Romney to then attribute the quote to Obama, as if he was the one saying/believing/asserting it, and thus associating the (deserved) disgust with such a statement with Obama instead of McCain is wrong. It basically takes a Republican’s words (ones that should be criticized) and puts them in the mouth of that Republican’s opponent (who was at the lead of the charge to criticize them, and never, ever endorsed or agreed with them in any way). This isn’t the “lazy” controversy, where Obama left enough room for interpreters to do their worst, this is a clear choice to cut what he said before and after to make it appear that McCain’s manager’s words were Obama’s and that’s an outright lie.

    Romney digs himself in deeper. Between the dozens of 180-degree shifts in public statements/positions and the willingness to lie outright if it gets the job done, it makes you seriously wondner what kind of President he would be, since he shows absolutely no remorse for changing positions to suit himself or his goals OR lying in a way that is easily fact-checked to get the advantage. How does a president like that work with congress, foreign leaders, or the opposing party? I get that there are a lot of reasons not to love Obama, but I think there are a lot more to distrust and fear a Romney presidency and THAT is saying something sad about the political process and how it serves up a “lesser of two evils” choice every damn time. (Not that I think Obama is evil, but I see legitimate room to disagree with him. It would be great to see him have to battle for re-election in a true marketplace of ideas and not just have to beat back the crazy. Why will Republicans not consider the Huntsman of the world?)

  4. says


    Obama was taunting Republicans with the quote. Romney wants to portray this as hubris because Obama, with control of both houses of Congress, wasn’t able to do anything to turn the economy around. The ad is filled with promises Obama made but was unable to fulfill.

    Also, the advertisement doesn’t pretend Obama said the quote last week, it explicitly says he said it in 2008.

    Adding the “context” that Obama was quoting McCain doesn’t add any information. Romney ran against McCain after all, I’m sure he would agree McCain sucked, he’s just saying that Obama sucks, too.

  5. mcNnyc says

    ROTMFFLOL at JASON (the Comme)
    Seriously…Roll on The Mother Fn Floor Laugh Out LOAD at Jason’s reason….

  6. says

    As Ann Landers used to say, “There’s a clinker in your thinker.”
    Please go sell your intellectual wares in a venue where there are buyers, like, say Free Republic.

  7. John says

    Oh, how I wish that people would learn “critical thinking” skills… I get so tired of hearing moronic rants, such as the ones by Jason.

  8. John says

    Why does it matter if Mitt is a Mormon? He’s a Mormon….SO WHAT?!? GET OVER IT. The bottom line is that Obama is a ONE TERM president and one of the republican candidates WILL become president. There currently is no hope and I want my change back. What do you get from an orator and a sloganeer? A whole lot of lies and empty slogans…..that’s about it. What people actually need are JOBS and the president is CLUELESS!

  9. tom says

    @ Jason (the commenter)
    I saved myself the exasperation of actually reading the whole of your comments, but I can tell you you’re wrong. Like, so wrong it’s funny you went through the trouble of even posting a comment here. Obama used the quote against McCain because McCain’s camp ACTUALLY SAID THE QUOTE. That’s valid. Romney using the soundbite of Obama quoting someone else against him is not. This is child level critical thinking, try not to read too much into things.