1. endo says

    Hahaha. Wait, what? I thought this movie was supposed to be violent, edgy, and gritty… the anti-Twilight. WTF is Taylor Swift doing on the soundtrack?

  2. Henry Holland says

    Lots of hot guys in the trailers, but I’ll never get why studios put out trailers like this one that basically tell you the whole story.

  3. palisc says

    it only tells a bit of the story. there’s a huge portion, the actual hunger games themselves, that aren’t shown at all, which is probably the last 2/3 of the film. an edgy film can still having touching moments, sincere emotions, and moments that call for a reedy voiced tween star to warble….

  4. RonTEX says

    If you’ve read the books, there are some intensely intimate moments, one where the little girl Rue dies in Katniss’s arms comes to mind. This song is almost a lullaby to balance the reality of children forced to kill children for the pleasure of the Capitol. I for one appreciate Andy’s ability to balance posting relevant gay news and also keep his finger on pop culture (a lot of which gay people help create). My daughter teared up when she heard this song because she loves these books and characters and if that is any indication then job well done for Taylor.

  5. endo says

    If they play motherfrackin’ Taylor Swift when Rue dies, I will get up and walk out!

    Besides, I think Katniss actually sings during that scene, but it’s been a few years since I read the first one.

  6. Conor says

    @Henry Holland This trailer only gives waway the set-up of the movie; most of the action takes place after the games start.

    I think I read somewhere that there’s gong to be a “music inspired by the movie” album in addition to the score. Although I could see this song in one of the cave scenes.

  7. gabriel says

    yah, seriously.. the trailer doesn’t even come CLOSE to telling you the story. it just sets things up.

    and i agree that there are some intimate moments where i can totally see a piece of this song playing.

  8. Abby says

    Okay, I do like Taylor Swift, but in the Hunger Games? I swear, if this plays when Rue dies, I will walk out and hunt the producers down! The song isn’t that bad but it is not Hunger Games material! Everything was going so well for the movie. The trailer the fine, the casting wasn’t too bad but now they do this? I am PISSED!

  9. my2cents says

    whatever about Taylor Swift… obviously a branding tie-in… but take a minute to acquaint yourselves with ‘the civil wars’. fantastic musical artists.

  10. Richard D says

    I really doubt they’ll play this during the movie itsel. It’s most likely going to be the song in the credits.