Ruben Diaz’s Building Has Been Invaded By Gays

Ruben_diaz--300x300Why's the sourpuss at right all "hot and bothered," according to the New York Post?

Because he's Rev. Ruben Diaz, Sr., that's why — the Democrat state senator from the Bronx who's been a vocal opponent of LGBT progress in New York since at least 1994, when he tried to keep the Gay Games from his city. The Games would spread AIDS, he said, and queerify New York's impressionable youth. Since then, Diaz has campaigned harder and longer than any other New York Democrat against marriage equality, leading a crowd of thousands in protest against gay marriage this summer. And now, the Bronx's biggest gay rights organization, Bronx Pride, has taken out a lease in the building named after him: The Rev. Ruben Diaz Gardens. According to the Post:

The 68-year-old official is far from happy about the new tenants, Bronx political sources said, especially after losing the same-sex marriage battle in Albany this year.

"He’s furious," a source said. "It’s such a direct shot at him."

The Rev. Ruben Diaz gardens is a 111-unit building originally dedicated solely to government-subsidized housing.


  1. woodroad34d says

    Why is Rubin Diaz allowed to call himself a Democrat? What a pinched, self-righteous, prune faced bigot.

    I want to be Hagrid talking to Uncle Vernon when I see this guy: “Shut up, Dursley, you great prune”.

  2. Strepsi says

    It reminds me of all those sit-coms from the 70’s when a black family moved into the neighborhood.

    Ruben Diaz is just on the wrong side of history.

    Plus, he really is not a Democrat.

  3. Keppler says

    I don’t see “sourpuss” in the Diaz photo. I see self-importance. That’s the predominating trait in this man.

  4. says

    Gregoire – we actually have lesbian parties every Friday night, and sponsor youth dances monthly, as well as kiki balls most months (which are too big for our space, but run by the Bronx Community Pride Center).

    We won’t be painting (it’s new construction and the current paint is quite nice), but we will be putting up rainbow flags!

  5. Brian says

    How wonderful!!! Glad your in a new space and glad this takes a stab at a very bigoted man!! Man of God my a#$.

  6. Nelson Acevedo says

    I hear that his son, Ruben Diaz Jr., the Bronx Borough President is PRO-GAY and PRO-SAME SEX MARRIAGE.
    I guess Ruben Sr. does not care for his own son.
    Ruben Sr. is a hateful man, a Disgrace to ALL Puerto Ricans.

  7. Danny says

    Well, “it” is in his family as we see from his granddaughter–and we’re like cucharachas in this: that there’s never just one of us (in a family I mean) so poor ignorant (and possibly closeted) Ruben is just breathing fire against his own.

    AND he’s a clergyman. Perfect.

    Strange how much of the Gospel he chooses not to hear.

  8. Tyron says

    I love it! Thanks for the day brightener. Now they should create and name a scholarship for underprivileged Puerto Rican students after this old fool and watch him squirm every time his name and the name of the organization are mentioned in the same breath. Hatred like his will never go away so it’s important to mock and harass him at every opportunity.

  9. says

    Great idea Tyron!

    We’ll have photos of the new space, and folks in pride outfits with rainbow flags in front of the building up on the website in the next week.