1. Jeff K. says

    Believe me, they have balls. For example, church-burning is a proud and long-standing Spanish tradition. If it gets that far it might become popular once more.

  2. ¡Olé! ¡Olé! says


    The voters elected Rajoy to reform the economy. He will neuter himself if he tries to return Spain to the Dark Ages socially. Poll after poll shows overwhelming support for marriage equality in Spain.

  3. gaylib says

    conservatives in Spain are nothing like the theocratic nutjobs in this country. There is absolutely no danger of gay marriage being reversed in Spain. Although most say they are Catholic, there is deep distrust of the Church due to their complicity in the Franco regime. They will not be able to influence anyone. And with 20%+ unemployment and sprialing debt, the politicians there have much bigger fish to fry.

  4. Robert in NYC says

    I doubt if marriage equality is going to be overturned. Spain has some deeply serious economic issues, unemployment is among the highest in the EU. The bulk of the Spanish people support same-sex marriage, so this is a non-starter. People in the US tend to forget that conservatives in the western EU are a lot different from conservatives in the U.S. No comparison.

  5. Mary says

    Same-sex kissing is so common now that it hardly shocks anymore. Pretty soon anyone’s response to his will be “ho hum..what else is new?” But those two guys actually look pretty good together.

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