1. Paul Hogarth says

    Every time Michelle Bachmann says that gay people can marry straight folks, I’m reminded that she speaks from personal experience. We all know that Marcus is a closet case!

  2. Gigi says

    LOVE the shot of her face when she realized what the little boy had said. Here Bachmann says that she never really heard what he said. Her look of death says differently.

  3. Chuck Mielke says

    Beck’s producer is shameless in stating, about the little boy, “He doesn’t want to do this…” implying that the wicked lesbian mother is forcing the boy. Much more likely, the little boy is simply very nervous about talking to an unknown adult in an unfamiliar setting. And let’s not forget that, as pretty as MC is, she’s still a stone-cold face with aggression written all over it.

  4. says

    The law has to apply to every one equally…….??
    This woman is a complete idiot , so is Beck …….they are completely contradicting themselves about “all having the same rights”…
    These pric** are driving me crazy !
    And the Christians have made careers of indoctrinating and exploiting children….even Fred Phelps is in on that act.

  5. HadenoughBS says

    Don’t you think both of these extreme right wingnut GOPers would have had similar thoughts in 1967 by asserting something like “Of course whites and blacks can get married…to a spouse of the same race”? Of course, that same year, the US Supreme Court ruled differently (Loving v Virginia) thus changing “traditional marriage” for lots of American racists. Hopefully a similar ruling will come in the next few years setting American homophobes on their bigoted asses!

  6. Paul B. says

    I don’t need to watch this video to know what it looks like…two f’n idiots telling each other how “right” they are about “the gays”.
    Let them spin their wheels on each other…it’s wasted energy.
    I’m on my way to my husband’s place of work for a Holiday Party today…and tomorrow I turn 60…B-day party time. Our kids will be there…with some of the grandkids too. It’s all too “normal” for them, isn’t it?

  7. SpunkyBunks says

    They’re just upset that they got called out on their neanderthal-like behavior, by a little kid no less. This is classic hypocrite behavior. I’m glad we’re not ignoring and putting up with this anymore. A vote for these Republicans is a vote for hate.

  8. David says

    Just like the right wing shouldn’t use children, neither should anyone trying to progress our cause! Ugh–I knew that this would be the reaction. This kid doesn’t know Bachmann or her agenda. Clearly the mother told him to say this and for that reason this is wrong. We need to be adults and challenge her with logic and reason, if that doesn’t work–vote against her and help educate your friends, neighbors, family, etc…on you being a human and deserving of equal rights. This mother should be ashamed of herself. When this kid grows up and speaks for himself–then cheers to him and her phenomenal job of raising him. Until then, don’t use children to get involved with this nightmare of an argument and don’t put the rest of us in a position to defend this behavior.

  9. Pedro says

    I guess putting tape over the mouths of toddlers and forcing them to stand on the steps of the Capitol holding pictures of mutilated babies, as per the pro-life fanatics, isn’t child abuse? Though I am personally uneasy when any parent gets any kid involved in their political activism (You’re only a kid once, you have a lifetime to find out just how hate filled and screwed up this world is)I know that Beck and his minion would never criticize those fanatics for involving children in their cause.

  10. SCollingsworth says

    *shivers* oooo! I just feel the love! How about you just go back to admitting you hate us and let us have our rights instead. I’m perfectly happy with you hating me as long as I have my rights.

  11. sully says

    These people are idiots, no doubt, but the mother should not have used her child in that manner. Children should never be used by adults to do their work.

  12. ChadSF says

    I don’t even want to listen to this stupid b!tch but hey Michelle, you’re Un-American and a Homophobe. No other way to describe you, OK. Children were used by the proponents of Prop H8 here in CA to strip Californians of their right to marry. But because you went there, here it is, YOU are shameless and hateful and going on this show proves my point you heartless human piece of sh!t.

  13. Sonneillon says

    For those who are concerned, the mother clarified that this was the boy’s idea. He got stage fright, hence the whispering, but he was the one who dragged her back into line when she was going to leave and insisted he talk to Bachmann.

