1. Aaron says

    So cute! I love physical affection between men, whether gay, straight or bisexual. The world could use more of it!

  2. Artie says

    Crazy Christian-inspired homophobia affected 100% of the male population in Western countries and targeted not only sex, but physical affection too. It’s great fun to watch the 1600-year Christian reign of terror fall apart in front of our eyes. Laissez les bons temps rouler.

  3. D.R.H. says

    Yes, Paul R, I’m sure that they, being stars in THE gayest show that has ever aired on television, are going to be horrified to be seen cuddling on set.

  4. Bob R says

    Didn’t Salling just break his pelvis playing basketball a short while ago? I’m sure this picture was snapped before the injury. Any way, it’s a nice picture, although personally I’d rather have my head in Cory Monteith’s lap.

  5. Paul R says

    Yeah, D.R.H., I’m sure that you’re correct. Given that homophobia doesn’t exist and all. Genius comment.

  6. Hoyden says

    Actually Paul, I think you are the one who is off target here. I would be incredibly surprised if they didn’t know and approve that pic going out. The glee kids tweet things like this pic all the time. There is another lovely one of the boys taking a nap together that they put out a few months back, among others.

  7. says

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  8. TANK says

    Well, another day, another post at Towleroad featuring hot twinky guys, and another barrage of posts filled with pious platitudes. Give me a break! All you pathetic, lonely, middle aged queens just think this photo is cute because you’d like to bang the adorkable one with the silky blond hair until the cows came home (and maybe the 35 year old with the fauxhawk, too!). Hey, maybe it sounds insensitive, but Tank has to keep it real! Too many guys around here make posts that are shallow, lacking in logic, catty, and sort of wacko, to be honest. So Tank needs to tell it like it is, girlfriend!

  9. candideinnc says

    The fear of physical contact or affection between men is largely an Anglo Saxon macho thing. If you travel abroad, in places like Italy and France, and Turkey, you often see men with their arms around each other or touching. When I was an adolescent, it was even a no-no for fathers to embrace their sons in public. It has only developed in recent decades that on greetigns, male friends or relatives may hug. They didn’t do that in the ’49s or ’50s. Cultural taboos die slowly. It is good to see the fear of affection dying here.

  10. SeanR says

    Does anyone else think it odd that Tank talks about himself in the third person?

    For real bromances, you can’t beat Steve and Danno in Hawaii-50, but the Gleeks are cute…

  11. Paul R says

    I’d be interested in knowing whether this Tank is the same as the previous one. His tone and word use seem different.

    I’ve had people post under my name here before, so it’s not a remote concept.

  12. Me Too says

    “For real bromances, you can’t beat Steve and Danno in Hawaii-50, but the Gleeks are cute…”

    Have to agree. They know how to tease on Hawaii 5-0. Even when the plot sucks it’s worth it when Steve takes his shirt off. Or Danno has to crash on Steve’s couch, or or or…..

  13. Francis says


    I know there have been two “Tank” posters, unfortunately it seems like the somewhat sane was has been permanently replaced by his evil twin of the same name.

  14. TIRED says

    OMG, way too cute. Tank, I’m so with you on this one. Guys, it’s a nice moment between friends, so y’all need to get OVER IT! Bonding on the set is not a foreign concept and men do bond…my religious father likes to hug other religious men, and Jordanian Muslim straight men hold hands in public…it’s a concept that goes way beyond sexuality and even religious sterotyping. Honestly, the horde of you that are objectifying them are just as bad as straight men objectifying women who hug and hold hands, and even kiss when its not sexual. For shame. Now even if there was a remote chance that these two had such feelings for each other, they probably never intended it to appear that way. They’re just chillin. And so should you, chronic commenters.

  15. breckroy says

    Yeah, doesn’t sound like original recipe TANK trolling to me, either. That said, the community hating sounds right, just not the language or style. And then there were two…

  16. Dev says

    Tank needs to stop taking Prozac, it is turning him into a positive person. The old Tank would have included a few dozen curses in one sentence, spit on your face, and insulted your entire race. I miss the old Tank. *sigh*

  17. TANK says

    Well, there’s an old saying, “Don’t shoot the messenger,” but I guess some of the bitter queens around here didn’t make it to the fifth grade where that lesson was taught. It’s funny how the commentary section has become a Tank bash-fest. Yeah, I might as well confess: I ain’t the old profanity-spewing, anti-PC Tank. It’s amazing what a little poppy seed tea can do. If some of you bitches don’t like the new and improved cuddly type Tank, then just get the flak out of here. Or post some comments that have more than 1/10th of an ounce of brains in them. Tank is here to stay, so if any of you jealous queens don’t like it, why don’t you go stink up some other rathole of a website. And GLEE sucks (except for that one hot guy with the bushy eyebrows and the nice ass).

  18. FRANCIS says

    Why is someone who is not me posting under my name? That really is not very nice. It’s rude, actually. I would never say such bitchy things about Tank. He is the sole source of intellectual nourishment here, other than Andy Towle himself.

  19. wtf says

    Oh, FishTank, you do make me laugh. I personally love your comments: sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t but they always entertain.

    I agree with whoever said that it’s nice to see 1600 years of christianist machismo go down in flames. I have no illusions about the straight boys: it’s just nice seeing men being tender to one another. The alternative is the constant violence that seems to be what this country likes to feed on. I’ll take the “bromance”.

  20. Jerry6 says

    Re: Tank – I’d still like to know if you grew up on Long Island, NY, and are over 80 years old; and the second part of your first name ends in “d”.

  21. TANK says

    @JERRY6: I may have spent some of my formative years summering in the Hamptons; so what of it? And no, I’m not over 80; I am, however, over 30. And about the last part of your message: are you accusing Tank of being a drag queen and of frequenting truck stops on the expressway?! Because that was someone else entirely.

    @WTF: The name’s TANK, pal: don’t forget it. And Tank doesn’t like fish. I’ll just leave it at taht.