1. PLAINTOM says

    Quite simple, If you are gay and are collaborating with anti-gay persons or groups you deserve to be outed so you can experience the hate you are helping to promote.

  2. Mike says

    I have a zero tolerance policy on power-hungry homosexuals willing to pander to anti-gay politicians, thereby throwing the rest of us under the bus.

    So, we agree to disagree, Andrew.

  3. says

    GOProud is a group of moneyed white boys whose parents are ashamed to have gay sons. They exist to win personal tolerance from Conservative Straights, not actual approval, understanding, acceptance or love or EQUALITY for the greater LGBT Community.

    i’d tell them that they should be ashamed of themselves, but they already are.

  4. alguien says


    i beg to differ with as bat guano is a very useful fertilizer while andrew breitbart serves no purpose whatsoever.

  5. Jeff says

    People who “out” others are playing Judge, Jury and Executioner. Who are they to decide if someone should be or not be outed? Are there some qualifications for the job? Who exactly appointed them to the job? My long years of experience has shown people who out are just a bunch of jealous losers.

  6. says

    Are you Out, Jeff?

    “jealous losers”? Can you intelligently articulate exactly what you mean?

    Nobody is Outing some young kid in the midwest who is struggling to come to terms with himself in a world that is prejudiced against him. This is about Outing the hypocrites who throw those young people under the bus for their own financial and political gain.

    I’d love it if you could provide the link to your own webpage and/or youtube video where you show yourself who you are and explain the very specifics of the “long years of experience” that you claim to have.

    Genuinely. Can you give us a link to your video or page? After all, you’re a grown adult male who SURELY is 100% Out, right?

  7. says

    If you’re a grown adult male and you’re not Out, then you have no life at all. All you have is a cowardly LIE , a false and inauthentic existence, and therefore are in no position to criticize others.

    You show me a grown-ass adult male in North America who continues to give excuses for not Coming Out and I’ll show you a person who is wasting their life by caring far too much about what the wrong people think of him. It’s cowardly, and in 2011 there are no reasons to be Closeted, only excuses.

  8. George M says

    I wouldnt out you if we were friends or just knew each other. I wouldn’t care. You run for office, slam gays work to make our live harder I’m going to scream it from every rooftop. You say it’s wrong, right to you to think that way. If you’re gay, in office and anti gay, don’t tell me about it

  9. Jeff says

    I’m out. Been out for decades. Marched in a few parades and marches. Worked some gay causes. You might have actually seen me in person or seen my picture. I contribute much time and money to gay causes. Bailed some people out. Raised a lot of money for gay causes too. From East Coast to West Coast and in-between.

    I’m also an American who lives by our justice system. I could write a book on losers who try to out others. Who put you in charge of deciding who should be outed? I guess some people will never understand respect because they’ve never earned it themselves.

  10. George M says

    Does it bother you when a closeted law maker fights to make you’re life harder? What do you do about it?

    I thank you for all you do and did but I stand by what I said. I would out them if I knew they were gay and hurting the community. I’m sorry if that’s not what you think should happen. Maybe it’s an age thing IDK

  11. StillMarriedinCA says

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. So outing is NOT a problem. If you have put yourself in a position that you think requires you to be closeted or surrounded yourself with “friends” who won’t accept you….that IS a problem.

  12. says

    Jeff, I’m calling your bluff. For real. Prove what you say is true, got a link to where I can see this profoundly positive work you’ve been doing?

    Respect is not earned by throwing other LGBT people under the bus to save your own ass in the face of right-wing anti-gay Conservatives. If you did what you claim you’ve done you’d understand this. Alas, you sound like one more right-wing gay suck up.

    but hey, Jeff, prove me wrong – post the URL to your incredible work you’ve been doing.

    this isn’t Outing young at-risk lgbt kids – this is Outing a grown-ass man whose specific choices in life are putting those young lgbt kids AT RISK.

  13. Tyron says

    Jeff – pretty sure I have seen you around. Aren’t you the guy with the big L on his forehead? I mean talk about standing in judgement of others – pot met Jeff.