1. Patrick Wellington III says

    You know what? Trans people do not own the rights to dressing in drag. Men have been dressing in women’s clothing for entertainment purposes for centures. Please do not include all of us in your LGBT pronouncements, GLAAD. I, for one, am sick of the bullying of the gay community I am seeing by these fanatical activists.

  2. Chris says

    Oh come on. I laughed so hard I just picked myself up off the floor. This will get stale quickly, but it could be REALLY funny for a season.

    How would I feel is the show explored gay-straight stereotypes (instead of cross-dressing stereotypes)? That would be funny too.

    In my opinion, exploring stereotypes this way (with humor) does NOT perpetuate them.

    Funniest thing was when he plops the phallic-looking foot-long sub on the table, then throws it away and eats the lettuce.

    Does anyone think that’s not funny?

  3. terry says

    The previews look horrible anyway. I wouldn’t watch this show even if GLAAD thought it was a nice representation.

  4. Abel says

    This sort of PC nonsense makes me wish Ts would leave the rest of the LGBs and form their own group. Men have been dressing as women for humorous purposes for thousands of years, and it’s still funny. Indeed, for most drag performers, it is the humorous/ludicrous element that defines them, not their success in passing, hence the exaggerated clothes and accessories.

  5. G.I. Joe says

    With hundred of transgender women being murdered every year, and thousands more being assulated, insulted etc., it is indeed not coming at the right moment.

    In a perefect world, everyone would understand the difference between this and transgender women, and maybe it could be funny. But not in this world, not now, not anymore than having ridiculously effeminate men sashaying and lisping and being mocked for it (but they’re totally heterosexual! so it’s not homophobic, see!) would be funny or acceptable.

  6. Bart says

    Who the hell runs GLAAD? Maybe they need to understand that guys dressing in drag is not the same as trandgender. They are the ones confusing the two, not this stupid show. This is what they are getting a knot in their underwear over? Getting all up in arms about this instead of REAL issues is why many gay men and women roll their eyes at organizations like GLAAD. Spend your time and money elsewhere folks, this show is an innocuous piece of crap with a stupid, very stale premise (BOSOM BUDDIES anyone…) and will be gone quickly. Spend your resources going after the Rick Santorum’s, the Michelle Bachmann’s, and the Newt Gingrich’s of the world instead of some boogyman fear that people will mistake this for transgenderism (uh, no they won’t…)

    GLAAD grow a brain and a pair of cojones instead of responding to everything like a victim of perceived fears. It’s embarrassing.

  7. Caliban says

    Well I for one am SHOCKED! The transgender community with a hair across its *ss about something really minor? Will wonders never cease?!

    Some Like It Hot. Bosom Buddies. Victor/Victoria. La Cage Aux Folles/The Birdcage. Mrs Doubtfire. Tootsie. Though the quality of these varies widely (Bosom Buddies was never that good IMO), movies and TV shows involving cross-dressing explored people learning about the experience of the other gender- sexism, sexual harassment, and other problems. Unless they can point out specific instances where this show is offensive or malicious against transgender people, and few people have even SEEN it yet so I don’t see how they could know, this is just baseless complaining.

  8. RyanInSacto says

    @GI Joe: Have you seen a single minute of Logo Network programming? There’s a whole lot of “ridiculously effeminate men sashaying and lisping.” Whether or not it’s a mockery is up to interpretation, I guess.

    I support transgender rights. I want hate crimes protections, work place protections… you name it, I want it. What I can’t wrap my head around is how, as GLAAD’s press release puts it, “men pretending to be women” on a sitcom is inherently bad for trans people. I don’t even see it as connected to trans people. It’s not until GLAAD and HRC raised exceptions to it that I even considered that there was a connection. (And that’s not to say that I’m not aware of the trans community. I have regular interaction with a couple trans folk (that I’m aware of and maybe more than a couple that I’m not) in my neighborhood on a weekly basis. So, ya know, I’m not some dolt that needs my consciousness raised or whatever.)

