Gay Malaysian Man’s Wedding in Ireland Sparks Fury at Home, Government Action


Ariff Alfian Rosli, a Malaysian national who has been studying in Ireland for eight years, is under fire from his home country after photos were published showing his wedding to his civil partner (identified only as Jonathan) at Dublin City Hall, the Irish Times reports:

The pictures were published on the front pages of some local newspapers and have been the source of criticism from numerous political groups in Malaysia, where same-sex sexual relationships are illegal and punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

The Malaysian police have been urged by Muslim groups to investigate the issue on the basis that Mr Rosli has failed to adhere to the country’s Islamic laws. The controversy has prompted the Malaysian prime minister’s office to issue a statement pledging to investigate the matter.

An official from Malaysia’s ruling political party is reportedly due to arrive in Dublin later this week to convince Mr Rosli to return home.

AriffSaid Rosli:

“I am not missing. The Irish authorities know I am legally resident here. The Malaysian embassy has also been aware for several years that I am residing here legally. I feel I have have been inadvertently thrust into the public eye. I just want to get by without upsetting anyone or causing any trouble. My overriding concern is for my family.”

The Malaysian Insider reports:

Local criticism of the same-sex union has been swift and harsh, with mainly Muslim users attacking Ariff Alfian on Twitter for straying from Islam and dishonouring his family.

“Ariff Alfian Rosli is a disgrace! Rot in hell!” user @DTOTHEZAK wrote on the popular micro-blogging site.

Another user, @shkyla, wrote: “Looking at those wedding pictures of Ariff Alfian, makes me want to vomit. Blergh, disgusting.”

Muslim groups have also been quick to condemn Ariff Alfian, with the Kepong Islamic Youth Organisation (PBIK) lodging a police report yesterday over his alleged failure to adhere to Malaysia’s Islamic laws. Other critics have taken a different tack, preferring instead to “rehabilitate” what they saw as a Muslim who had strayed far from the teachings of Islam. This includes the Facebook group, “The Campaign to Bring Ariff Alfian Rosli Home to Malaysia to Save His Faith”, which was set up on Saturday.


  1. princely54 says

    I pray (irony intended) that he can stay in Ireland beyond his visa expiration as a ‘religiously persecuted person’ and won’t have to go back to Malaysia. If he does he’ll be jailed and tortured for his orientation.

    Some days, I just can’t stand the world.

  2. says

    In Ireland we don’t accept the right of any country to interfere with our internal affairs.
    That’s why we sent the Vatican Ambassador packing back to the Latern Palace ( well, more or less).
    If Ariff is legally in Ireland he has every right under local law to enter a Civil Union with the same rights as a married couple.
    And if anyone arrives in Ireland “from the ruling political party” in Malaysia arrest them for conduct likely to lead to a breach of the peace or conspiracy to kidnap.
    His religion has absolutely nothing to do with our Civil Law. This disrespect by Malaysia for the internal civil law of another country is just rabid bigotry.
    Ariff should stay in Ireland where he is safe from the homophobes of Malaysia.

  3. Joseph says

    He doesn’t have to go back there if he doesn’t want to. Apparently an Malaysian official is coming over to try and convince him to go to Malaysia because he can’t be deported. I hope he doesn’t go for his own well being and safety.

  4. AedanCRoberts says

    Wow. One more of the seemingly infinite reasons why the separation of secular government and religion is desperately needed.

    The response from these Muslim extremists is vile and despicable. The fact that their religion has such a profound impact on their legislation and rules is absolutely disgusting.

    However- if anyone thinks this is symptomatic soley of the Islamic religion they are deluding themselves. Just look at the Christian extremist bigots in our own nation. Does anyone honestly think the rules they enforce if they were in control of our government would be any different?

    I’ll answer that one for you: they wouldn’t.

  5. Chris says

    As bad as Christians are, Muslims are worse.

    Central to both religions is the need to maximize the number of followers through procreation, spreading the faith and converting and “saving” as many people as possible.

    While there are practical reasons to maximize the number of followers, wouldn’t these religions be better-off if they practiced a live-and-let-live philosophy? Of course they won’t, but imagine what good religions could do for the world if they were less self-centered.

  6. Andrew says

    This is basically a domestic disagreement playing itself out in public. Dad disapproved of Son, Son cut off contact with Dad, Dad reported Son missing.

    It probably doesn’t help matters that Ariff has been sponsored to study in Ireland by the Malaysian oil company Petronas.

  7. says

    Yes, a visa/or entry can be refused to anyone trying to enter Ireland for the purpose of committing a crime. Or the dept. of Foreign Affairs can just declare him persona non grata and refuse entry.

    Or we could let him in and beat the living sh*t out of him.

  8. GaybyGod says

    Oh those Muslims … perhaps someday they will realize that the Christian law “what one sows, so shall they reap” transcends even into the Muslim religion. Hate – Hate – Hate ! I always felt religion was a spiritual place of love and kindness. Could have fooled me.

  9. Raleighrob says

    Congratulations to the couple and I hope they have a wonderful fruitful life on the Emerald Isle. Best wishes to both…and kudos to Ireland for giving them a legally-recognized partnership.

  10. says

    Right, they want to convince him to return voluntarily to Malaysia, where same-sex sexual relationships are illegal and punishable by up to 20 years in prison? Good luck with that!

