1. coolbear says

    Wow, it’s amazing how a lukewarm performance by a member of one sex gets instantly interesting when recreated by a member of another. A great secret of Art.

  2. buster says

    PS – LOVE the guy sitting at the actual writing table that you see ocassionally starting around 2:53 who is just very clearly NOT PARTICIPATING IN THIS NONSENSE.

  3. Lazlo says

    One of the funniest things ever! They should have shown this as a digital short on that nights episode, considering it was one of the poorer episodes this season.

  4. Phil says

    and what was the point of this? it was neither entertaining nor funny (neither is robyn, if her performances on the show were any indication. i’d not heard of her nor heard any of her songs before. she seems a bit drug addled if you ask me). i’m with the guy trying to work at the computer…”if i ignore it, maybe it will stop”

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