Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1006

BACKSTAGE WITH KYLIE: A preview clip for her Aphrodite Les Folies Live in London DVD.

BRAVE: Pixar's first lead heroine is Arya Stark.

SANTA MONICA Jet buzzes pier. Pilot goes to jail.

TORTURE: MMA trainer Ed Clay gets waterboarded, decides yes, it is torture.

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  1. badlydrawnbear says

    Okay, While the jet video is spectacular it is truly dumb. It is hot shot pilots like those guys who severed that Italian cable car line and killed all those tourists years ago.

    And don’t forget the submarine captain who thought it would be fun to do a ‘breach’ off the coast of Hawaii and ended up sinking a Japanese fishing boat and killing everyone on board.

    I understand the temptation to perform these acts, who wouldn’t want to give the vistors a special thrill, but when these kinds of stunts go wrong it usually has very deadly consequences.

  2. Bob R says

    Ed Clay had himself water boarded and decides it is torture. The nice thing about his experience was he was in control (had a safe word), knew he wasn’t going to be killed at the hands of his torturers and had the security of knowing it would all end when he said enough. A prisoner has none of those options. A prisoner can be certain he will be drowned if his torturer wants to do that.

    Now, I know many will scream Godwin’s Rule because Clay mentioned Nazi’s and the Holocaust. But like so many misinterpret the Constitution, even more misinterpret Godwin’s Law. There are too many similarities between the course America is following and the rise of Hitler and the Nazis.

    America has not started imprisoning large numbers of its citizens in concentration camps yet (although we do house more of our citizens in prison facilities than other first world nations). But, we are slowly headed in that direction. Camps were once suggested for those with AIDS. Camps have been suggested for illegal immigrants. That would probably be as acceptable to the average American as relocating Jews was to the average German.

    The Patriot Act is in many ways similar to the “Enabling Acts” Hitler rammed through the German Parliament following the Reich-stag fire. Curiously, The Patriot Act was enacted following the attack on 9/11. It could be alleged that the questions raised by the Reich-stag fire might also be raised about the 9/11 attacks. But that’s another topic.

    We, as a people are condoning torture. We are condoning people being arrested and held without charges or due process and with no end date for their incarceration. We even now permit our President to assassinate American citizens on just his word alone.

    We are, in fact a fascist state. So far it has been a benevolent or friendly fascism, but that can and probably will change, given time and circumstances.

    I think every candidate and citizen that says water boarding is NOT torture, should be snatched off the street, blindfolded by the kidnapper and water boarded. They should experience the same unknown, the same stress. Then they should be released and asked directly if they consider water boarding nothing more than enhanced interrogation. We are sliding down a very slippery slope and I weep for what is left of our republic.

  3. Caliban says

    The MMA fighter being waterboarded is interesting. To be honest what surprised me most is how thoughtful he is about it and the consequences of our country’s use of waterboarding. Yeah, I stereotype these MMA fighters as macho idiots and he is clearly not one.

  4. luminum says

    Aww, Kylie’s so awesome.

    BOB R: Don’t forget that camps were indeed created when WWII happened, sending thousands of honest Japanese-Americans out of their homes and into those camps while their neighbors stole their possessions, their land, their homes, and their jobs for themselves all in the name of “keeping the country safe”. And yet, meanwhile, there is documentation of some German-Americans returning from America to fight for Germany during WWII. Where were the German-American camps to circumvent that threat?

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