1. LAX/JFK says

    I think this is why I don’t stay friends with gay couples who have kids. They get just as creepy as the straight couples. Yikes. I’ll take the isle of Manhattan….

  2. Dback says

    What if I don’t WANT any of those three to stay in their beds, but want them to get in mine? (Seriously, one at a time, or any combo of the three.) Santa may not come, but boy howdy someone’s gonna.

    However, that “Christmas-music-by-way-of-‘The Omen'” recording has to go.

  3. Mark says

    I think they were trying to show the world something. That something should have been how much they love their kids and what specifically they want to share with them at Christmas – not bad lighting, tense facial expressions, stiff forced intimate posing, unnatural progression and a general lack of genuine good natured cheer. I feel like the kids should run away – which is probably how the adults felt when they were kids.

  4. Mark says

    Okay – I take back what I said above. On second viewing I did find it somewhat sweet and a little brave. Looks like the kids are lucky to have these 2 or 3 dads.

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