1. Nick says

    Once again-the Catholic Church speaking about anything to with ethical and moral issues is laughable given their esteemed track record- go away before a house or better yet-a church falls on you

  2. unpoetaloco says

    The bishop is obviously making a not-so oblique reference to the KKK marching in the largely Jewish Skokie, Il. His analogy has all the necessary parts, but the analogues are reversed.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    Just another old homophobic Papist who can’t keep his big mouth shut. A leader of the Catholic Church is one of the last people I’d listen to regarding how to treat your fellow human being. From rampant pedophilia, to abuse of Catholic school students and orphans, to suppression of native peoples, and to war, famine & torture, the Catholic Church has a many centuries’ old record NOT to be admired by people of true faith and humanity.

  4. princely54 says

    Well, be careful what you say about the church. We don’t want them ‘morphing’ into an institution that tolerates spreading HIV/AIDS on the continent of Africa and elsewhere or creates massive amounts of child rape and….umm…oh.

  5. Charlie says

    Well, perhaps SOME gay activists are extreme in their views. But then SOME Catholics want to put gay people to death.

    Where I live (not Chicago), Catholics church officials have come out in opposition to EVERY gay rights law. And yet they say they don’t gay hate people but rather love them the way Jesus commands. If the Catholic church were running things gay people would be unemployed, homeless, and in jail. They have a peculiar way of showing their love.

  6. Danny says

    I imagine a lot of Chicago’s Roman catholic families won’t very much like their bishop’s saying ugly things about their gay family members and other loved ones. Especially at the holiday season when both church and family life are so important for so many. Some pastor, huh?

  7. badlydrawnbear says

    The Chicago Gay Pride parade (which has had a number of churches and religious organizations that march in the parade itself) has ALWAYS marched passed several churches without any kind of anti-religious sentiment.

    This isn’t about Catholicism, this is about a change in the parade route and a bunch of NIMBY’s in a wealthy neighborhood are getting their panties in a twist because for a single Sunday Morning they will be mildly inconvenienced and they are using the Sunday morning services as an excuse to object.

    The Cardinal would have been much better off keeping his mouth shut on the issue.

  8. NE Rich says

    You know what would be a very cool response to this. If Chicago Pride organizers roped off an area around the entrance to this parish making it easy for the elderly that still go to weekly mass to easily pass and greet them all with smiles saying GOOD MORNING HAPPY PRIDE, ENJOY MASS HAVE A GREAT DAY. Kill ‘um with kindness I always say, best antidote to HIS GRACE here.

  9. john patrick says

    The Catholic Church is not the enemy. Most Catholics support equality for LGBT people, according to recent polls. The enemy is the leadership of the Catholic Church which asserts that they speak for the whole church. Cardinal George is the enemy. Benedict XVI (or Maledict as Frank Kameny used to call him) is the enemy.

  10. LJ says

    I think I agree with Cardinal George….. But I don’t want to pass in front of the Church because I think if we do Americans might confuse us with that group of pedophiles inside.

  11. chris says

    I am a regular parishioner at Mt. Carmel, in the Parish’s defense having the parade at that time and location would make attending Mass impossible that Sunday. It is an old church, there are no back entrances, if the street is closed and the sidewalk jam packed, it would shut the church down.

    Mt. Carmel is about as gay friendly as a church can be. Many in the congregation are gay including ushers, lay ministers, and not surprisingly members of the choir. The church also hosts and evening Mass every Sunday specifically for the GLBT community.

    The Cardinals comments are totally out of line with the Pastor’s concerns which were primarily logistical. I do not understand why the Cardinal would escalate the situation with these careless and harmful comments.

    It is a friendly parish in the middle of Boystown with many gay parishoners. I have included the text from the petition that was sent around below, it is far from the rhetoric and vitriolic words of the Cardinal.

    “We the undersigned, who live, work, and/or worship in the 44th Ward, strenuously urge the City to re-route and reschedule the Chicago Pride Parade so that it does not pass down Belmont in front of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on a Sunday morning. The new route parade and time will deprive us of the ability to fulfill our obligation to worship at church.”

  12. Tom in long beach says

    It is only one Sunday and the Church does not own the Street.
    Gay Liberation Movement / KKK ??? If the church would keep its nose out of politics GLBTs would not have the hostility we do toward this man made institution.

  13. candide001 says


    You don’t understand why this a@@shat of a Cardinal would escalate the bigoted anti-gay rhetoric? Since the NY victory, Rome is ordering an intensifying of the media war against gays in the US. The fact that your church has so many parishoners that are gay friendly is totally irrelevant. They are probably into using birth-control too. The Church’s odious teaching that homosexuality is intrinsically disordered is the problem. They haven’t changed that. Trust me, there are many more Episcopalian and Unitarian churches that are a thousand times more accepting of homosexuality than the most liberal Catholic church.

  14. says

    I’m rather sick of Catholic-defenders telling gays that “not all Catholics are bad” when clearly, CLEARLY, they’re not having any success whatsoever in telling the Catholic Church to get over their decidedly unChristian anti-gay bigotry.

    seriously. give the church a reason to change their stance. stop supporting them financially. for real.

