Kelly Clarkson Endorses Ron Paul; Stunned By Backlash

KellyClarksonThumbsPop star Kelly Clarkson, who is in most respects an average gal with an average gal's indifference to the news, took to Twitter this morning to express her love for Ron Paul:

I love Ron Paul … I liked him a lot during the last republican nomination and no one gave him a chance. If he wins the nomination for the Republican party in 2012 he's got my vote. Too bad he probably won't.

The Pauline Army was quick to embrace Ms. Clarkson. But as the singer examined her Twitterfeed, she began to learn disturbing things. Subsequently, she Tweeted:

 I have never heard that he’s a racist? I definitely don’t agree with racism, that’s ignorant.

And, upon encountering a rumor that Dr. Paul is a homphobe:

I love all people and could care less if you like men or women. I have never seen or heard Ron Paul say anything against gay people?

I read Clarkson's double misuse of the question mark as a sign of shell-shockedness. It's never fun to learn you've accidentally aligned yourself with a (possible) homophobic racist isolationist survivalist kookypants. Sometimes, it must suck to be famous.


  1. NorthoftheBorder says

    aren’t all the republican candidates a bunch of homophobic racist kookypants? support one, or support another, its all the same, yes? then again.. I thought Ron Paul was against everyone else view of “traditional marriage” ?? per the other article in the feed.

  2. Jack says

    Ron Paul is probably the least Homophobic of all the Republicans running, save John Huntsman. I would much rather see Clarkson support Paul than Perry or Santorum.

  3. says

    “Ron Paul – the ‘homophobe’ who voted for gay marriage.”

    Hmmm, when was that exactly? I don’t recall a “gay marriage” bill that he might have had an opportunity to vote on? Did anyone else vote on this “gay marriage” bill?

  4. Sylvia says

    What has Ron Paul ever done or said in his many years in public life that can so much as remotely be construed as “racist?” The answer is not a single thing. In fact, Ron Paul’s voting record in Congress, as well as his many writings, attest beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is equality’s most impassioned and consistent champion. None of the other presidential candidates — including President Obama — can credibly lay claim to this distinction. Paul is equality’s greatest champion because he is liberty’s greatest

  5. Christian says

    I’m not a Ron Paul or Kelly Clarkson fan, but the fact that anyone would give a sh*t about who a pop star/musician/actor etc supports politically is beyond me. They have a right to support who they want to support just like you have a right to support who you want to support. And if you’re basing who you’re going to vote for off a pop star’s Twitter feed, then I really don’t know what to say.

  6. Carlie says

    In 1996, Paul was asked by the Dallas Morning News about a line that appeared in a 1992 newsletter: “If you have ever been robbed by a black teenaged male, you know how unbelievably fleet of foot they can be.”

    His response: He denied suggestions that *he* was evoking stereotypes when *he* wrote the column.

  7. Sylvia says

    Anyone who believes that President Obama is any different that President Bush needs to do some research. They are both owned by corporate interest. The mud slinging against the only man in Washington who has not sold his soul to the devil is pathetic. Dr. Paul is the only man running that has a plan to regain our Constitution and liberty. How is it that those accusing Dr. Paul of hate are the most hate filled people of all?

  8. Lance says

    I’m getting fed up with uninformed people calling Ron racist and homophobic. A homophobe who voted to repeal DADT? A racist who understands that the drug war in this country has been unequally leveled towards blacks. Liberals always complain about people who spout off talking points but are just going the same thing in regards to Paul. I’m a liberal and African American who has always voted Dem but I find myself more aligned with Ron Paul this go. Do your research….

  9. Sylvia says

    “… .. The point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t. But she is a typical white person who, uh, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn’t know there’s a reaction that’s been been bred into our experiences that don’t go away and that sometimes come out in the wrong way and that’s just the nature of race in our society. We have to break through it…” – Senator Barack Obama

  10. oliver says

    “I love all people and could care less if you like men or women.”

    i think she means couldn’t care less

    (unless of course she could care less, in which case i’d like to know how much less she could care)

  11. Chip says

    It is a shame that the votes of so many ignorant people, including Miss Clarkson,could just as much as people who follow the issues and the news and know what they’re talking about. So long, Kelly. No more of your songs for me.

