1. says

    I’m not usually one to pinpoint self-hatred in gay folks, but this is just ridiculous.

    Also, I can’t tell you how tired I am of conservatives complaining about the “liberal media” in a world where they still have the upper hand.

  2. atomic says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: gays who vote Republican exist in a state of denial, brought about as a result of self-loathing, financial greed, or both. They vote from their wallets instead of their conscience, because they have too much of the former and none of the latter.

  3. Jose S. says

    I think every gay person is entitled to their political beliefs. As I sometimes don’t fall in line with the typical liberal/conservative paradigm I do get a lot of heat for it, but at least I can now see things through both sides and with a different perspective.

    That said I do not how you can possibly defend what Newt said. He actually DID tell the gay voter to go vote for Obama, it was alright with him.

    I think that these gay groups are continuing to lose relevance much like other gay groups, because they are not doing ANYTHING to convince gay people over to the conservative camp or republicans to stop hate mongering, instead they use their status as a gay conservative to show some form ‘uniqueness’ but in reality being conservative is not in of itself unique.

    The problem in our country is the homophobia, and I thought that these groups (at least LCR) would challenge these candidates’ anti-gay policies, and support GOP candidates that are not anti-gay like Gary Johnson, or Ron Paul or Feed Karger… but they are all hated by these groups. I simply do not understand what their point is…

  4. Jose S. says


    Voting for a republican does not mean you are a self loathing hag, it depends who you vote for.

    Lets say that Gary Johnson was the one that got the nod, and he faced Obama who only supports civil unions, but Gary supports gay marriage… we would then have to vote AGAINST our interest in order not to vote for the GOP in order not to appear “self loathing”… again it depends on WHO you support.

    A gay man or ANY man that supports Gingrich, Romney, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Palin, Bachmann, Santorum, need to have their heads checked. But I wouldn’t call it ‘self loathing’ I would call it sociopath and madness for wanting the same political ruling class that has robbed this country straight.

  5. Bart says

    Uhm, GOProud spokesmen, please tell everyone what little you know about dignity when supporting a party that literally HATES you and many want to see disappear entirely. You certainly can’t know much about dignity or class.

    Hey LogCabin spokesman, FYI – the Republican party as a unit is bigotted at best, hateful and dangerous to gay people at worst. And you know it. Who is going to gain all those disillusioned Republican votes when Romney or Newt gets the nomination?

    Besides betting on a losing horse, the self-hatred, lack of dignity, and obvious greed of any gay person who supports these bigot, un-Christlike, hateful worms the Republicans have propped up as their hallowed heroes must be so ingrained and interalized that the idea of the gay Republicans is now the stereotype of bitchy, catty marginalized side characters in a 50s movie who can’t stand the sight of his own shadow and is only allowed around as a minstrel show performer for the “real men.” They have no respect for you because you don’t respect yourself. But they will take your donations and laugh behind your back and make jokes at your expense.

  6. says

    “there are those who are working hard to paint any and all Republicans as bigoted in a fear-mongering effort to shore up the president’s base.”

    Memo to the LCR’s: We don’t have to work hard to paint Newt Gingrich and the Republicans as bigoted. They do it quite successfully themselves.

  7. J.P. says

    Its hard for me to think of gay rights in isolation as a single issue like Newt is suggesting. I think Gay rights leads to better national security (Repeal of DADT), it leads to job creation and job security (repeal of DOMA / passage of ENDA), and most of all it will lead to a “better future for our country”. So if Newt wants me to choose based on those criteria, I still choose Obama any day of the week.

  8. says

    “GOProud continues to pretend that their parents aren’t ashamed to call them Son”

    Stockholm Syndrome! The Musical

    these boys will waste their entire lives sucking up to family members that wish they simply didnt’ exist. it’s actually depressing.

  9. Pointed says

    F**k GOProud! F**k LCR! And F**k repugs in general! I care more about dignity, honor and first-class citizenship. Repugs seems to have to link Conservative values with so-called family values. Goddamnit, we ARE family!

  10. Robert says

    Well said, J.P. And this whole media storm over gay marriage all boils down to one thing: compassion for humanity. It’s not just this one issue, people. And for the Log Cabiners not to realize that would be shocking if they weren’t so far gone to begin with.

  11. Jonathan says

    GOProud and LCR are ignoring the real problem with the exchange. The interrogator did not ask “why as a gay man should I vote for you?” but “if elected, how are you going to engage gay citizens and represent their interests.” Gingrich completely ignored the question and dismissively said that his position on a single issue may not meet your approval, but in a bigger context, he’s someone everyone should support. Again, the interrogator said nothing about what support Gingrich was entitled to, but what support he would offer citizens whom he has demonized and marginalized. Gingrich has no answer to that question. There is no way he can, with any moral authority, lead a free nation that includes gay and lesbian people. The issue isn’t who Gingrich told anyone to vote for, but that he cannot even explain how his presidency would serve a significant population of his country.

