1. topher says

    That’s the thing with his talk show. It’s so unrelateable because we know nothing of this guy. I trust Ellen, and Oprah, and Rosie, and Whoopie (lol, I’m gay, allright?), because they’ve shared their lives with us.
    But not this dude.
    And if he’s coming out for ratings instead of doing it to help curb homophobia, then this is sickening.
    Then again, maybe he’s happy with his life now and content and all, and wants to let us in. Who knows.

  2. Tonez says

    @TOPHER You shouldn’t trust any of these people lol. They say anything for ratings. Whether it’s Ellen having someone on her show saying that eating any meat is cruel & unhealthy or Oprah having anti-vaccination but botox loving Jenny McCarthy on (the show was about how vaccines gave her son autism. Which has been proven not too before the interview). They all push group thinking for ratings. Turn off the TV unless it is purely for fun and you take everything as a grain of salt.

  3. topher says

    @Tonez: Come on, I’m not an idiot. I didn’t mean I actually TRUST these people. I just mean that I feel they’re not pretending all the time.
    And just so you know, I don’t watch any of them. They just seem like nice honest people (Ellen, of course, takes the top spot).

    In any case, good for Anderson is he decides to come out, whatever the reason behind it.

  4. Jerry says

    @topher, Your comment makes it sound like you need to intimate details about people in order to watch their talk shows. You’re irritated because he’s “in” then you’re upset he may come out for the wrong reasons? Shut up.

  5. topher says

    @Jerry: Exactly. I need those juicy details – how else am I gonna relate to the stuff they say? Thanks for understanding me, I will shut up now. Pauvre connard.

  6. Guy78 says

    I kind of agree with topher. Something about him not being out yet bothers me. Also, I just don’t enjoy his show. I don’t think knowing if he has a partner is all that “intimate”.

  7. johnny says

    As a serious journalist/correspondent, Anderson has appeal. He seems ON.

    As a talk show host, not so much. There’s just something not quite “THERE” with him in many of these tapings.

    So, maybe his coming out will help make him more human and not such a bot. (although the episode with his mother and all the tears really helped me see him in a new light.)

  8. AG says

    How do all of the commenters know that A.C. is gay if he hasn’t come out?

    Please, anyone with a brain who pays attention knows that A.C. is gay.

    I have never seen him attempt to hide it or to deceive people by appearing with a beard.
    He certainly appears openly in Manhattan with his lover.

    Just what the hell does “out” mean?

  9. jomicur says

    I’ve watched Cooper’s show twice (which was more than enough). Both times, his guest was his mother, fer chrissake! And on both shows he reacted to each “revelation” by squealing and giggling like a schoolgirl. Who on earth does he think he’s fooling? If he does finally come out, it’ll be the biggest news since we figured out water is wet.

  10. Andalusian Dog says

    Was Madonna’s rubber/leather ensembly thing squeaking when she was talking? Who’s her handler and why is she/he not fired yet?

  11. says

    I’ll be honest guys, I watch Anderson every day and his shows are fascinating, eye-opening and often tear-wrenching. I’d like him to come out. He has a lot at stake here compared to most closeted gay public men. His main profession has been (real) news and the talk show thing is an attempt to spread his wings. Maybe he’s using it to open his stodgy world to everyday people. The world of news is like the world of sports. Come out in either one and you are segregated, your value as a player is diminished, you are thought less of. We all know this and it isn’t fair but its the truth. Granted, both professions are expanding, growing and becoming more accepting and Anderson is helped by the very out Maddow, Kloeffler, Lemon and others (Maddow is pushing other gay anchors to step out). But it is a big step when you’ve built an amazing career.

    Still, I would LOVE for Anderson to devote a big segement of his show to his own coming out, to the introduction of his boyfriend and end with him or his boyfriend proposing marriage (but only if they are really in love with one another and certainly not for ratings sweep). Anderson should have someone to love, as we all should, as well as a child or two.

    Anderson is already a very wealthy man but when his 87-YO mother dies he will inherit and incredible fortune. I would like to see his and his mother’s legacy live on and for Anderson to step front and center as an honorable gay icon. BTW, I think Gloria is well aware of Anderson’s sexual orientation. If Anderson comes out we might see Matt Bomer and David Muir come out too.