  12. Free Speech says

    I’m not an Obamatard or a Romneybot but I have to admit Ron Paul scares me when he speaks of cutting off the $7 BILLION in foreign aid the US gives to Israel. Kelly Clarkson sounds like an Arab-loving, isolationist PEACENIK who doesn’t want war. Well Kelly, you are downright un-American and you deserve to be censored.

    Bomb bomb bomb Iran. Let’s roll!!

  13. Jonathan says

    Kelly Clarkson has always been what she appears to be: A great singer whose talent far exceeds her intelligence. I’m sure she just thinks Ron Paul is cute like her grampy or something. She’s that clueless. But she can sing.

  14. Ninong says

    What did Ron Paul think of gay people? Well, how about this little comment from Dr. Paul:

    “Homosexuals, not to speak of the rest of society, were far better off when social pressures forced them to hide their activities.”

    Or this one about AIDS:

    “A politically protected disease thanks to payola and the influence of the homosexual lobby that will poison the blood supply.”

    Dr. Paul also said that gays with AIDS enjoyed all the attention and sympathy it gave them. He was particularly upset that any taxpayer money should be spent on a disease like AIDS because, in his words, it’s “an elective disease” that would disappear immediately if people stopped having sex with those infected with the virus. In other words, he blamed the victims of AIDS for spreading the disease.

    This guys was first elected to Congress in November 1978, so he’s been around a long time. He’s also 76 years old and a Baptist Republican from Texas. A lot of what he said 30 or 40 years ago fit right in with the thinking of the majority of the people in his district who voted for him. That being said, he’s still a homophobic (fill in the blank).

  15. Francis says

    I’m not going to knock her for liking Ron Paul. A LOT of young people do, especially young moderates and conservatives who don’t want to be associated with the far right. I have friends who support Ron Paul but also support marriage equality.

    With all of this said, the fact she doesn’t know of what’s come out about Ron Paul and his newsletters even when it’s been showcased all over the internet and daily news shows me she’s not informed and really just another person who is essentially a brainwashed ideologue, which makes up 90% of Ron Paul’s base.

  16. says

    Clarkson may be “less informed” (which is kind of debatable, if you consider all of the misinformation out there), but she certainly isn’t willfully ignorant as some on this thread.

    Now, I’m going to Walk Away.

  17. Robert in NYC says

    FYI Keith and other Pauline supporters. You’re beloved leader has NEVER personally declared support for same-sex marriage. Whenever he’s asked that question, he conveniently defers to that old mantra of his, that states should decide. By the same token, he also believes that states have the right to ban same-sex marriage and actually supports DOMA in those states that have so legislated. He is NO friend of ours, in fact an lethal enemy. Under his deeply flawed policy, among others, there would NEVER be repeal of DOMA in 31 states and NEVER would there be federal recognition of same-sex marriage in all states if he were in the White House. Thankfully, he won’t be.

  18. says

    Friendly advice for the Paulbots: When you say stuff like Dr. Paul “is equality’s greatest champion because he is liberty’s greatest” it kind of sounds like you’re quoting from a playbook handed down by Jim Jones or Charles Manson groupies. I mean, the devotion is admirable, but it seems a little unhinged. If you tone it down just a smidge and lighten up on the obvious magical thinking (example: he voted for gay marriage!) I think you might be more convincing.

  19. rob says

    kelly clarkson shops in our antique/vintage store in dallas and is quite lovely and sweet… i dunno.. i think ron paul said a bunch of kooky stuff about martin luthur king awhile back too

  20. Akula says

    So by Dr. Pauls thinking that states should be able to decide on gay marriage then he’d be fine if some of the southern states decided to re-criminalize homosexuality? That’s the way it sounds like to me.

  21. Sylvia says

    No one has to quote from a playbook to defend Dr. Paul. Anyone who understands the concepts of liberty that are embodied in the US Constitution knows that Ron Paul is their greatest defender. You can smirk and call Kelly names and claim she is stupid or uninformed but at the end of the day you will be the losers. If this country maintains its course what happens with our unsustainable debt when the Chinese no longer want to loan us money? Ron Paul envisions a debt free and socially free society that is not run by the military industrial complex. By the way, Ron Paul will free more black men than Lincoln when he pardons non violent drug offenders from their slave labor in prison factories. I that something a racist would do?

  22. Igor says

    I’m not one to spread smear rumors, but I heard that Ron Paul was once friends with someone who was a friend of the second cousin of Fred Phelps.
    Do we really want a man like that for presidnt?

