Gay Penguins Buddy and Pedro Have Mixed Results in Female Breeding Attempt

Back in November I posted about the Toronto Zoo's plans to force gay penguin couple Buddy and Pedro to breed with females, a plan that was met with much objection from the general public.

PenguinsSo how did it go?

Less than 72 hours after the union ended, Buddy successfully paired with female Farai on November 19, said Tom Mason, curator of birds and invertebrates at the Toronto Zoo, at a press conference.

They bonded “very tightly” Mr. Mason said.

However, life after Buddy might not be as easy for Pedro, who has been courting female Thandiwey for several weeks but has made no permanent moves.

“Pedro is very ready to go, per se, but his prospective mate… is a little standoffish,” Mr. Mason said.


  1. Mary says

    Maybe if he isn’t successful in pairing with the female, Pedro can join the penguin equivalent of GOProud to try to please his Mommy and Daddy. And just who is that penguin equivalent of the GOP to tell Pedro that he shouldn’t be with Buddy? Haven’t they got their hands full dealing with their cat “Mittens” and their amphibian Newt to worry about penguin sex? And why doesn’t that troll Mary worry more about her little lamb and stop trying to tell penguins how to gain acceptance? No one made her God of the animal kingdom! And can’t Brandon ever just give us a story about penguins without editorializing?

    …….Sorry, folks. I’m feeling a little playful today!

  2. OMNOMNOM says

    They have always said they Pedro and Buddy will be put back together after this.

    That said, is anyone remotely surprised that a female is standoffish? I’ve never met one that wasn’t.

  3. Lee says

    I’m a little over the whole penguin story. Many animal species will pair with the same sex if they don’t find an appropriate mate. Writers need to stop labeling them as the “gay penguins.” Only we humans feel the need to subject ourselves to labels of this nature. Animals don’t even know or care what it means. And folks, same-sex animal pairs rarely, if ever, have sex of any kind, so get over it.

  4. radical53 says

    This is exactly what the Gay rights movement is trying to do to us men. Force us into sham straight marriages and change our sexual behaviour.

    The penguins only highlight what a dangerous path our lives have taken

  5. R Lavigueur says

    Wrong on most counts Lee. Animal sexuality varies widely depending on species, but the lack of available mates explanation fails for almost all of them. Many species that have been documented engaging in homosexual pair bonding will do so even when “appropriate” opposite sex pairings are available, in some cases driving away opposite sex animals that try to bond with one of the partners.

    Same sex pairs in some species rarely have sex, in other species they frequently do. The same diversity also applies itself to opposite sex pairing.

    The one place where you are correct is terminology. These same sex pairings, while often both stronger and more sexual than you credit them with. But it is impossible and unworkable to characterize them as gay, just as it is unworkable to characterize opposite sex pairings as heterosexual.

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