  12. V-8 says

    OS2GUY, your last paragraph totally contradicts what you wrote before… because he is very wealthy now and will be extremely wealthy once his mother passes away he has NOTHING to lose by coming out….

    and as far as being gay in TV journalism, please…. most weathermen are notoriously gay….. and there are tons of out and about journalists on CNN….. last but not least, did you know that Anderson was the host of a reality show called The Celebrity Mole? that is how he met Kathy Griffin…

    I have nothing against or pro this guy, find him cute like everyone else, and wish him happiness personally and professionally in whatever he decides to do….

    but please, enough with the excuses why he does not come out… if it is a personal choice, that is even fine with me…. but his life is so much easier than most gays out there, so his risk is really a small one… go ask some kid in a small impoverished town in the midwest, or a mormon community, etc…

  13. Howard says

    Look at Madonna’s body language. She is almost facing away from A.C. and must turn her upper toso to speak to him in almost a condescending manner.

  14. David says

    Most out gay celebrities took years to come out publicly. Rosie had her first highly successful talk show for years and only came out right before ending it. A lot of the ones who’ve come out like Don Lemon timed it with the publication of a book they wanted to sell or something else they wanted to promote. Even absolutely flaming Johnny Weir said he wouldn’t tell us if he was gay, we’d have to buy his book to find out.

    Celebrities are all selective about what they let out unless they are crazy like Courtney Love, and male talk show hosts have usually been much less about exposing themselves than the female ones. Whoopi Goldberg said on an episode of the View talking about celebrity scandals that she has personal things she keeps secret from the public that could ruin her career and she knows most other celebrities do to. They aren’t as open as they like to pretend. It’s a business and they must market themselves.

    We DO know Anderson Cooper gay and who his partner is. It’s no big mystery. He’s out in regular life and those things are easily available common knowledge to anyone with any interest in him.

  15. jj says

    @V-8: He didn’t host Celebrity Mole. He hosted the regular Mole with no famous people.

    A lot of those notoriously gay weathermen are not publicly out. Are there any weathermen out at the national level? I can’t think of any off hand. Sam Champion is glass closeted.

    The only publicly out reporter on CNN is Don Lemon. The others don’t publicly discuss their orientation.

    Don has been on CNN and in TV news for years but only just came out. Don wasn’t outed and harangued for being glass closeted all those years, even though he’s someone the kinds of kids who’ve been killing themselves can relate to more than a Vanderbilt. He was let to come out publicly in his own time or not at all.

  16. Lexxvs says

    Watching Madonna for that small minute is like seeing someone who thinks she is so above the rest of the world she hates doing this little bit. She has contempt and disgust wrought on her face and no effort can dissimulate it.

  17. starfishthrower says

    Really LEXXVS ? I found her to be amazingly real. Funny how you place your own contempt and vile energy on someone as charming as Madonna. There are a ton of us out there, that adore her, so I challenge your opinion. Turn that hate into something positive.

  18. says

    For the person who asked what “out” is, it is simple: For a public figure, being out means that you acknowledge you are gay and it is not a taboo topic. Any other questions?

  19. Lexxvs says

    @ starfishthrower: I don’t hate her. At all. Hate is not in the list of feelings I exercise. I guess some comments, her accent and some of her snob attitudes influenced that impression. But hey, who am I to dialogue with someone who claims to adore her and who points to an army of adorers to back up his view. That’s would be like arguing the inexistence of God with an Orthodox Jew, you will crash against a wall of blind faith. But looking her face again, maybe she is just constipated. That’s what’s happen when you keep your rear end too tight closed. (Have a little humor).

  20. FunMe says

    I don’t really like Madonna anymore like I used to. But I gotta say, she did fine in that interview clip. I didn’t see any condescending attitude. For change.

  21. Drew says

    Has anybody had the nerve/courage/gall to simply ask him on live TV “Are you gay?” Just wondering…

  22. Uptight Bish says

    She is soooooooo irritating in interviews. She thinks she’s so much better than everyone else. Not down to earth at all and not a nice person at all. She’s always so uptight.