  23. Francis says

    She’s very ignorant if she doesn’t know what the man she says she supports for PRESIDENT of the United States has said on critical issues such as race and sexuality. Especially when you consider the fact the news on his newsletters has been out for a week now, and been broadcast everywhere.

    Not only has Ron Paul never actually said he unconditionally supports marriage equality, he’s more or less said he doesn’t agree with homosexuality. He simply thinks that moral codes should be “enforced” on us gays. That doesn’t mean he supports our community. He doesn’t. As Robert said, with Paul as president, we would have little shot at any progress when it comes to marriage equality and LGBTQ rights as whole, nationwide.

  24. shle896 says

    Perhaps she should have done her homework on him following this backlash. Instead she simply reiterates her support for him with question marks at the end of her sentences. Kelly, sweetheart, it’s called GOOGLE. Use it. You can find out everything you need to know about Ron Paul in under five minutes. HELLO?

  25. jose says

    barring all the homophobic and racist stuff (i believe her when she says she wasn’t aware of it), i love that she’d consider someone over obama. and by love, i really mean LOVE.

  26. Andalusian Dog says

    Thanks to the GOP over the past 30 years, people can no longer tailor a set of personal beliefs without divorcing themselves from one of their beloved communities or another. Divide and conquer, groupthink stronger than individual freedom. Even being an “individual” in the Ron Paul (or Avril Levigne) sense makes you just one cow in a herd.

  27. Zell says

    Ron Paul is, admittedly, a bit of a lunatic. And Obama may have a better track record when it comes to gay rights. But Ron Paul’s foreign policy does not include xenophobically bombing every Arab who ever looked at Israel wrong. He also voted against and spoke against the NDAA, which is an absolute travesty of Obama’s administration and will most likely go down in history as a turning point in American civil liberties. I probably wouldn’t vote for him, but to be honest, I would rather not vote for ANYONE who is running in the next election, including Obama. I am gay, and of course it’s a very important issue to me. But ask the relatives of the Arab children murdered by the drone strikes that the Obama administration is so secretive about whether they give a crap about Ron Paul’s stance on gay rights.

  28. jason says

    I support Ron Paul too. I think he’s the only candidate who didn’t sign the anti-gay marriage pledge that Iowa’s conservative group presented to him. Give him credit for that you bitter queens.

    I note that a lot of you are railing against Kelly for supporting Ron. Of course, on the other hand, you also dance to appalling AutoTuned dance music that sounds like a mix of an egg blender and a ring tone. Get your act together, guys. Bad dance music doesn’t exactly elevate you in the minds of many.

  29. jose says

    she’ll probably write a song about the backlash titled, “miss independent voter”. No? i don’t know of if texas an open state when it comes to voting in their primary/caucus. but if it’s not, kelly will have to switch parties from miss independent to republican.

  30. Coop says

    Why don’t they get it? I have republican friends tell me all the time they support gay rights. But they still vote Republican. Republicans HATE us. They tell us we are an abomination. That we prey on their children. That we spread disease and death. They don’t want us to marry the people we fall in love with. I’m sure Kelly knows all this. But she is still a Republican and she has thrown her support behind someone who is running as a Republican.

  31. Paul B. says

    I did a lot of LSD in the 60’s and I know a fellow tripper when I see one. Ron either did a lot of drugs in his young days or is still doing them. I love his “fresh” approach to politics…but let’s get real…it’s a drug-induced carryover from the 60’s with a little bit of a cocaine paranoia thrown into the mix. Love to have him at a party in tye-dye but not in the white house.

  32. Lars says

    Stop listening to the mainstream media. Ron Paul is not a racist, a homophobe, or an anti-semetic. He is a libertarian! He believes in individual rights for everyone and is against big government. That’s it. He voted to repeal DADT for christ’s sake.
    I’ve linked some videos to watch if you don’t believe me. And there are plenty more. Open your eyes people. The Republican Party is just trying to smear Ron Paul because they don’t want a libertarian as there candidate.
    Gay Rights

  33. jason says

    A lot of you are totally stupid. You should be voting for the candidate who is best for America, not the one who panders to you the most. I swear that some of you would vote for Adolf Hitler if he were to return to this Earth wielding a gay rights manifesto.

    This very narrow outlook of yours is going to be your undoing.

