1. TJ Parker says

    Children! Do NOT come out to your parents by sending them a video by Davey Wavey! Wow, that would be epically wrong.

  2. James UK says

    Davey owns a shirt! Who knew?

    Otherwise a cute video with a nice message and his parents are clearly comfortable with his sexuality and they obviously love him. Good for him and them.

  3. candideinnc says

    Parker–Absolutely! Couldn’t be more offensive! If you are that distressed about opening up to parents, send a letter. It is a VERY bad idea to have someone else reveal your homosexuality to your parents.


    I hope this does not herald an influx of Davey Wavey videos onto this blog. Queerty did it Ad nauseam. Towleroad is of some class, surely.

  5. jlavoy says

    The sentiment is nice, and it’s well made, but when the video ends it highlights all of the shirtless video’s he’s done with titles like “best gay sex tips”, etc. :)

  6. princely54 says

    I don’t know how well this would go, sending this video to your parents. Be VERY thoughtful about whether it’s the right thing for your situation.

    Also, I think doing it specifically around a holiday can be hard for many families (‘You ruined (insert holiday here) for everybody, forever!’) It’s probably best to avoid that if you can. After all, you’ll be gay for the rest of your life so any other day will be just as worthy.

  7. says

    I agree. It’s best to hear you’re queer directly, from your mouth and not a video.

    I truly have never heard of Davey Wavey before this. However, having come out to my mother almost 12 years ago now, I needed to hear those exact three words! This video made me tear up a little.

    Happy holidays, everyone! Also, if you’re coming out over holiday vacation, best wishes to you!

    January 2, 2000. My mom & both won’t ever forget that date. 😉

  8. andypharmer says

    Maybe I am a bad gay but I had no idea who Davey Wavey was and with a simple Google search, I agree with James UK. It’s amazing he wore a shirt for this.

  9. JHR459 says

    I’ve never really understood why I don’t care for Davey – he’s gay, young and cute-three important requisites -and yet, and yet….

  10. TJ says

    Yeah, um, no. I mean, nice idea and all, but as pointed out above, having the video end with “best gay sex tips” might be a bit traumatizing for mom and dad. Too much information, especially if they hadn’t a clue, or were in denial. And the google search for images, should mom and dad do that, quickly produces a shot of Davey in his all-together (and ready for best gay sex, if you get my drift). All that aside, the delivery seemed a bit rushed – too much information too quickly.

  11. hhhcce says

    With all the shirtless recommended videos on the sidebar, I don’t the video can even help a closeted person out.

  12. DannyMI says

    This guy has to make everything about himself. No Davey, you cannot steal coming out from other people. Crap advice, too!

  13. uffda says

    This video will be perfect for some parents, those who’ll at least be able to say, “Thank God my son isn’t THAT gay.

  14. Louis says

    GREAT VIDEO! I wish that I had the strength to handle coming out this way 35 years ago.

    This is also GREAT ADVICE to parents. I wish my parents had seen this.

  15. says

    nice idea, flawed execution.

    there’s validity to sharing messages like this, but this won’t likely be the door-opener that he wants it to be.

    from volunteering with groups like PFLAG for the last number of years i can say with certainty that a great deal of help for families understanding what it means to have an LGBT child or family member is to hear from Other Families of LGBT People. Not simply another gay person, but the families of those other gay people.
    It puts the family in perspective. mothers and fathers can hear the words and messages of other mothers and fathers of LGBT people. that tends to have the most significantly positive impact.

  16. redball says

    Kiwi makes a great point. When I came out, my parents saw other gays as part of some kind of underground ‘cult’ that had somehow tricked/enticed me to join their ranks. Other gays were the last people they wanted to hear from!

  17. Larry says

    After reading these comments, I am made even more sad during this season by how needlessly bitchy and mean so many of us can be.

  18. redball says

    Tophu628: my coming-out date was exactly 6 mos after yours: July 2, 2000! 11.5 years later, still waiting for dad to come around. mom and my 2 sisters are light-years ahead, thank god.

  19. Paul R says

    I don’t know or care who Davey is, but coming out to your parents through a stranger in an online video is a terrible idea. Either be courageous enough to do it in person or don’t do it at all.

    Everyone’s situation is different, and parents are bound to have questions that aren’t covered in a 2.5 minute video from someone they don’t know.

  20. Rick says

    Well said Larry! Geesh guys! A short video with his loving and accepting parents on a very personal part of one’s life. No, it won’t help everyone, or fit every situation, but if it makes a difference in one life, isn’t it worth it? Thanks Davey for trying.

  21. MapDark says

    Whatever you do , don’t send this video to come out! Geez!

    First you should do it yourself!

    And a video that ends with best gay sex tips may be not the best thing to show your parents when you’re trying to make the coming out process smooth and drama-free.

  22. ry says

    I could see a glimmer of something good coming out from this….. but ultimately its a great way to get video hits… and use scared young moes to his advantage…. being able to say it verbally outloud to yourself and others is an integral part of coming out i think….. I was lame and wrote “Im gay” on a peice of paper and held it up to my parents hahahah then explained after bahahahahahahah