1. Soo says

    All I could think about as that cat put his paw all over that baby’s face was that very paw was most likely recently standing in feces ridden, chemical laden cat litter. Now it’s on a newborn’s face. Nice job.

  2. HoHo says

    Stop hating on the cat. Cats can be affectionate towards little children – it isn’t unusual for pets to understand they need to be more delicate towards toddlers, and yes, that’s very cute. If instead of a cat, it was some hot hunk or some crappy female singer, you wouldn’t be so bitchy.

  3. CPT_Doom says

    @HOHO – I hear you. My parents had a cat that seemed to know when my mother was having a flare of a chronic intestinal illness and would curl up on her stomach, exactly where the pain was, and just purr. Ma said it was like having a living heating pad.

    I vote for cute.

  4. says

    Cute, yes. Gross, definitely.

    Those paws walk on the ground, stand in pissy and poopy kitty litter and Lawd knows what else.

    Next week we’ll see a vid of the same baby with a massive case of pinkeye.

  5. justinw says

    When I was a kid, I had a cat that was on mothering overdrive. Didn’t matter whether it was a small child, puppy, rabbit, whatever. If it was a baby, she tried to mother it. She was a total sweetheart and even now, 35 years after she left us, I remember her with love and affection.

  6. Darrell says

    Soft Kitty! Warm Kitty, Little ball of fur. Happy Kitty! Purr! Purr! Purr!
    Either this cat watches Big Bang Theory or that is a vidoe of “Sheldon Cooper” as a baby. LOL

  7. says

    God, the germophobes are so annoying—off to the pound with you. The ones who find the cat “scary” are just as bad; that’s why so many black cats are destroyed each year, because people think they’re somehow menacing looking through no fault of their own.

    It’s a cute video. I do think the cat is probably waving its paw more due to the motion the baby is displaying, but I’m sure the parents know if the cat has a propensity to scratch.

  8. Jay says

    @SOO and KEVIN:

    Do you know how germ-ridden and gross babies are?! If that baby is crawling, you can rest assured that he’s crawling in and around just as many germs as the cat. He’s also likely to put God-knows-what in his mouth, which will subject him to far more germs than a cat sticking his paw on the top of his head.

    It’s important to keep a clean home and maintain proper hygiene, but I can assure you that your level of worry/disgust/concern is in vain. And, if the baby isn’t already around other babies/children, just wait until he is. That’s when he’ll become a REAL germ magnet. Stop fussin’ over the adorable kitty cat.

  9. jamal49 says

    House cat. Owners probably keep kitty spotless. My sister’s cat used to climb in the basinette and sleep next to my nephew whenever he was fussy or colicky. Bingo The Cat would purr like a motor and baby would calm down and then fall to sleep. As my nephew grew, Bingo and he were inseparable. It was beautiful.

  10. Lexxvs says

    The feline is reacting to the movements. Unaware of all the anthropocentric interpretations of his animal reflexes. You gotta love how we humans push our cultural thingies into the animals. By the way, you shouldn’t let a cat play with a baby because you think he is helping the kid to sleep.

  11. BobN says

    Of course cats know how to lull babies to sleep. You can’t suck the breath out of a baby if it’s awake. Duh.

    More seriously, if that cat isn’t declawed, that kid has really irresponsible parents.

  12. Esurb says

    My large-boned Tom (12 years old) does this same thing to his stepsister (about one-third his weight)as they sit side by side at my elbow. She can be a bit testy when my cats hassle her, but she does not seem to mind at all when brother Teddy lays paw on her, though it looks a bit oppressive to me.

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