  14. says

    to those who say “we shouldn’t involve kids…”……they’re already involved. the right-wing involves children, OUR children, in their bigotry and hateful rhetoric. what they do and say affects OUR children.

    this is showing them that.

  15. B says

    Clearly, Mrs. Bachmann is expressing her own personal philosophy – that gays can marry those of the opposite sex- as this has worked so well for her and her husband, Marcus. I mean really–what straight man do you know that goes by “Marcus” and picks out his wife’s shoes?

  16. says

    To be serious guys/gals – that child was certainly being coached by an obvious (and probably angry) lesbian mom and the whole act did not bode well on the gay community. BTAIM, Bachmann is a horrible hateful Christian and deserved the attempt. I winced when the mom kept prodding the boy to say it again when he was obviously too shy or too frightened. It did not come across as though the child believed it. We have a 4YO son and I would never put him in such a position. Had it been entirely voluntary on the part of the child the video would have gone viral by now.

  17. Sean in Dallas says

    Will someone shut this mooing cow up already?

    Who cares whether the child was coached–the point is solid and it is valid.

    Gay people WILL ALWAYS exist. They don’t need fixing. It’s time these panicked Chicken Littles look up and realize the sky hasn’t fallen.

  18. shane says

    OS2GUY i normally like your comments, but this one i take issue with from the first sentence “(and probably angry)lesbian”–stereotyping and projecting. i’m surprised. consider that when your son has doubled his current life span what a different and able human being he may be. how he will defend you when he knows something’s amiss. you’re a lucky man.

  19. says

    Well, Bella married a vampire, and her werewolf ex-boyfriend has now linked his soul forever to her supernatural human daughter, but it is all hetero, so I guess that is AOK.

    But let two guys fall in love? Right to hell, with love.

  20. Gregv says

    Using Bachmann’s line of thinking, Christians, Jews and Muslims all have equal rights in Saudi Arabia; they ALL have the same right to be Muslims. And elections are free and fair to all citizens in China; everyone has the same right to support the Communist party.
    If same-sex couples are equal to Michelle and Marcus because we all have the option to divorce and have the type of relationship that Michelle Bachmann chose for herself, then “equal” essentially has no meaning at all.

  21. johnny says

    I suppose she’d be more comfortable if we got two lesbians and two gay men together and married, all lived in the same house and just traded partners – permanently – and then raised some kids together. In her crazy world view, that would be OK.

    I guess that’s what she did, so it’s OK.

  22. jack says

    This lesbian mommy did all gay people a great disservice in using her little boy as a political tool. She actually made , the wicked witch Bachmann, look like a sympathetic figure.To those who think it was the 8 year olds idea: do you have children or do you know children?

  23. Andy says

    I have to agree with David. Elijah’s mom should not have urged him to say this. It really makes gay people look like we have “an agenda” when all we want is respect. This mom took it too far. Please don’t put your kids in front of you. It’s you who should be speaking for your kids. Her intentions were good, I think, but the way she went about it was embarrassing.

  24. Charlie says

    Knew this would play right into their hands: now they can claim that we’re indoctrinating our kids. Because cute little Elijah wasn’t come outspoken middle-schooler, standing up in a debate and delivering a loud, detailed and impassioned statement about his or her gay parents or friends, or his or her own sexuality. It was a mumbling, scared-looking child of eight, being pushed forward with prepared words by his lesbian mother.

    It looked forced.
    He looked uncomfortable.
    It didn’t ring with truth.

    The right-wing LOVE it.


  25. Charlie says

    ‘Who cares whether the child was coached’

    Everyone who cares about kids being allowed their own lives and some freedom from coercion. Parents.

    ‘the right-wing involves children’ So we shouldn’t do the same: the right-wing is despicable. We’re not.

    Don’t you get it? As PR it failed. It looked BAD to people who are not gay, to our opponents, to the people we want to persuade and to about HALF the gay community itself.

    It FAILED. It was UNPOPULAR and REPELLED the majority of viewers. Only the screamers, outers and ass-hats who don’t want to make progress against our opponents like it.

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