    If “men pretending to be women” is off limits for entertainment, does that mean that drag shows are off-limits now too? I didn’t get the memo and apparently neither did a million drag queens (not trans folk, drag queens) from Tuscaloosa to Anchorage. Victor/Victoria is now not OK? Mrs. Doubtfire? Bosom Buddies? All of this is trans-phobic propaganda now?

  9. Dastius Krazitauc says

    GLAAD lost me on this one. I agree with Caliban that the premise of shows like this allows for situations that teach, and for GLAAD to shoot it down before it even gets started shows some very narrow thinking on their part.

  10. Rick says

    So GLAAD is concerned about stereotypes, but it roars its approval of the flaming queens on “Modern Family”, “Glee”, and the like.

    “Movement” gays have become so out-of-touch with much of the gay population and so removed from what the purpose of the gay movement was supposed to be that they have become a joke, and a very bad one at that, as have the organizations like GLAAD that they inhabit.

  11. QJ201 says

    the show should be canned for the horrific make up work alone.

    I’d rather see an update of Three’s Company where Jack is gay and has to play straight because of a homophobic landlord.

  12. frank says

    Oh please. Would GLAAD or someone please come up with some definitions for all this hot tranny mess we’ve all gotten ourselves into. Yes I said it. Boycott me. I no longer know the difference between trans, transgendered transvestite and transexual. I read stories about “this transgendered woman was denied access to the bathroom” and it was a guy in women’s clothing. I know I know if you say you’re transgendered then you are, even if you don’t have any surgery, but seriously leave the rest of us alone.

    This show looks stupid and kind of funny maybe- it’s straight guys dressing in drag. My brothers do it for Halloween all the time. Please don’t try to take that away from folks now and tell us that it’s the equivalent of “blackface.”

  13. Chris says

    Does anyone remember Bosom Buddies….way back in the day…had Tom Hanks…..That would have been the good version of what they are trying to do here. This doesn’t look very funny, but the premise I don’t think sets anyone up for discrimination. Unless the comedy point is to make fun of Trans people, but the point from what I gather is the humor of having to dress up as something you are not and make it work when you are just trying to get by.

    I don’t support the pulling of this show, I do however think it might not make it because it doesn’t look good.

  14. Gregv says

    GLAAD and HRC risk becoming irrelevant if they protest every little thing before there’s even any CLEAR indication of insult.
    It is hypocritical to criticize this show after years of ignoring all the drag shows going on in clubs and at events across America. Where is the outrage at the thousands of other drag queens out there who “mock transgendered people” by portraying men in dresses as something silly?

    Considering the complete absence of transgendered characters on broadcast TV, a show like this could, maybe, possibly be better than nothing for trans youth.
    Gay kids in the ’80’s had no regular gay characters to relate to. The closest thing was Jack Tripper, who pretended to be gay. He played it silly and insultingly stereotyped. But at that time, the simple fact that Jack didn’t care to correct the assumption he was gay, as well as the fact that Mr. Furley set the example of being a friend to someone he believed was gay, was a very positive step forward (compared to gays being portrayed as evil murderers or victims in films like Cruising).

    Even if anyone is naive enough to confuse these guys with trans people, this might likewise be a step forward from the horrific portrayals trans people have had in movies like Silence of the Lambs.

    I think GLAAD’s time would be better spent asking that a realistic and endearing trans character be added to contrast with the silliness of the two non-trans guys in drag.
    Otherwise they could at least be consistent and promte the end of all drag shows.

  15. Lexxvs says

    I guess trans people should have the copyright of anything remotely hinting at cross dressing. In that way there is no danger of showing anything but men and women (or their sacrosanct legally trans equivalents), never daring to play with the other gender cultural mannerisms. And boys will be boys and girl will be girls. Well, I see backfiring there.

