1. says

    Republicans are scrambling – the infighting is getting fierce. Deny it all you want Bachmann – the damage is done. You will forever be pegged as a Muslum hater. Now you have another segment of society who will never vote for a Republican. Ha Ha!

  2. Gregoire says

    She would never be so foolish to SAY it. But she’s plenty foolish to think on it and act upon it.

    Ron Paul attacks Michele Bachmann who attacks Newt Gingrich who attacks Mitt Romney. Can’t wait for season two of TV’s hottest soap opera!

  3. Chris says

    I’m sure Bachmann does not “hate Muslims”.

    But she’ll do/say whatever is necessary to appeal to the xenophobic right-wing-nuts.

    I say actions speak louder than words, especially with pandering politicians.

    Of the Republican bunch, Romney and Paul and Huntsman are about the only ones I think might try to ensure gays are treated fairly.

    The rest are despicable.

    Such a shame Gary Johnson didn’t gain traction…he even supports gay marriage.

  4. brent says

    Chris, I think it’s way over the top to think “Romney, Paul or Huntsman are the only ones who might try to ensure gays are treated fairly”. There is no evidence that any of these Republicans will come close to treating us fairly.

  5. Gregoire says

    Chris, I believe Romney signed the anti-marriage pledge — among many other anti-gay infractions by Mr. Cardboard — so you might want to remove him from your little list there.


    “Of the Republican bunch, Romney and Paul and Huntsman are about the only ones I think might try to ensure gays are treated fairly.” LOL. Ya think, Chris?

  7. Jim says

    Notice how skillful she is at deflecting the actual questions and going right to the talking points, whether they have anything to do with the actual questions or not. Anyway, her entire candidacy is a joke and a front for the extreme religious fanatic agenda that would take over the country if someone like her was elected. Bachmann is a stupid church lady who somehow gained power, and wants to return America to the 60s world of “The Help.” The good news is that she never will, and that thankfully the American people are not so stupid as to elect a dumb religious fanatic Stepford wife into the White House.

  8. Chris says

    @BRENT and @GEORGE:

    Did you read everything I wrote? We don’t really know what any of the candidates will do when they no longer need to pander to xenophobic right-wing-nuts.

    My guess was/is that, based on their past actions (which I said speak louder than pandering words) Romney, Paul, and Huntsman (and of course Johnson) are the ones who “might try to ensure gays are treated fairly”

    I’m not guaranteeing they will, but they’re mostly-likely to be less-hostile to gays than the rest of the repulsive bunch.

  9. Urmensch says

    I’m sure she loves Muslims just like she loves the gays.

    If only they wouldn’t ‘choose’ to be Muslims, and the gays would just stop ‘choosing’ to be gay all over the place she wouldn’t need to call us all out. Simples.

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