  34. mk_ultra_again says

    Actually Jason most ppl here are thinkingabout what’s good for America and have already told you and the rest of the paulites that your bigot, racist, homophobic, lunatic cult leader is not wanted because we fear for the future of the country and our lives underthe rule of Koo Koo Kadoo Paul

  35. jason says

    Ron Paul is a very good person and an independent thinker. He is the only Republican leader who will give gay people their rights. He’ll do this because he doesn’t pander. All the other Republican candidates are panderers. A panderer will never give you equal rights.

    I’d vote for a non-panderer like Ron Paul before a panderer like Obama.

  36. says

    Ron Paul is the favorite candidate of people who don’t know anything about politics and whose historical memory doesn’t even go to the last election, much less the 1990s.

    And Little Kiwi is almost always right. Or maybe always. As is Ernie (but that goes without saying).

  37. says

    Jesus, I had even forgotten about the Mike Heath connection! So if you’re so pro gay rights, why would you hire the main Maine opponent of gay rights as your Iowa campaign director?

    If he hired David Duke, would we still be claiming he’s not racist? Probably. Have some more of that kool-aid, paul-bearers!

  38. Paul R says

    Cripes I am so tired of posts about this guy. It is solely to attract posts, many of them hateful. It’s rather sickening.

    Anyone with a brain knows that he has no chance of winning, a hope held especially fervently by anyone named Paul (see: me).

    Kelly Clarkson’s political views are really worthy of discussion? Come on.

  39. says

    Not quite sure how Ron Paul would “give gay people their rights.” But why let reality get in the way of magical thinking. Imaginary presidents can do anything!

    The 2 big arguments the Paulbots put forth to indicate how gay-friendly Paul is immediately fall apart if you consider them for more than 3 seconds.

    First, leave it to the states! Yippee! That may be good in VT and MA, not so good in all the states controlled by right-wing religious lunatics. And, as long as DOMA is in place (DOMA–which Dr. Paul supports) even married gay couples are deprived of the 1000+ federal benefits and protections heterosexual married folks (like Dr. Paul) take for granted. Leaving it entirely to the states is only good for gay people if we wipe out all the states between New England and the West Coast.

    Second, take the federal government out of marriage! Then we’re all equal! But, see, that’s only good for gay people if it actually happens. Otherwise, it’s just hypothetical nonsense. Maybe when Dr. Paul actually gives up his own federal marriage (returning all those perks he’s taken without protest for over a half-century) and convinces all those heterosexuals to give up their cozy marital relationship with the federal government (good luck with that one), we can talk. Meanwhile, gay couples want only what Dr. Paul has: a right to marry that is no different than any other citizen’s right to marry. And a right to argue our equality under the Constitution and before the federal judicial system (where we’re winning), a right Paul opposes.

    Kelly Clarkson’s tweets aren’t really the issue unless someone actually expected her talent was for deep political analysis instead of singing. But it’s unclear why any thinking lgbt person who lives in the real world would look at Paul’s ideas on civil rights and think, there’s my ticket to equality.

  40. Ken NYC says

    Ron Paul may be personally a racist homophobe, but politically he’s a Liberterian. As Dan Savage points out – The difference between him and Santorum is that Santorum believes that government should control your private life by codifying and then enforcing racist homophobic laws; Ron Paul believes that government should stay out of everybody’s lives and have no say in matters of race, sexuality, religion, or anything.

    Ron Paul may not like gays, he may even hate them, but he will go to the mat to defend their liberty to be as gay as gay can be.

  41. Gregoire says

    Wait, is this the same Jason who said he was voting for Newt Gingrich like three weeks ago? So now he’s a Paultard? Hilarious.

    Ron Paul posts are like flypaper.

  42. Aussie says

    I think we need to be a little sensitive in labeling people homophobic, or possibly so. I think innocent until proven guilty stands. Aren’t we just spreading the ‘hate’ of prejudice ourselves if we blog or put in the press “supposed” accusations? From the little I know the only homophobic statements made were done by people publishing under Paul’s name and without his knowledge. Someone could publish something false under my name or yours and that doesn’t define who you or I am, that’s a false witness. Lets not ghetto ourselves in hate and fear by jumping on the defensive, that is after all what the homophobes want!

    What we do no about Ron Paul. He is a libertarian and a follower of the economist Hayek as opposed to Keynes. That means he is for small government, which includes zero political donations for big business or government funded assistance for companies in the red. I certainly agree with aspects of the later.

