1. One of the CA 36,000 says

    @Edd: Er, YOU?!?

    Don’t piss on this happy little video.

    I think it’s wonderful and heart-warming. It sure makes up for having to see Newt Gingrich’s hate-filled fat mug on this site…!!!

  2. Michelle Bachmann says

    And this is just another example of how unnatural deviant gays are subverting the natural order. That fag should only be that exited only when he hears Perez Hilton farted, wearing white after labor day is legal, or it’s free cosmos down at Rumor, Curious, or some other equally faggy moronically named bar.

    Gays being excited about being grandparents is just plain unnatural.
    [sarcasm alert for those too stupid to detect it]

  3. sparks says

    I can’t recall ever being more happy for a couple and I don’t even know them! Can you imagine how ridiculously loved and spoiled and doted over that grandkid is going to be? Almost feel sorry for him/her already. lol

    Congrats to both grandpas if they happen to read this blog. =)

  4. James UK says

    I don’t think I have ever seen that much excitement from a straight grandmother-to-be.

    I thought her father’s reaction was adorable – pure, unadulterated joy!

    The daughter is clearly very lucky.

    Congratulations to the parents and to the grandfathers-to-be.

  5. Glen says

    Actaully…I tought along the lines of Edd…it was sweet but I thought two things – man they are hot and I know who the bottom is lol

  6. Bart says

    I just hope I can get my two boys through kindergarten. And the fact these two guys look about my age really makes me want to puke.

    Congrats, gentlemen. Seriously, how very, very cool. I can’t wait until me and my partner experience the same. And I’d like to think I wouldn’t jump around like a lunatic, but I probably will. Just pray that it’s not when either one of my boys is 16…let them at least not get a girl pregnant until they’re out of my house. :)

  7. Lee says

    I know I’ll never get to be married or become a dad, so this kind of thing is bittersweet…but still awesome. Very happy for them.

  8. Matt S says

    So many people assume the nelly guy is the bottom. Are you really that clueless of the gay community at large? Do you know how many butch guys out there love to bend over and how many lispy guys love to top?

    And on that note, who really cares who the bottom is? Does that matter? Everyone acts like it’s a value judgment. If you ask me, it takes a lot more fortitude and courage to get something shoved in you than to do the shoving.

    Way to propogate bigotted stereotypes, guys.

    Congrats to this family. It’s nice to see such a happy, healthy family grow. Cheers.

  9. Seriously?Y says


    As for EDD and your ilk:

    Some of the biggest ‘sissies’ I’ve ever known, topped. Most of the drag queens I’ve known were exclusive tops.

    So take you misogyny and your stereotypes and stuff them in a place I’m sure you’ll both enjoy.

    Me thinks the gentlemen doth protest too much…

  10. Luca says

    Love the video, hate some of the comments. You can always trust a couple queens from the peanut gallery to be super bitchy.

    What’s the harm in writing a nice sentiment? Do you not see how ridiculous it is to undermine the guy’s masculinity through a super bitchy, passive-aggressive comment? Like that’s so butch in itself.

    It’s hard for me to get mad cuz it’s just really pitiful. I read these comments and it’s just like how my family treated gays before I was out. In that sort of “look at the ridiculous gay guy, let’s all discreetly point and make fun” type of way. To see gay guys do that to each other isn’t just sad, it’s pathetic.

  11. Steve says

    Very sweet. I loved how the one in green went from shock, to amazement, to amusement at his partner, then went an hid a for a second. It was almost like he was saying “here he goes again!”

  12. Edd says

    I was being funny, humor is lost on trolls I guess.
    I’m glad they are going to be grandpas and I don’t really care which one is the bottom.
    It doesn’t matter to me at all.

  13. rayrayj says

    Funny thing is EDD never said which one he thought was the bottom. I wonder if all the angry responses directed towards EDD say something about the respondee’s perceptions?

  14. Tom in COS says

    @Bart – Kindergarten is the easy part. It’s middle school when you’re not sure whether they’re going to make it or not.

    But totally agree with everything else you said.

  15. jason says

    They are not gay dads, they are bisexual dads. Their children came from a heterosexual interaction, not a homosexual one.

    Stop warping reality for the sake of gay PC.

  16. Don says

    To the person complaining and about the nasty comments: let’s face it, it’s a really nice sweet moment and at the same time that guy is acting like a complete idiot, both of those sentiments can coexist. If he were a straight guy or a woman (straight or gay) I would still say they were acting a little ridiculous.

  17. Caliban says

    E@t sh*t, Jason. If this were video of a heterosexual adoptive couple, would you have posted “They’re not really grandparents because that’s not their kid!” No, so STFU.

  18. Mike says

    congrads i can tell you from experance it just as much fun with the 3rd garnd as it was for the first only thing different is you cristmas list get biger and more b-day to remember

  19. Caliban says

    I identify with the stoic dad’s more low-key reaction, but appreciate the jumping, screaming dad’s excitement. Hey, sometimes you just want or NEED somebody to jump up and down and scream “YAY!” and be your biggest cheerleader.