    He’s in a civil partnership: he has every right to stay in Ireland.
    If only it were so simple here in the US :-(

  11. says

    @Steve & KevinVT :

    Yes, he has a right to stay in Ireland both because of his studying and because he is now in a Civil Partnership with an Irish citizen.

    We don’t have a bigoted DOMA; which has hurt many of us “foreigners” in our relationships with US citizens.

  12. Malaysian says

    Hmm…I don’t think there is a law in M’sia that will enable the authority to lock him up just because he got married. However there is a law against the act of sodomy.

    Anyway, I am truly embarrassed by this. Another great move from the bigoted M’sia Gov.

  13. Ninong says

    He would be crazy to return. They would put him on trial to make an example of him. If he didn’t renounce his civil union he would be sent to prison.

    Islam may be a “religion of peace” but that’s only true for those who believe as they do. In some of those countries if a Muslim dares to convert to Christianity his life is in danger. If a woman reports a rape, she will be charged with adultery, unless she agrees to marry her rapist. If teenagers are convicted of engaging in gay sex, they will be imprisioned until they turn 18 and then hanged. Even if they’re not yet 18 they are sometimes hanged. Happens all the time in Iran.

    This man is now a public figure in Indonesia. He would be a fool to return. He needs to find an American or European oil company to take over his education and future employment.

  14. Gigi says

    If ever I complain that life in Canada isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, will you please SLAP ME IN THE FACE? I guess I’ll be scratching Malaysia off my “must visit” list.

  15. Scott says

    Like- do u ( Malaysia) not have enough problems with fighting poverty and living conditions that you have enough resources to send an official to bribe,coax, force a gay guy back to your country to beat him up or kill him??!!!!!

    THIS is the problem- one of the many problems- that thir world countries have- meddlesome religion.

  16. Randy says

    First of all- sorry for my bad English
    So, to clear things up about Malaysia, the official religion for this country is Islam itself… The Muslims there are almost the same with the Muslims in other Islam countries- aggressive. But, please,please,please just don’t hate the country as a whole only because of their preposterous actions. I’m sure there are some descent things for us to appreciate in Malaysia. Above all, yes, it is illegal to be married with same sex in Malaysia, but, c’mon,he is already a legal citizen there in Ireland. SO, he can do what ever he wants to do with his personal life…da..

  17. says

    I hope he refuses to speak with any officials they may send. I’m sure he knows that he wouldn’t be safe. I could see them pressuring him with threats to his family. I hope his family is OK – unless they are just hoping for a shot at honor-killing their prodigal son. If that is the case I hope they suffer terribly.

  18. suchi says

    Dear People,

    The thing is this guy owes Petronas nearly RM1mil as he didn’t finish his studies within the timeframe.

    If you want to stay in Ireland, fine. Just be a man, act like one, settle your loan and don’t burden your parents!

  19. Sean says

    I hope the garda has supplied these two with additional security. My concern is for some other Muslim in Ireland already who will attempt an honor killing. This couple’s safety is seriously at risk because of all this publicity.

  20. stevemd2 says

    the bottom line on all of this is , with some exceptions, religion is the curse of humanity.

    they always need someone different to hate. it gets them more money in the collection plate.

    Here for example in the USA the Lutherans are good people. the Evangelical Lutherans allow gay minsisters in relationships

    And i’ve met some from the more conservative groups and asked about gay marriage

    And simply been told they dont do it, but gave me a contact in the Evan Lutheran church to help me if I wanted to get married to a same sex partner.

    yet go back to as late as nazi germany and the lutherans there still hated jews, as did Martin Luther in the 1600s

    Yes there are some good religions but the catholic church of the endless hidden molestation of children cant stand anyone who is ‘different” – because faith is just that, and once they open the door a crack, they know the whole rotten edifice will come tumbling down.

    Same as the soutehrn baptist types who gave us slavery, the kkk, and segregation.

    Gays are just their latest victims

  21. Azzie says

    ….. He is a scumbag not because he’s gay… He is a scumbag because he took a study loan for a medical degree that he did not complete, and now his retired parents are stuck with his 1 million dollars in education debt.

  22. Pat says

    As someone who is Malaysian residing in the UK and have recently had my civil partnership with my partner of more then 12 years… I am sad to see this happening… Malaysia is still a nice place to visit but will never be my home anymore…home is with my partner.

    He doesn’t need to to go back to Malaysia if he doesn’t want to but should seek legal advice ASAP and I wish them both all the luck.

  23. jonfer says

    emm ..sounds like in Malaysia people are really refusing the idea ,,
    can anyone tell me how many transsexual people in Malaysia ..and its legal and no one says a thing about it ,,or maybe the gays site dating in Malaysia ,,
    something aint right ,,

  24. cheche says

    First and foremost… IF you come from a Muslim country and figure out a way for a company in your country to PAY for your education in another country…then STOP whining and crying about how your sexual orientation is being used to harass you. THINK about it, for Pete’s sake…YOU are announcing this to the whole world. Why not just SHUT UP, do your stuff in private, and when you have reached the time required, apply for citizenship in that country you chose to go to, become a citizen there. IF you think the world revolves around YOU, and that YOU get to make the rules, you are more than ignorant… you are STUPID! NO MUSLIM Nation is going to go along with what you want in this lifetime… maybe in a few hundred years, but not not anytime now. So STOP crying about it, you KNOW your culture, and do what you have to do get out of those hell hole places, and STAY out of them as well!

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