    Lets face it American military Imperialism and the financial aid of Israel has caused a real bad name for the U.S. and a great deal of suffering in the world. In true Jeffersonian fashion, Paul wants both military and strategic spending cut back. I think many center leftist gay guys like myself couldn’t agree more. From our perspective that isn’t isolationist, its rather diplomatic common sense.

  43. testington says

    I really support Gary Johnson for President, I think it is INSANE that a 2 term, popular governor is getting less press time that somebody like Michelle Bachman who has only been in national congress a few years and has accomplished nothing.

    I will always be a liberal but Johnson is one candidate I would actually vote Republican for

  44. Paul R says

    @Suede: Wow, Andrew Sullivan? Impressive that he would support a Republican. Oh wait, no it’s not. He’s a Republican. It doesn’t matter if he’s gay.

    @Aussie: You’re leaving out just a *little* bit about Hayek v. Keynes. Without Keynesian economics, the country would be even more screwed up than it is. Hayek was myopic. To call Paul Jeffersonian—Jefferson arguably being the most internationally minded of the Founding Fathers—is laughable.

    I’ll grant you that the funding of Israel, a wealthy country, is odd. But not that odd; Egypt was the second-largest recipient until recently. And they’re neighbors—what a coincidence! Israel is a damn powerful, strategic country. Oh, and 6 million Jews were murdered while we stood back. So that’s a tiny little bit of a morality stain on our hands.

  45. smith says

    Ron Paul isn’t a racist Paultards say? Then why does he take photos and accept money from Stormfront leader Don Black (money that he refused to return even after it was publicly leaked).

    Paul also used to be buddy-buddy with Bill White a neo-nazi who has called for the lynchings and assassinations of NCAAP leaders and prominent African-American citizens. Paul only stopped hanging around him once news of them hanging out together became more public. White even wrote how Paul used to come to his house and express his support for the white supremacy movement.

    He’s not a homophobe Paultards say?
    That must be why he refused the initial endorsement of anti-gay preacher Rev. Phillip Kayser who said that gays deserve the death penalty. Oh wait a minute, he didn’t. The endorsement was on Paul’s website until a day or so ago when the Paul webmasters took it down after feeling the heat.

    Screen grab on Paul’s site:

    Paul keeps claiming that he “disavows” any racist or homophobic views but he sure loves the support and money coming in from the neo-nazi and gay-hating organizations.

  46. gbabb says

    Ron Paul believes that everyone has the same rights. It’s called being a civil libertarian. Truthfully, a Ron Paul presidency would bring about gay marriage as he would take the govt out of the marriage business altogether. He has spoken on this at least a hundred times. This goes the same for minorities. He believes that we don’t get our rights from what group we belong or what race we are a part of, but because the Constitution allows personal liberties that should never be infringed upon by govt or anyone else. People who claim differently are mistaken or have been fed disinformation. I would never back a candidate without fully vetting their views on these issues. (Long time reader, first-time poster)

  47. smith says

    If Ron Paul wants to quit being called “racist” or “homophobic” it’s quite simple: Stop taking money and support from racist and homophobic groups and individuals.

    Tell people like Stormfront’s Don Black that you don’t need or want their support. Black gave Paul his support this week and instead of disavowing it, Paul claimed while he “doesn’t agree” with Black, he “welcomes his support.”

    So you don’t agree with racist viewpoints and claim they’re abhorrent to you, but will welcome the support from a proud bigot and white power supporter? Uh-huh. And then you’re shocked – SHOCKED I tell you – that people think you support racist views.

    Also, own up to the racist and homophobic crap that was spewed in the newsletters. He took credit for them in the 80s and 90s but now claims he didn’t write them and had no idea what was in them. Uh-huh.

  48. Mark says

    Like millions of her fellow dimwi — er, Republicans, Clarkson would prefer to vote first and ask questions later. Their limited intellectual curiosity would be charming in a child, but is appalling in people legally eligible to vote.

    “I don’t know what he/she stands for, but my uncle says he’s good people. Plus I like his folksy commercial.”

  49. johnny says

    There’s only one problem with Ron Paul, or for that matter, any of the candidates, including Obama.

    It doesn’t matter what they believe, once the new presidents get into office, a group of big corporate and military people take them into a little private room and tell them “This is how it’s going to be, you have no choice” and suddenly they lose all their ambition to be “different” from the last guy start looking just like him.

    We don’t have presidents, we have sell-outs.