  16. TJ says

    I admit to being conflicted about this. I appreciate that offense is in the eye of the person offended and not in the eyes of those who don’t see it. And I’ve seen too many comments from cretins who say, “Man. Woman. No other complications or variations, including gender roles, behavior, and sexuality need be discussed. End of story” to believe that ignorance and bigotry does not exist regarding transgendered individuals. But I have to wonder, will some of those people EVER get it anyway? I agree that many people don’t get that there is a difference between dressing in drag versus transvestism versus being transgendered. But I would argue that many people do, and wouldn’t confuse finding humor in this specific situation with the issues facing trans people. Any trans folk out there care to take a crack at convincing someone who’d like to understand?

  17. TJ says

    Watching the preview, it seems like the show may try to be nuanced and funny in a different way. It seems to laugh at the two main characters not only because they are dressing as women and that that by itself is ridiculous, but rather because they are making an effort to be women and they’re not good at it. It is a little better than I expected after having read the post’s title.

    But I still agree with GLAAD. It’s just not the right time. The world is still full of ostracism for men who don’t seem masculine enough to their bullies, so to me comedy is not funny if it makes a mockery of men whose behavior is not masculine. Maybe if this show had an actual transgender actor…but can you imagine how awkward that would be? It would be hard to see that the show’s comedy would not come from a-man-dressing-as-a-woman.

    With regard to GLAAD’s silence on other stereotypes, I do wish Modern Family and Logo didn’t have as many stereotypes, but the issue is really minor by comparison. The difference is that we viewers support those gay characters. We identify with them as protagonists, and their sexuality is never questioned. The more extreme the stereotypes, the more we’re aware that they’re stereotypes, and so we laugh at the fact that the stereotype is so crazy.

    That’s nothing like this show. Even if it’s a step up from simply laughing at men who dress like women, it’s hardly affirming a transgender character while laughing at ourselves by expressing our own outrageous stereotypes through his character (I think that Modern Family does this in its better moments). Imagine what we would think if a new show came out whose comedic device was the awkwardness of two men who have to pretend they’re gay for a job. What would I think of that? It probably wouldn’t be funny to me to see a straight man squirm when another man almost kisses him. And if he didn’t squirm? Then it wouldn’t be funny!

    I’m not trans, I’m gay – but I am fine if GLAAD uses my name to help make the world better for transgender people.

  18. Sargon Bighorn says

    MIC CHECK: Trans-people, lighten up. This is not intended as reality. This is entertainment. Please know the difference. It’s bad entertainment, tasteless, and juvenile, but entertainment non the less.

  19. says

    I agree with the 98% of commenters above that GLAAD is picking the wrong battle protesting this show. From Some Like It Hot to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, men (gay or otherwise) have been dressing as women for comedic effect for thousands of years. This show is clearly about not about transgendered men and I think GLAADs oversensitivity helps no one and does nothing to advance the incredibly important issue of transgender rights.

  20. Antony says

    I am all for critcizing things that demean folks and pressuring organizations to give additional thought to broadcasting/presenting them. But this does not do that. This over sensitivity by GLAAD, and in my own personal experience in general, transgenered folks who haven’t yet become comfortable in their own skin yet, does nothing but make the LGBT community look like thought police who want to censor EVERYONE else over the smallest thing… I am glad to see so many other sensible opinions expressed here. Lighten up GLAAD and the Trans folk who are offended. No one is making fun of you.

  21. mike128 says

    This show may actually be more so a commentary on gender itself than on trans people. I think we have to wait and see. There are certainly a LOT of shows on British television that play with men dressing as women, etc. and I think British society is perhaps one of the most progressive on this issue. Is the show mocking trans people or exploring stereotypes/humor about men and women – as does most drag performance?

  22. say what says

    isn’t it just bosom buddies but modernized?

    tom Hanks sitcom from way back when bosom buddies had 2 straight guys dress as females to secure an apartment

  23. Gay american says

    I liked the Concept/previews….looked good to me…as someone who saw Bossom Buddies – same idea – diff. concept…instead of a cheap place to live, they need Jobs……looks innocent enough to me

  24. Charlie says

    In June during the last gay pride cycle, there were a couple of articles about transgender people demanding that men in drag be banned from gay pride celebrations. I thought about getting all crazy about this (“getting my panties into a twist”) but then it occurred to me that there are many, many transgender people and the fact that two of them took it upon themselves to issue and ultimatum does not represent the the entire trans community any more than what GOProud has to say represents the views of the gay community.

