1. Rich F. says

    @ Gus: THIS!

    I think the right wing’s support for the plutocratic undermining of the democratic system is what will cause the fall of the republic.

  2. says

    The stupidity of this argument has always amazed me. To be in favor of same-sex marriage does not in any way mean that one is opposed to “traditional marriage”. I strongly encourage straights to find Mr. or Ms. Right, marry and have lots of kids if that’s their dream. My marrying someone of the same sex does nothing to change that nor have they ever came up with anything to explain how it would. Well, other than a religious argument that God wouldn’t like it of course.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    Hey, Frothy Mix, how about the “institution of divorce” in this country? How’s that working out for your homophobic “traditional marriage” plan (as well as for your idea of “family values”)? Oh, yeah, right, you can marry as many spouses of the opposite sex as you wish – “traditionally”, of course, e.g., see Newt Gingrich’s multiple-marriage record. OK, what about infidelity (goes against your idea of “morality”, doesn’t it)…or married couples who, for whatever reason, don’t have children…or singles living together (sometimes having/raising children)? You’re narrow-minded, one-sided, short-sighted, and downright heartless, Senator! I look forward to the day when you’re off the GOPer pontification stage ’cause you ain’t never gonna be the prez.

  4. AJ says

    Why are we still paying attention to him? “Blah blah blah. Homophobia. Blahhh blah blah traditional marriage.”. This is the same guy that brought a miscarried fetus home w him right? He’s clearly unhinged. Ignore it and it will go away.

  5. Fahd says

    Weren’t all these sanctimonious windbags going to move to South Caroline (somewhere near the BMW plant, I thought)?

    My greatest fear is that one of them would slip through and get elected. Keeping my passport up-to-date and handy.

  6. sylvatica says

    Frothy is becoming a one trick pony. Nothing about the economy or job creation, just gays, gays and gays.

  7. Robert in NYC says

    So has he been able to provide the evidence that society will fail if same-sex marriage continues? I want to see the evidence from Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico City, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa and New York. That’s the problem with these republicans, no intellectual curiosity, no facts to back up anything they claim. A party of dumbasses including many oxymoronic gay republicans who support them.

  8. Vern Dufford says

    It’s time we tell Rick to F–K himself!!!
    You have got to wander with such hatred what is in the the very back of his closet.

  9. gregory brown says

    I see that the Des Moines Register has a kicker in its online edition about Ricky Frothy “working long and hard ” across Iowa.

  10. stevenelliot says

    @ sylvatica….exactly. The man doesnt have a plan to get people in this country back to work. actually the entire rethug laughing stock doesnt have a plan. In fact, none of these goons, whove been feeding at the trough of government, even think there is a problem in this country with the economy.
    So to steer granny, grandpa, and some evangelical dumbheads their way they bash the gays and say abortion is a problem. Let me say this again. now there are 7 billion peeps on this planet. If gays are trying to destroy the ability of heteros to get married and or procreate we have done a mighty bad job!

  11. Caliban says

    Based on his obsession with gays I can only assume that Santy Claws is gayer than a Liberace Easter bonnet. Actual heterosexual men have better things to worry about.

    BTW, do you know what the current record is for separate legal marriages for a living person? 23. There’s a woman who has been married 23 times, two of those to the same guy. When I looked that up about a year ago she was divorced but looking for #24. She also said two of her husbands turned out to be gay.

    The shortest legal marriage just lasted a few hours. Their “holy matrimony” ran aground when they got into a fight at the wedding reception.

    Several bona fide serial killers have been married in prison, despite the fact they were not allowed to consummate the union.

  12. says

    some sad news that will indeed happen, that i will not take joy in; Rick Santorum will bury a child. He will. Not all of his children are heterosexual. He will lose a child because of his poisonous anti-gay bigotry.

  13. Steve says

    Dear US Republicans, Canada has had gay marriage for almost 7 years now and our Country is doing much better than yours currently (The head of the Bank of Canada is in charge of the group that is supposed to fix the world economy). Does that say something?

  14. Bart says

    When in reality, equality in marriage will make this country flouish. It will create the bedrock in gay culture that’s been missing, for gay families with children. It will create new business and will solidify Americans who felt marginalized into the mainstream and thus make the country more tolerant and more profitable. There’s no down side to equality in marriage.

    And within a generation, people like Rick Santorum will be completely marginalized as they are being already. His children will hate him for spending so much time on the subject, so obsessed with other people’s sexuality — the parents of their friends or their actual friends — and it will destroy him and his family. Hatred, prejudice and obsession has that effect.

  15. says

    Steve, we also have had our LGBT Citizens serving openly in the military, if they choose, for nearly 20 years. Yeah. Since 1992. The US Republicans still cant’ get their heads around THAT.

    America is a nation of great people who are, sadly, hindered and slowed down by the millions of White Heterosexual “Christian” Males (and the stupid women who worship them) who have dragged their heels over slavery, segregation, a woman’s right to choose, a woman’s right to vote and make an equal wage, and now anything to do with GAY.

    it’s sad that the millions of Americans who are on the right side of history have to wait for the millions of plebes to die off. And SHAME on the politicians and leaders who keep the plebes believing their nonsense lies.

  16. anon says

    RS speaks in a kind of code to evangelicals that is part attack on Romney and part general paranoia. You can tell he’s very religious because when it comes to his candidacy he does believe in miracles.

  17. Victor says

    I really can’t wait for this guy’s own restroom scandal. I mean really. Who’s taking him seriously at this point? He looks scared and confused and someone needs to shove a good c*&k up is ass so he’ll finally admit that he’s a self-hating closeted homo. I’m really tired of us being nice about it anymore. The only reason people like him are obsessed with the idea of gay marriage as the downfall of society is because they can’t get the idea of two men together in their mind over and over and over again because those are “impure” thoughts that they keep fighting in themselves. Someone please come out and speak out about having made frothy mix with “frothy mix”

  18. says

    Wrong. It didn’t include every Republican candidate except Romney, it did not include Gov. Gary Johnson either. He is a candidate and the only one who told the religious right to go take a giant leap over a short pier.