1. Hollywood, CA says

    Wow, how boring. :( – Britney destroys everything. She’s not elevating her game, I just don’t get it?

  2. Scott says

    No one has and no one will ever do the hair flip with the mastery of ms. Spears. Others try- but they always fall short.

  3. jason says

    Brtney Spears = no-talent hack who uses her lack of clothing as a marketing ploy.

    Gay men who love Britney = sad, dysfunctional individuals who live their lives through women’s bodies.

  4. BAD says

    Gee Jason, if being a gay male that loves Britney makes me a “sad, dysfunctional individual who lives through women’s bodies” what does your constant trolling and obsession with looking like Marilyn Monroe make you?

  5. DeeperStill says

    Jason, you are hilarious. In a very sad kind of way, of course… Seek help!

    (I can’t stand Miss Spears, though.)