  12. says

    Gingrich: “Yeah, I support slavery and thinks blacks should be slaves to white people. But I also have other ideas about other things, so like, you know, if all you can care about is black people being free and not about the other things i talk about then i guess you’re a single-issue voter and you should vote for Obama.”

    pretty much. it’s not that LGBT Equality is a “single issue” thing – it’s that those that are against LGBT Equality are disgusting ignorant bigots who make America look like a nation run by prejudiced redneck trash.

  13. NY2.0 says

    Aww, do the gay Repubs want to kiss Newty’s behind?

    The delusional gay republicans are at it again, blaming the left for the obvious bigotry of their own party. “Speaker Gingrich handled himself with class and dignity,” Funny!!!

    Newt the serial adulterer like the majority of the Republican party wants nothing to do with gays or gay rights but don’t tell that to the dense gay repubs.

  14. PRE says

    I think the bigger point, that seems to get lost here, it that President Obama doesn’t support same-sex marriage either! That begs the question of why is he so afraid to support equal marriage rights (and a host of other “liberal” issues) since he’s gonna get tarred for it by the right side anyhow.

  15. Robert in NYC says

    Even if the economy were booming, jobs plentiful, gay republicans still would vote for the party that doesn’t give a damn about their equality, marriage equality notwithstanding.

    I’m stick of these gay republicans whining and bashing President Obama and the “liberal” media. Nobody is perfect but had he not won the 2008 election, I shudder to think what our fate would be had John McCain and Sarah Palin been running the show. Gay republicans would have been in heaven undoubtedly. I didn’t hear one peep out of them after Bush left office leaving the country in the tank and $9 trillion debt not including the $5 trillion for two wars that their party refused to pay for. The GOP isn’t interested in creating jobs, it’s all about huge tax cuts for the corporate elite, expansion of loopholes for them, shipping more manufacturing jobs overseas, no investment in infrastructure so badly needed to jump start the economy. It’s all about power and money, not the the middle class and the poor, selfish, self-serving bastards.

    I didn’t hear the Log Cabiners or the GOProuders say one word calling out Gingrich’s hypocrisy and his phony family values, serial adultery. What a joke their party is.

  16. jason says

    I’ll be voting for Newt or Mitt Romney at this stage. At least they’re honest. With Democrats, all you get is a fake acceptance. Democrats – and liberals in general – do not like gay or bisexual men. They much prefer “hot” lesbians or bisexual women, fake or otherwise.

    If the Democrats lose next year, it will be partly because of their double standard.

  17. Brian says

    OK, I hate to do this, especially following a typical crazy comment from Jason (actually worse than typical, it’s as if all his talking points got jumbled up and one big mess of a thought erupted on screen). But I’m going to have to agree with the log cabin types on this one, very narrow issue. Most of the comments have been attacking LCR/GOProud, and that’s fine because they are idiots. But I have to say, at least for me, I think there’s a world of difference between the response reported yesterday and this more in depth one. Yesterday newt came off like a total prick, just dismissing a whole segment out of hand, giving us a giant middle finger. But today’s response is much more reasonable. He’s saying if all you care about is gay rights (specifically marriage) then I can’t expect your vote. But if you care about a bunch of broader issues, and your views match up with mine, then maybe on balance I can get your support. Now for almost everyone on this site, gay rights trumps everything else, or our views on other things don’t match his, so we don’t vote for him. But for the rest of the voters, I think this kind of response at least sounds more thoughtful, and frankly less rude, and I do think the media did a disservice in summarizing the exchange the way they did.

  18. Robert in NYC says

    Another thing to debunk Jason’s claim that Gingrich is honest. Gingrich said that Sharia law is a “mortal” threat to America but hasn’t even provided the evidence. He knows NOTHING about Sharia law which is a religious discipline within Islam in strict keeping with the Qu’uran. It applies only to religious matters, nothing more and has NOTHING to do with secular law. If Gingrich really believes it’s a mortal threat, hasn’t he heard of Congress where bills are introduced and then passed to the senate for passage? That’s the only way Sharia law could become the law of this country. He’s a liar, a racist, a hypocrite and a bigot.

  19. George M says

    Yeah Jason everyone knows that, that’s not news. I just hope when your guy slams the community you and the rest of the gay republicans stand in line first.
    One of my favorite reads is the history of republicans on gay rights, they’ve really been down in the trenches with us fighting shoulder to shoulder. Really someone should write that, it would be a good half page. Whatever, newt can say what he wants, his right he just eliminates votes.

  20. HadenoughBS says

    GOProud and LCR are gay + Republican? Makes no rational sense. They seem to me to be a bunch of self-hating gays who don’t give a rat’s ass about achieving our civil rights by paling around with homophobic Rethuggies. Very incoherent IMHO.

  21. J.P. says

    @Pre… It would be nice if Obama supported Gay marriage and I think he will soon, but the bottom line is that his positions are the best possible for us right now. He supports the repeal of DOMA and opposes a consitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Since Marriage is a State issue and not a federal issue, those are the positions that matter for a President. If he were running for Governor of a State, I might feel differently.

  22. rafi says

    I will never, ever understand arguments like JASON’s that basically say someone who is honest about 100% hating you is better than someone who is only 85% supportive of you.

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