  50. BamaGuy1024 says

    Why WHY WHY does this idiot celebrity think she has a brain? She obviously does not read or follow politics, WHY WHY WHY would she state support of a candidate whose positions and policies she knows nothing about? What a moron Kelly is, now she has alienated huge numbers of her fans and there is nothing she can do at all to redeem herself. FOOL!

  51. Toferdavid says

    This website sinks lower and lower in it’s bias and misuse of it’s audience. It did so during the 2008 election lambasting Hillary Clinton at every turn, portraying every rumor and guttered half-truth. Now it will do the same to every republican. It is sad that such a site needs to use it’s platform for such things.

  52. says

    “Truthfully, a Ron Paul presidency would bring about gay marriage as he would take the govt out of the marriage business altogether.”

    Truthfully, there is no such thing as gay marriage (there is one institution, marriage, that either includes or excludes gay couples), truthfully, Ron Paul will never be president, and, truthfully, even if he did become president, he would not in a million years be able to convince most heterosexuals that getting 1000+ government benefits and protections out of their marriages is something they want. After all, Ron Paul himself has had no problem taking advantage of a government marriage for over 50 years. He can’t mind it too much. As long as the federal government is involved in marriage, gay couples should have the same access to it as Ron Paul. Until he severs his marital ties to the government, his so-called civil libertarianism is empty and hypocritical, however hard the Paulbots try to pretend otherwise.

  53. Forrest says

    Ron Paul does not like gay people. But the difference with him is that he does not believe personal disapproval equals using laws against us.

    By contrast the other Repubs think their moral beliefs entitle them to use the law to persecute us.

    Paul is not going to be Prez but believe it or not he would be the most gay friendly Rep president we could hope for.

  54. Aussie says

    Paul R: Just on my earlier comment on Ron Paul being “Jeffersonian”.. check out Simon Schama’s book ‘The American History – A Future.’ Yes Jefferson, Franklin etc were heavily involved in foreign diplomacy. That is far different to having an army. As Schama’s book discusses the founding of an army was flatly opposed by Jefferson who only gave in reluctantly. As a compromise West Point soldiers were originally also trained as civil engineers in peace time and wore drab gray uniforms so they wouldn’t have a whiff of old world militarism and they could served a more constructive use in peace time. Quite the opposite to the Post WWII U.S. ‘imperialism’ and military build up that is now the norm. I’m no Republican fan, but as gay people we should be trying to build bridges rather than sit on the defensive ALL the time. Being gay in the world/society is subtle it ‘aint’ black and white.

  55. Stephen Pickard says

    I am really baffled by the so-called liberal progressives that support Ron Paul because “he tells it like it is”. Ron Paul has supported racist and homophobic public policies. Would people please read what this man has done. This old doc needs to hang up his medical bag, go back to Texas, shut up, and spend his remaining days petting his hound dog and polishing his shotgun. The man has not a single clue how to deal with the complex problems of contemporary urban America. He is a fossil who can be admired in the display case but certainly NOT leading one of the most powerful nations in the world!

  56. Victor McGann says

    What could be more misogynistic and fascist than a group of angry bullies looking to attack a young woman for expressing a political opinion in America?

  57. NPFXO says

    Ron Paul is certainly not anti-gay.

    Last year, he voted to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

    And in 2004, he voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment (which would have limited marriage in the United States to unions of one man and one woman) which he called “an act of social engineering profoundly hostile to liberty”.

    On other stuff… he’s pro marijuana for personal use… opposed the Iraq war… is against the death penalty… and calls himself a ‘free market environmentalist’.

    He’s definitely right wing on a lot of other stuff – abortion and health care most notably – but we gays had better hope that he wins the Republican nomination over the other fools in case the GOP really do beat Obama later this year…

  58. FunctioningBrain says

    You guys amuse me. You call Kelly stupid for Supporting Paul, but are you really smart for supporting Obama? Obama’s not racist nor homophobic for avidly attending the church of one Rev. Wright who regularly gives racist and homophobic speeches? Or who supports DOMA, and thinks that marriage is “one-man-one-woman”? Or sat on his hands as long as he could about defending DOMA and deporting gay partners, due to the outcry? And yet Paul is the racist/homophobe for some 20 yo mined quotes, despite his consistent voting record, literature, and interviews. The only morons in the room are you vapid Obama shills. And, in case you didn’t know: everybody knows that you’re clueless.

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