1. Alan says

    bizarre….I was just listening to “Jesus to a Child” when Andy tweeted this.

    Merry Christmas. My boyfriend is cooking me a tube steak for lunch, and I’m going to suck that down now, so gotta run…..

  2. sparks says

    So glad he’s recovering. An experience like this can be extremely humbling. Maybe he’ll take better care of himself, or at least not put himself at risk by getting behind a wheel after he’s had drinks or weed.

    btw Jesus to a Child is one of my favorite songs. George is without a doubt one of the most gifted song writers of my generation.

  3. SonomaBill says

    Okay. how about a few facts for the masses of ignorance listed in above comments. PCP infection (fungal), a secondary infection to someone who is immunosuppressed (HIV), is a completely different infectious agent from streptococcal pneumonia (bacterial). Both of these infections can lead to weeks on ventilator support and close encounters with death. And if Mr. Michael was sharing accurate medical history, he hasn’t forgotten anything. He stated exactly what he had. The fact that people would leap to inaccurate and uninformed conclusions only goes to support the ignorance and misinformation which our world is filled with. Educate yourselves, peeps !

  4. SonomaBill says

    @ Ger … truer words were never spoken. I should’ve known I’d be better off saving my breath rather than have some fanciful idea that perhaps I could impart a little knowledge on the public at large. I guess I’ll just go back to saving lives in my day job and leave Karma to have her way with the rest of them…..

  5. Tom says

    What business is it of ours what disease he has suffered from ? People get pneumonia all the time and no one raises the spectre of AIDS. I hope he gets well soon – he has more issues than just suffering from pneumonia.

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