George Clooney to Star in West Coast Production of Dustin Lance Black’s Prop 8 Play

George Clooney has signed to a West Coast production of "8", Dustin Lance Black's play about the Proposition 8 trial, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

ClooneyThe production — directed by Rob Reiner and written by Dustin Lance Black — will run one night only at Los Angeles’ Wilshire Ebell Theatre on March 3. Proceeds will benefit the American Foundation for Equal Rights in its national fight for marriage equality.

“It is astonishing that gay and lesbian Americans are still treated as second-class citizens,” Clooney said. “I am confident that, very soon, the laws of this nation will reflect the basic truth that gay and lesbian people — like all human beings — are born equal in dignity and rights.”

Opponents of Proposition 8 have called on the court to unseal the video of the federal trial for the public to see. A ruling is expected soon. In the meantime, the limited showing of 8 will have to suffice.

The play had its New York debut earlier this year. I was lucky enough to get to see it and recommend it for those of you in L.A..


  1. Rowan says

    Power is how Clooney got away with his sleazy connections to Berlusconi, yet Hilary Swank was vilified for association with that Dictator.

    Of course Swank knows the only way to get back in with Hollywood is to play the gay card! Industry gays have no moral compass!

  2. David says

    I saw this play last month at the University of Michigan before a sold-out crowd. The play was much better than I expected because so much of the language of the testimony of the two LGBT couples is so moving. I highly recommend it.

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