1. bruce devine says

    Andy of towleroad,

    I’m sorry but you need to be corrected on your statement that gay marriage was added to the Labor Party platform. What the Labor Party has done is to allow a conscience vote. This does NOT mean that the Labor Party policy on gay marriage has changed.

    Some pundits are saying that this is a ploy by the homophobic Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard, to paint herself as a supporter of traditional values when she votes against gay marriage once the bill appears before Parliament next year. Don’t underestimate her. She already lied to the Australian people about the carbon tax.

    She is a known liar.

  2. Mike says

    I’m a big fan of the video and super glad it was made. I just find it amazing that GetUp, a gay org in Oz couldn’t find a gay actor to head the project and be the face of the campaign. But, maybe it is better that a heterosexual man show he’s for equality.

  3. Brian says

    Sorry Bruce, but Andy is correct, the Labor party has changed its platform to support gay marriage. What you’re getting at is a separate decision to allow a conscience vote on the issue if it comes up in Parliament, which significantly dilutes the impact of the platform change.

    Your comments on Gillard being a liar are spot on, however.

  4. Kevin says

    Like the ad but I am a little disappointed the actor is straight. There has to be hundreds of gay actors they could have used.

  5. Pete n SFO says

    I kind of like that he’s straight… it lets homophobes still see the person & makes it that much more difficult to deny the universal truths within the vid.

    And, Julian himself, is a great example to those same people that interaction with gay people enhances, not diminishes our lives in this world.

    My fave thing about the vid is there’s no particular religious notion, because marriage has just about nothing to do with religion.

  6. B says

    a straight, white, attractive guy…and this is suppose to speak to a gay, asian, average looking guy like myself how now?

  7. Adrian says


    Because he’s an attractive straight white male savior who can fix everything for any minority, aka “White Savior Complex.” j/k.

    Feigned bitterness aside, he did the multicultural community good. But like you, I can relate to the feeling of “the third person” seeing as though only white straight actors could effectively speak on our behalf (Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Darren Criss, Ben Cohen, list goes on).

    Then again, we have NPH, Chis Colfer, John Barrowman, etc. At least we have gay white actors breaking ground. Err…

    Okay, the whole PSA was for marriage equality, not race. He’s an actor. His sexual orientation or race should not matter.

    What’s more effective is to live your life as the handsome, self-assured gay Asian that you are. It’ll bring about positive change quicker for you than this video could ever do.

  8. TampaZeke says

    Sorry Bruce but you’re flat out wrong on this one. The Labor Party platform was most definitely changed. The official Labor Party platform now is to support and promote marriage equality by making marriage in Australia gender neutral; however individual party members will be allowed to vote their conscience and will not be forced to vote as a block as is almost always the case in parliamentary systems of government. Now the ball is in the court of the Liberal Party leader to allow his party the same ability to vote their consciences instead of being forced to vote as a block against it. He has said that he will require his MP’s to vote as a block, however pressure in mounting, inside and outside the Liberal Party, for a conscience vote.

    Interesting how conservatives in the Labor Party were demanding a conscience vote because voting in block would deny them their democratic rights but the conservatives in the Liberal Party are demanding a block vote against the proposed legislation, well, because anything other would be downright Communist.

    Right wingers the world over are bigoted assholes.

  9. Dana Chilton says

    For those of us who instantly fell in love with Julian, it’s worth noting that he didn’t speak to his own orientation; only that marriage equality is a personal issue to him and he has a lot of gay friends. We don’t know if he’s gay or straight – so – we can all still pretend we’re the one on the receiving end of his amazingly beautiful smile.

  10. BobN says

    It can’t be easy going through life being THAT charming…

    On another note, the story isn’t “shot from a first person perspective”.

  11. Lexxvs says

    He never said he’s straight; maybe he’s somewhere in the middle, as many actors. But even if he is a straight ally, what’s the problem and who cares. Instead of complaining about labels we should be glad that more and more being seeing as supportive of gay causes or acting gay roles etc. doesn’t has the stigma of old. We have to get out of the gay ghetto mentality.

  12. says

    He seems beautiful inside and out. I’d love it for Australia to move toward marriage equality. It would give me great hope that America could move forward on it, too, at least insofar as ending DOMA at the federal level, so marriages in equality-supporting states are treated equally, at the least. Australia is a good bell weather country, because like the US, it’s a fairly conservative country in comparison to most of Europe and other democratized countries in the developed world.

  13. Ivan says

    That’s a lot of negative comments about a guy working for gay rights. It a cute, str8(ish), white boy can increase support a few more %, then more power to him.