1. Matt says

    What in the world do you expect from a woman who’s married to a, not so convincingly closeted gay man.

    Michele Bachmann would like nothing more than to have all gays to live in the closet, be quiet about it and pretend there’s no such thing as “the gay”.

    This probably all started with a lesbian experience for her back in college, you have seen her haircuts from back then, right?!

  2. says

    There’sreally no use bothering with this moron. It’s well-established that children can pray in school. Schools, however, cannot demand Christianty of their studetns — whcih is precisely what this hysterical harpie wants.

    She has not chance of being President, but a Repubica-run media will continue to track her every word and pseudo-deed.

  3. Brian says

    There is no use even posting this. This bonehead will NEVER get the Republican party nomination. I know she’s crazy as hell, but why waste the space to promote her own prejudice and hate?

  4. Gay American says

    so there are so special privilages by what you do sexually..? REALLY…? Isnt that a LIE….so IF your penis goes in Vagina ie:(sex life) then YOU DO get special privilages…..Hetersexual Privilage-
    see how that works!!!! 

  5. Bart says

    She’s so ridiculous and backwards. And thankfully so far back in the pack no one gives a crap. She can’t draw more than 50 people to an event.

    Using Michelle’s logic, she’s pro-abortion because abortion is the law. She supports it. She also, by her logic, supports the EPA because it exists under the laws of this country.

    Oh but wait…she doesn’t.

    Truthfully, if people came into her town hall meetings backwards and told her they were leaving, she would believe it.

  6. Hollywood, CA says

    I have to give some props to Michelle, she’s learning how to be a politician and stick to her talking points. It’s like watching a Monster’s claws grow right in front of your face…

    Kudos to the kids that stuck up for the LGBT community!

  7. David in Houston says

    It’s impossible to argue with people that have convoluted logic, so what’s the point? Based on her logic, interracial marriage should still be banned (because at one time it was the law of the land); and straight people should marry gay people instead of people that are sexually attracted to them. It doesn’t get more stupid than that.

  8. Unbelievable says

    What’s unfortunate stems from the “logic” behind her statements: She is saying, as so many of the anti-gay say, that “gay is a choice.” There are hundreds of millions of people in the United States and surely someone could come up with some extremely clever way to make huge news of this that won’t go away, perhaps with lawsuits. But that’s not happening. And not happening, and not happening. So Bachmann — who, quite honestly, is little more here than a walking, talking rapist of rights — will continue to use this ILLOGIC to make her point, deliberately and willfully refusing to see that she has advocated the identical logic to a heterosexual’s marrying a person of the SAME gender. I am sorry to say, though, that I simply cannot understand, for more than three years now, why this is not fought much, much more vociferously by the pro-gay. Politely asking for your rights is not going to budge these people; I wish — in some way, somehow, in some form — the pro-gay would take a cue from the OWS movement. But I know where this leads: I’ve had argument after argument with pro-gay persons who shoot all this down, thinking they’re doing things the right way. When I ask why this has led to so many defeats in so many places for gay rights, … they start to sound, in addressing that reality … just like Ms. Bachmann.

  9. Rob says

    Bachman doesn’t acknowledge that gay people exist. She only states that we choose to have sex with people of the same sex. This woman is twisted and dangerous.

  10. Craig says

    So she supports loveless marriage?

    That is exactly why the current state of marriage is a joke. I can marry a lesbian in Vegas with an Elvis impersonator presiding and that never-consummated, loveless marriage has full government recognition. However if I marry a man I’ve loved for 20 years it isn’t recognized and somehow detrimental to society.

  11. Akula says

    Hey Rik Obama isn’t trying to reverse DADT and add a same sex marriage ban to the constitution like ALL the resluglicans support. He isn’t perfect but I’ll take him any day over the mental midgets that the reslugs have out there.

  12. Landon says

    There’s a simple counter to the “gays can marry a woman just like other men” and “no special rights” arguments:

    We want to grant everyone an additional right: the right to marry someone of the same sex. That means heterosexual men will have the right to marry another heterosexual man. Whether they exercise that right is up to them. All gay people want to do is give EVERYONE an extra right. Why do you want the government to withhold that right from citizens?

  13. Keke says

    Notice how this stupid d-bag only campaigns in the mid west states. She’d be booed and made to look like a uneducated moron that she really is,If ever came to the east coast.
    Such a coward, just like Palin. They dodge the intellectuals in the blue states!
    The strategy is stir the pot with ma and pa kettle in tim buck too, only to get the votes.
    Sad world we live in!

  14. Dave says

    The disconnect, among many, is that she thinks of being gay ONLY as a sexual practice and only as a choice. She does not understand the difference between being and doing when it comes to this. You could see she literally couldn’t comprehend the question since it challenged her world view. We’re all deviants to her.

  15. Jexer says

    Oh I agree with Michell!

    We should all have the same civil rights.

    If Michelle Bachman can marry a gay man, then any American should have the right to marry a gay man.

