1. Jack says

    Just sick. Lock those two thugs up and throw away the key.

    Anyone who would deliberately and without provocation attack someone in such a manner and then POST IT ONLINE has an incurable evil inside of them. I’d rather see 1,000 minor drug offenders go free, and these two locked up and suffering for the rest of their lives.

    There is no room in society for tolerance of this type of behavior.

  2. sylvatica says

    I’m thinking of the LGBTQ homeless people at this time of the year. I donate to a charity for the homeless here in the UK, the majority are LGBTQ youth.

  3. Francis says

    These are the types of kids who need their asses kicked badly (and it’s going to happen once in prison). I see stories like this often that end up on the site “WorldStarHipHop”. It’s just mindblowing that people would think of something like this to do, and have the audacity to post it on the web, thinking it’s humorous to inflict so much pain.

    Hopefully this man and all homeless are able to have some happiness and support during the holidays.

  4. Charles Lemos says

    I agree with Sosad that this is a consequence of the war on the poor. When well-to-do white kids feel empowered to commit barbaric acts of violence towards a defenseless man and then believe that they can freely post their videotape on Youtube, one does have to consider the societal and cultural factors that swayed their thinking.

    It is very reassuring to see the community respond and support that poor man. Let’s hope that these two young men actually serve time in jail and not given a suspended sentence as so often has happened when the perpetrators are white and affluent. We, as a nation, cannot tolerate this sort of behavior. That was simply put torture for sport.

  5. Rob roberts says

    This makes me so sad. The cruelty and inhumanity of what these kids did is incomprehinsible. What kind of parents raise such evil trash?

    I hope they spend a long time in prison, and I hope their virgin little anuses are repeatedly raped. They deserve every cruelty coming their way.

  6. Lexxvs says

    It’s gonna sound cruel, but you know that when an individual has grown without learning the basics of human empathy of compassion, there is no way they are going to learn later in life. Those are seeds that only grow when sowed while being a little child. If anything next time those thugs will do their malice more carefully. And probably will look revenge in many ways or against other disadvantaged people. Discount the fact that their family could even dismiss their actions as juvenile “pranks”.

  7. JerzeeMike says

    So sad this happens right in my backyard. I completely agree with posters that say this is a consequences of demonizing the poor and disenfranchised. There is a silver lining in that Shore residents are collecting funds to help this man in local businesses. The money is going into a fund (not controlled by the man) to help pay for treatment and housing for the poor guy. A local hotel has also given him a room for free for the next 2 weeks.

  8. says

    Most people are guilty of the attitudes that allow these kinds of atrocities to happen. Homeless in America are ignored and treated as sub-human. Everyday I see them completely ignored even when asking for something simple as a hot cup of coffee or a blanket because it is cold. You have all seen it, anyone that walks in a major city do it everyday. When they are viewed by society as something less than human things like this happen.

  9. Bill Perdue says

    I wouldn’t be so quick to judge the youths. We don’t know the full story. A lot of young people have difficult times growing up under a capitalistic system and they feel the need to lash out.

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