    It’s hilarious how the more reserved dad acts like, “Oh lord, here we go again!” and gets out of the way even while smiling over his partner’s more… effusive display. It’s a good mix of personalities.

    I wonder if their child (the girl?) told his/her partner, “I’m just warning you, he’s gonna FLIP!” :-)

  20. Tictac says

    @Matt S and @Luca – right on.

    @RayrayJ – it was obvious who was being more vocal and flamboyant in the video. it’s a commonly held stereotype that this type of behavior is linked to being a bottom but obviously that isn’t always true. Recognizing a hurtful stereotype for what it is and responding negatively to it says nothing about the “respondee’s perceptions” other than showing they have the courage to stand up to bigoted jerks.

    @Edd – that wasn’t humor. that was stereotyping at its worst.

  21. curt says

    Awesome news for this family! I can’t wait! Our son is 22 and I know this day will come for us! Corey is still in college, so there is no girl in the picture, but still…one day…

  22. Tara says

    Absolutely beautiful. The love that grandchild will enjoy is really gonna be something. Congrats to this wonderful family. I wish there were more of these videos around. I could watch a channel of this 24/7. I hope all their dreams come true. The man in the white shirt? His joy is contagious- everyone should know someone like that. Filterless joy. Hooray!

  23. Arturo Beche says

    Goodness… I know we wil go crazy happy when one of our adopted sons gives u the news of a new generation starting!

    I hope to live long enough to hear the words. – it will be such a wonderful day!!!

  24. pipi says

    you dont know how your life will turn…but learning to be happy for happy gay people isn’t a small part of that. don’t hate each other. congrats to the grandpas!!!

  25. Ishaq says

    Haters gonna hate. Congrats to the parents, the grandparents, and those in committed relationships!


  26. uffda says

    In toto these comments underscore why I much prefer straight people to gay ones. Leering losers, sex obsessed, shallow, total clones of one another, that’s what you get. There are many exceptions of course, great wit often but just too many low grade minds predominate.

  27. WayneMPLS says

    Sweet! You can tell the family is very close. I hope the grand dads and the young couple are very happy!!!

  28. says

    Fantastic; what unadulterated happiness…just plain joyful. I wish I’d had such a loving family…

    …and I have never understood the insidious sexism inside the gay “community” when I see such comfort in the snide denigration of bottoms. Who would want to be the sex partner of a man who had such a low opinion of one…and of himself, evidently…?

  29. redball says

    Uffda, you are insane. A quick perusal of comment boards on huffpost or abcnews, etc, etc, will quickly prove your commment about ‘straights’ false

  30. Kris says

    Fantastic!!!!! Congratulations to the parents-to-be and of course the granddads. This video is the next step in changing the hearts and minds at large on issues like gay adoption and gay parenting. I wish you all incredible love and joy in the years to come. Thank you for posting this

  31. uffda says

    Redball@ you’re right of course. I’m just talking about MY straight friends and the way that I read the majority of gay men I have met. They don’t impress me very much along with all those commenting here about tops and bottoms. I don’t care who is what as long as they are decent folk and with a few shining exceptions on the gay side, most of the people I like are straight because, I like to think, most people are not gay. As it reasonably turns out then, I know about five in fifty people who are gay and my kind, the rest are not gay, though all of them are completely accepting.

  32. Migue says

    I don’t think those who are saying he’s a top or bottom are making a literal statement. The dude is obviously exhibiting typical female behavior; therefore= he’s a bottom. It’s a joke.

    This video is out there for viewers to comment about anything they reckon is noteworthy. The fact is, the video is mostly noticeable because the man’s behavior is rather flamboyant–NOT due to the couple’s sexuality! If he’s the butt of jokes–fare game I say.

  33. James says

    AMAZING! One of Towleroad’s best posts. I can’t thank you guys enough for sharing this. It makes me so happy to see this.

  34. jack says

    What a joyful video. Congratulations to that FAMILY. Please run more happy stories like this whenever you can.

  35. chris keck says

    i think the “i know who the bottom is ” comment is more specifically people making a stab at some humor. we all know about the stero typing and labels… hopefully these comments were intended to poke fun and not actually make an evaluation based on the guy’s soprano reaction….. give people credit … you might be surprised…

  36. Sly D says

    who cares about “top or bottom” roles on this most joyous of occasions! Someone was generous enough to share this short burst of Heaven & love on you tube!
    May this young couple stay healthy & give the child all the love it deserves…, I see a grandpa that will “Squeese you, ’til you’re unconsious.., Spin around, look over here…,”
    You go boy! Explode into confetti! You deserve it!

  37. Edd says

    I’ll admit my attempt at humor wasn’t very stellar if you all admit RAYRAYJ has a VERY valid point.

    And again, CONGRATS to the soon to be grandfathers.

  38. classychazy says

    I wish I could have given that news to my father and his partner. My father would have been so proud and my children would have been so lucky to have two wonder, loving grandfathers!