1. Mary says

    “Inside,” I can understand your frustration with President Obama’s position on gay marriage. But if he wins re-election(or even if he doesn’t) he’s likely to come out in support of SSM when he no longer has to worry about getting votes. Are there any Democratic presidential candidates in 2016 who would oppose SSM? I can’t imagine it. It’s almost certain that the next Democratic president, whether Obama or some other Democrat after him, will publicly support SSM.

    What remains to be seen is how public opinion will develop on this issue. If it continues to go in the pro-SSM direction (which looks likely right now) then over time, the Republicans will have no choice but to abandon their current position, whatever way they choose to do this. It will be harder and harder to scare people with talk of judges imposing gay marriage. The public is getting used to seeing gay couples and seeing gay couples at the altar looks less strange with each passing day. Most people are not especially interested in speculating about the long-range consequences of social change.

  2. says

    Comparing Newt’s and Obama’s records on gay rights is like comparing their personal marriage records. They’ve both been married,but one has a far superior track record than the other, unless you’re too brain dead to notice blatant differences. Newt’s ethical foundation is about as solid as his gay rights record. If his surge continues and he actually had a chance of being the nominee, it would be more disastrous for the Repub’s than Sarah Palin, and that’s saying a lot.

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