    It would be very amusing to have an episode of this where a coworker comes up and starts a conversation about how hard it is to be trans and that they are glad they work in an accepting workplace that bars transgender discrimination. This could either be someone gay, a transgender ally, or a transgender actress/actor. And they could offer some make-up tips.

    It will be interesting to see if they try and mine humor about the women’s restroom. The opponent’s of transgender anti-discrimination protections try and paint transgendered people as men who want to be able to get into the women’s restroom so they can rape the women there.

  25. says

    i’m just wondering why so many non-trans people are coming on to tell trans people how they should or should not feel about something that will indeed cast a light on them.

    seriously. there are a lot of gay men commenting, from a typical place of Online Anonymity, telling transpeople how they should feel about this.

    this is puzzling to me.

    so, my fellow gays, isnt’ it time we actually stopped talking and started to LISTEN to what actual transpeople have to say about this, rather than telling them from our non-trans perspective how we think they should feel?

    just a thought.

  26. says

    RICK, can you provide the URL to your own page or youtube video where you show us all what a strong masculine empowered gay male role model you are?

    you keep complaining about Glee and Modern Family. that’s useless.

    how about you instead show us all how you represent the community as a strong masculine gay man?

    it’s easy. i can do it. click my name you’ll see my stuff.

    so, please provide the URL to your own video. thanks.

  27. Mary says

    Kiwi, I’m impressed with you . You usually lambast anyone you disagree with, but here you’re actually showing respect for others. At least you can appreciate differences and assume the good will of others WITHIN the LGBT community, if not outside of it.

    As George W. Bush would say “I guess I misunderestimated you!” And pleae keep in mind that I admitted I was wrong about GOProud.

    Charlie, I can only speak for myself here, but it won’t surprise anyone to know that I oppose these bills allowing transgenered men to use the ladies room. I am actually not worried about transgendered people at all. What I’m afraid of are straight men POSING as transgendered man in order to gain access to women and children in a vulnerable position. Of course such men can enter ladies room’s NOW, but then they’d be bounced out right away because anyone would be able to see that they aren’t really women. Such men would be able to lurk freely if we change the laws.

    At the very least, let this bathroom issue wait until later when other transgendered rights have been one. Again, timing is everything when dealing with social change. It was not long ago politically that any conservative who brought up the bathroom issue was accused of hysteria and trying to scare people needlessly because everyone just KNEW that no judge would rule that any man, regardless of his situation, had a right to use a women’s rest room,

  28. Chitown Kev says

    I will pile on with those who are sayign that this has already been done on network TVwith Bosom Buddies.

    Far be it from me to tell trans people what they should think and how…even today, I do think that, for example, Jack Tripper (who masqueraded as a gay man in Three’s Company in an inoffensive way)…but then again there’s Jody Tate on Soap (which I would find offensive today, as his character 1) wasn’t supposed to be a masquerade and 2) he had a demon-possessed exorcised by Jessica Tate…as I think about it now, there was a whiff of homophobia to all of that).

    So…there’s many different ways this series could work out.

  29. TJ says

    LITTLE KIWI: TJ (the first to post on this thread, not the second, although the pretender to my thrown does have some interesting things to say) here. I am waiting for a response from a trans person to explain. As I stated, I am conflicted. Do you have a link to a source that would help me understand? Other posters here have brought up some interesting points, particularly about drag and its being practiced, arguably as an art form, for ages. I could take or leave it (mostly leave it, but to each his own). Do we now ban all drag? The movie “Tootsie” has been mentioned. I thought it brought up some interesting ideas about gender (“being a better man as a woman”) along with many laughs at Dustin Hoffman’s character but never at transgendered individuals. Should I now feel ashamed?

