1. endo says

    There are about 100 rumors right now of who’s coming to MLS… including Chelsea star striker Didier Drogba replacing Beckham at the Galaxy.

    This one seems unlikely. He’s not well known enough for an MLS team to fork out their Designated Player cash, and half the reason MLS teams recruit overseas is to add big names to their rosters.

  2. Jerry says

    I don’t wanna sound like a pervert here, but Anton is hot…but his dad Glenn is an freakin stud!

  3. TommyOC says

    Endo: The Euros seem to think MLS teams are bent on spending on any “big”-name athlete they can lure over. It’s this belief that our league will pay top-dollar for any and all table scraps.

    But we don’t, won’t and can’t.

    Re: Drogba: Not a big-name guy in the general public, so no advertising purpose as the “next” Beckham-esque acquisition. Won’t contribute in the same way Beckham and Keane have. He’s not coming to LA, even if Beckham leaves.

    Re: Beckham: Euro papers – especially the French – claim the PSG deal is done and done. All Euro papers neglect to mention re-signing with LA as option. Quite presumptuous. But LA is rumored to have put a tasty deal on the table.

    Re: MLS and Overseas players: Out of the 19 teams in MLS, how many have “big-name” overseas players with DP salaries? LA and NY. Medium-name players are on a couple others. That’s it.

    MLS’s bread and butter is to do the very opposite of what you suggest: Go outside of our borders and buy up young or “glossed-over” talent on the cheap and cultivate it.

    If Hysen has the talent – and in the past, I’ve been very critical of him – then more power to him… and to our league for signing him.

    If the rumor is true.

  4. endo says

    I meant “big names” in terms of people who follow soccer. Of course, Drogba is a big name that MLS fans would be thrilled to have over here. His pic has been on this very site… so I’d argue he’s quite capable of building a rep outside soccer fans. Not to mention, every time I get in a cab I end up talking to the cabbie about Drogba.

    That said, I’m not convinced he’s going to LA either. Don’t see any reason why they’d add another striker up front with Keane.

    But this guy, I don’t know anyone who’d be excited about him playing in MLS… except for a few gay bloggers who’d post half-nekkid pics of him but never go to any of the games.

  5. TommyOC says

    @Endo: I’d be excited, for one. The first top-tier league to have an openly gay player in its midst? As a fan – and a gay one at that – that’s a special point of pride right there.

    As for Drogba, you mention you talk about him in the cab. So I’m gonna assume you take them often. Which puts you most likely in NY. Which makes your cab drivers, erm, not-from-here. Which makes them fans of the European game. Which makes them appreciators of Drogba.

    And few of them will watch an MLS game, Drogba or not. Why? Because they’re too busy watching Chelsea and the next Drogba.

    Drogba has little pull to bring new fans into the league. So without that innate commercial aspect, it’s down to what team will pay for his skills and just his skills? Like you said, LA has Keane. NY has Henry. Seattle, Toronto, Montreal… maybes. Everybody else will pass.

  6. endo says

    The last cabbie I had a long conversation with about Drogba was in Nashville. Every city in America is filled with cabbies from Africa.

    Anyways, we’ll have to agree to disagree about Drogba. I think he has the skill and name recognition to excite MLS fans and the charisma to make a few new ones.

    Back to Hysen, yes yes very exciting to have a gay player in MLS. I’d be happy about it too. But you and and I are apparently the only gay soccer fans in the country. :)

  7. Mark says

    Just came up on my Twitter Feed that Sporting KC picked up Bobby Convey.

    That would make it seem they aren’t gonna go for Hysen.

  8. Danny says

    damn. didn’t realize swedish men could be so handsome. I usually think of ’em as washed out, and definitely not steamy like this dude..