Major Dowty, Christian, Bullies Non-Believing Subordinates

FlagcrossIs there anything more frightening than heavily armed men with God on their side? A great many such men may be found at Officers' Christian Fellowship, an organization of United States military personnel who believe in a "a spiritually transformed military, with ambassadors for Christ in uniform, empowered by the Holy Spirit."

At Freethought Blogs, Chris Rodda writes about one member of the OCF, a Major Jonathan Dowty, who runs a blog called Christian Fighter Pilot:

As a devout Christian officer, Major Dowty has made it a practice to publicly attack and defame atheist and other non-Christian enlisted service members by name, knowing that they can’t respond to defend themselves because he’s an active duty officer, so it would be insubordinate for them to respond to him.

Major Dowty has relentlessly targeted five particular service members on his blog — three atheists and one Muslim in the Army, and one Air Force tech sergeant who practices an earth-centered religion. All of these service members are or have been clients of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), and include my fellow blogger here on Freethought Blogs, foxhole atheist SGT Justin Griffith.

Well, one of the soldiers Major Dowty has been lying about on his blog, SGT Dustin Chalker, just got out of the Army, and is now free to fight back against this Christian bully who has dogged him for the last three years.

 Here's an excerpt from Sgt. Chalker's message for his former superior:

You should be ashamed of yourself, JD. For years you’ve made a hobby of publicly attacking subordinate lower enlisted and NCO’s who can’t defend themselves against your constant defamation. The last time I engaged you on this website, I found out that you are still an active duty field grade officer and had to end the conversation. You, clearly, have no such reservations about good order and discipline, and seem to enjoy dragging your subordinates’ names through the mud. What do you think is the effect when the leaders, peers, and subordinates of your targets come across the unprofessional and inappropriate public attacks you launch against your subordinates? How does it make you feel smearing subordinates who can’t say a word back to you? You get to blast out all of the defamation you want from behind the cover of that little oak leaf.

I’m not worried about that any more, Dowty. Let’s drag your name around for a little while and see what your leaders, peers, and subordinates think.

Sgt. Chalker proceeds to rebut the nasty article Major Dowty penned about him back when Sgt. Chalker couldn't fight back. Read the whole rebuttal here. It's quite vivifying. Must have felt good to get all that out.

Needless to say, Major Dowty doesn't much like the "homosexuals" under his command, either.

[HT: Pharyngula.]