Jamie Bell: Tintin Might Be Gay

Nightlife.ca asks Jamie Bell, who voices Tintin in the forthcoming Steven Spielberg adaptation, whether he thinks Tintin is gay:

Bell“I mean, I think that there’s always been that conversation; there’s always been that argument. No one has ever said no to that argument; there’s nothing definitive, so I mean, it’s up in the air. It’s an interesting question, because there is a lack of women and females in the entire Tintin universe; there’s only one and she’s represented as this annoying person who is singing all the time and bugs everyone [Ed’s Note: La Castafiore]. So there’s more mythology and curiosity about that. In all fairness, marriage and relationships aren’t really on his radar, though; he’s got bigger fish to fry and a larger treasure to find.”

It's certainly something that has been discussed, however.

If you missed the full Tintin trailer, it's HERE.


  1. Mark in Portland says

    Wait… was Jamie Bell in a recent episode of The Amazing Race that had the massive TinTin product placement/promo in it? There was a guy standing on a street corner in TinTin costume, and I swear it was this guy. If so, I don’t remember them saying it was the actor who voiced TinTin. But maybe I wasn’t paying attention.

  2. says

    @Mark: Jamie Bell is an accomplished actor (he played Billy Elliott in the screen version as a child) and he wasn’t just the ‘actor who voiced TinTin’ – they used motion capture techniques similar to Avatar, so it was all acted/performed.

    And no, I saw that episode of TAR and it definitely wasn’t him. That guy on the street was much older than Jamie Bell (and less attractive) – he was a local of whatever country they were in.

  3. Ryan says

    Any excuse to put up a picture of Jamie is a good one…

    Cute, talented and, apparently, open minded… what an awesome combination :p