  15. Gregv says

    Little Kiwi’s comment is kind of what I thought when I read Chris’ statements.
    What if millions of Americans were sending 10% of their income to the KKK every week for them to spend as they please (millions for hush money to abused kids, millions more to attack the rights of a minority, etc.) even though they disagree with them on basic philosophy as well as the way that money is abused.
    I can understand someone who is trying to change minds from within the Catholic Church, but anyone who hands over support with no strings attached is a part of the problem.

    I think any church on the parade route with a real Christian heart would see it not as a problem but as an opportunity to show a welcoming spirit to thousands of passers-by.

  16. david jay says

    I tried to post a comment on Cardinal George’s “fan” page on FB asking kindly that he refrain from his attack on gays. It was taken down within three minutes. Other friends of mine tried to do the same thing. He/his handlers continue to take down any comments (NOT hateful comments) that don’t agree with his views.
    Perhaps a gay pride parade that marches around the block where his mansion sits would send a good message??

  17. BobN says

    looking at the church on Bing’s bird’s eye view, it looks like you could walk up the alley, through the attached school yard and get into the church with no problem. Hard to believe there’s only one way in.

  18. chris says

    The problem with the parade route is that it turns from halsted onto belmont at that corner blocking the alley.

    The new parade time (10:00 AM on a Sunday) will adversely affect all of the churches along the route as Sunday morning is the prime time for church services of most christian denominations.

    Thankfully the parade is ENORMOUS! It does attract hundreds of thousands of people into a residential neighborhood, immobilizing the area including the public transportation. The old start time of Noon, provided residents an opportunity to get to church and get out before things get hectic.

    The earlier 10:00 AM start time and route changes were intiated by the city in an attempt to curb the amount of attendees as well as the drinking. The city is also limiting the number of floats and parade marchers, I find that more disturbing then a church asking that it’s Sunday Mass not be interrupted.

  19. Chicklets says

    Ohhh boo hoo. So you cant go to church that Sunday. Gays cant do lots of things thanks to “christians”. I hope the parade is massive with lots of male on male and female on female kissing RIGHT in front of the church. Youth will be served!

  20. Mark says

    How about instead of even attempting to engage with the Catholic Clergy in a rational manner any longer, we just resort to loudly and repeatedly slinging the accusation of “CHILD RAPE!” at them—constantly, irritatingly, and publicly? This is about the same level of nuance that their discourse reaches when they feel the need to discuss the queer community, and they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with continuing their tradition of being the Most Hypocritical Hierarchy in the World for Two Millennia-Running.

    The sad thing is that there really are a LOT of good, tolerant, kind Catholics out there (I’ve known some absolutely BAD-ASS nuns, all joking aside—literally, just amazing, wonderful human beings). It has more to do with the Clergy being so philosophically divorced from the Laity (something like 60-odd-percent of American Catholics have been consistently polling as supportive of same-sex marriage recently), but a large part of that has to do with the institution of the Catholic Church itself (it’s a bunch of sexless, childless, cloistered old men in gaudy hats, for Christ’s sake!), specifically the priests’ vows of celibacy. I feel if women, married individuals, and parents (not even to touch on Rome’s gay priest issues) were allowed ordination in the Church, the Clergy’s viewpoints would start to realign with the Laity’s (and REALITY’s).

    It’s rather unfortunate. As a recovering Catholic who now ascribes to an agnostic viewpoint with an Irish maternal family and Polish paternal family, I feel very close to my families’ ancestral spiritual heritage; I feel I can see very keenly where Catholicism gets things right (because, yes, sometimes the Catholics actually do something amazing and wonderful, and, no, not all Catholics ARE the Catholic Church, even though subscription to the ideas of Apostolic Succession and the Primacy of the Pontiff of Rome are kind of fundamental to Catholicism) and where it gets things HORRENDOUSLY WRONG. The Clergy should no longer get a free pass due to historical bias in favor of the Church.

  21. HeidiM says

    humm….. The Catholic Church ….. I was brought up staunch Catholic – no meat on Fridays, Church every Sunday, all the sacraments, Catholic School etc.

    Meanwhile back at home, my father was sexually molesting me from the age of 4. HIS father was also a pedophile and was caught molesting 1 cousin. My father was eventually brought to justice for raping my 8 year old cousin (another one) – with the suspicion of molesting me, my sister and 2 further cousins, AND his own sister. I told my mother that I was also molested from the age of 4 -17. She sent me to a psychiatrist with the instructions that I was delusional, and refused to leave the room so the doctor could talk to me privately. I didn’t know at the time, that the MO I described about my father was exactly the same as the MO he was convicted for by the courts for molesting my cousin.

    When I came out as being a lesbian, guess what happened..??

    I was disowned as a sick, deviant, pervert, my parents have now tried twice to take my children of me and tried to have me commited to a psychiatric institution. I’ve now “proved” my sanity now 3 times to the satisfaction of the courts.

    My father IS STILL being protected by the catholic church……

    Wonder why I don’t have much time for the Catholic religion these days…….

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