  16. Grego says

    When Marcus finally comes out of the closet and leaves this woman, exposing her for the fraud she is, she’ll be isolated, marginalized and shamed. She’ll play the victim, crying like Anita Bryant and Tammy Fae did when their empires came crashing down – and i can’t wait.

  17. dixichuk says

    So, if (in the blind mind) homosexuality is a choice and can’t be protected by “special rights”, how about that annoying little Constitutional religious choice thing? Though she would probably rescind that oppressively anti-Christian law, as well.. since Muslims now, are the only ones with religious freedom in this country.
    Is this really a joke?? and we just don’t get it?

  18. says

    It sounds a lot like this to me:

    Bachmann: Milk is very good for people, so we’re only going to serve milk in school cafeterias from now on, nothing else, not even water.

    “But what about people who are lactose intolerant?”

    Bachmann: People do not get special privileges based on their milk-drinking practices. We all have the same rights.

  19. SCollingsworth says

    And the law used to be that you had to marry someone of the same race. There was no “special right” it was the law. They had the same right as everyone else, to marry, just someone of the same race.

  20. SCollingsworth says

    Oh, and she wants to get rid of the Department of Education because, as she says, there was no Federal Department of Education when she was growing up… Um… isn’t that a reason to KEEP it? I mean I seriously don’t want my children to have the tenuous grasp on history that SHE has.

  21. scott says

    Bravo to the kids and others who questioned her.

    But i have a question- and someone who works in PR might be able to answer this- so many of these far-right candidates have stated they disagreed completely with Lawrence vs. Texas- why don’t people question them about their desire to re-criminalize homosexuality? They try to come off as “fair” to everyone-by saying every American has the same basic rights- so any independents who have doubts might be assured. However, if -like Santorum, they derided Lawrence- why don’t we start phrasing the debate that way?

    I understand talking about gay sex can make even our allies uncomfortable- but if its worded like “Do you support re-criminalizing gay couples who are intimate together?” or “Would you appoint a Supreme Court judge who would overturn Lawrence, and prosecute gay people?”

    Marriage is important, and they need to be called out- but that’s the danger with these loonies- they not only don’t believe in marriage equality- they really want to return to the days of being arrested for being gay.

    so- maybe somebody knows- why aren’t these questions asked?

  22. Johncnnj says

    Luckily *MOST* Americans are bright enough to realise this vermin, like her fellow idiot – Sarah Palin, are incapable of managing their own homes, let alone the country.

  23. George M says

    RIK, you’re right Obama believes in marriage = man / woman
    But Obama won’t stop two men or two women from getting married. That’s the point. He may not agree with it but he won’t fight you on it. Now ask Bachmann that and see if she would try and stop yours.

    My problem is this, she says no special classifications yet religion time and time again is protected. If we “choose” to be gay I also choose to be catholic. Why am I protected for being a catholic? I’d love for someone to ask her to state on the air that she will fight to remove All protections from employment, housing and crime. Base everyone as humans. No race, sex, religion nothing. Think she’ll do it?

  24. So Left I'm Right says

    Ah, the Demon Moron from Hell once again demonstrates her complete misunderstanding of civil rights. Well, she certainly knows all about gay men marrying a woman! Michelle, dear crazy lady, we don’t want to copy your sad, twisted life example. Off to the loony bin with you. I can never get around how this batshit crazy person is in Congress.

  25. Scott says

    Please, please, please, read the Constitution and clearly understand that this has nothing to do with the Department of Education, it has everything to do with the establishment clause of the Constitution, this woman is an idiot (preaching to the choir, no pun intended) and should be railroaded off of the media and out of this race. UGH!!!

  26. Zac says

    Although I am well aware of the fact that you cannot argue with this close-minded, bigoted and ignorant (not to mention completely oblvious to the fact that she is married to a man that is gayer than the entire lot of us) monster, I would have loved to challenge her on one simple point. If the Government has no right to invade a citizen’s personal choice of religion, why do they have a right to dictate what sex they would prefer to marry? I truly wish the LGBTQ community, along with their straight allies, would stand up to these bigots and quit allowing them to treat us so disrepsectfully so publicly. If she dared to even insinuate the same arguments about interracial marriage, it would be major national news plastered in bold, all-caps headlines on every newpaper and be the lead story on every channel, including Fox News. Not only would she have no choice but to backtrack, she would also be bowing out of the Presidential race within 24 hours of her statements. Her comments are unacceptable and we as citizens of the United States of America need to buck up and demand respect. I truly believe that we are so used to being treated like trash that, although we do fight, we don’t fight near as ferociously as we should. Enough is enough. Prejudicial and hateful comments that are thinly cloaked behind the veil of religion towards the LGBTQ community should be unacceptable to the point that even the utterance of them would be career suicide.

  27. FunMe says

    Who are the 2 people clapping for everything she says, considering she is a fag hag married a gay guy?

    She’s good for entertainment, but she is not going to win.

    I just hope her state kicks her out of government for good.

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