    I actually get most PC stuff, and agree with it, but this isn’t making fun of people who dress as the opposite gender because they feel it is what truly represents who they are inside. As I suggested earlier, I doubt that the people who don’t get that there is a difference between cross-dressing and transgender will ever get this. But this isn’t calling someone a “tr*nny.” I truly would like the offense explained better than it has been so far. Sometimes, I think some of the PC sensitivity goes too far. Any day now, I expect that redheads will form an anti-defamation league and rail against being called a “Ginger.”

  30. Paul R says

    I loved Bosom Buddies when I was a kid. I’m not trans now, but GLAAD is dreaming if they think they’ll get ABC to cancel a scheduled show before it airs. What they’re really doing is giving it free publicity.

    I expected the clip to be awful, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t superb, but most TV isn’t.

    In any case, this site seems to attract very few actual trans people, but it would be nice to hear more of their perspectives. My view is similar to that of most posters, and if these clearly cross-dressing men are accepted by their coworkers, that could be seen as a plus. But again, it’s obviously not intended to be a reflection of any real-life experience.

  31. says

    it’s not what you do that matters, it’s how you are about it.

    Tootsie is indeed an intelligently-written satire and its genius is that it puts a man in the direct line of fire from the misogyny of other males while he’s embodying Dorothy.

    Priscilla? That’s about drag queens, not the same thing. Drag is an intentional and self-aware act. Some Like It Hot? A relic from the past, a farce. Bosom Buddies? 80s. ’nuff said.

    Victor/Victoria? again – there’s a lovely story of love between a gay man his bond with a straight woman throughout the picture – it’s a farce.

    i’m not here to debate what’s right and what’s wrong – i’m saying we gay men shouldn’t be telling trans people how to feel about this. we should be listening to them about how they feel about this.

    so, i’d love to hear from transpeople.

  32. says

    a great meta twist would be to have an actual trans character who sees through the charade and wakes them up to the realities of tension and prejudice that transpeople face.

    but that would be a bit too high-minded, eh?

  33. jason says

    Transgenders tend to be anti-gay. I don’t know why we’ve included them in the umbrella “GLBT”.

  34. Ruddigore says

    Why is this discussion of transphobia only about men dressing as women? What about women dressing as men? Shouldn’t GLAAD condemn Glenn Close for dressing as a man in Albert Nobbs (as well as in Hook)? We should certainly cease all performances of As You Like It since Rosalind disguises herself as a boy – Shakespeare was undoubtedly transphobic in his Elizabethan take on gender roles. Barbra Streisand should be pilloried for Yentl, and the same for Katherine Hepburn as Sylvia Scarlett.

  35. Brad Silverlight says

    Sometimes I wonder if the only way to satisfy some activists would be to outlaw humor of any sort. I was brought up to believe that laughter is good for you…while this doesn’t strike me a quality television, I hardly think it will damage the case for true transgender people. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it.

  36. Joey says

    To be completely FAIR here, and I haven’t seen the show so I will not take a stance either way, but these characters are not TRANS, so *exactly* why the outcry about how they presenting trans individuals? In so far as I can tell, EXACTLY like “Bosom Buddies”, this show is depicting two decidedly heterosexual men masquerading as women. Therefore, the comedy lies in the humor of how heterosexual men try to emulate the facade of femininity, etc. These are not trans characters being mocked as they transition and struggle to adapt. Shouldn’t this be seen, if we are speaking to offense, as sexist humor and not Transphobic?
    I just want to raise that idea as a point of consideration and discussion.

  37. TJ says

    JOEY: And, heterosexual men awkwardly dressed as women would expect to be laughed at. They are “in” on the joke that would be about them and not about trans individuals. I too see these as different things. But I’m still waiting for the horse’s mouth to speak, so to speak.

  38. Caliban says

    You know, if you close one eye and squint just a little this is really trans people telling the “cis-gendered,” who they carp about quite a bit, setting up rules about how they are ALLOWED to act and represent themselves. Traditionally cross-dressing comedies are about a person who “has” to dress as the other sex for some reason; they’re FORCED to do it to see their kids (Mrs Doubtfire), get a job (Tootsie, this show), find a place to live (Bosom Buddies), or to hide from people who want to kill them (Some Like It Hot). There are actually a LOT more films about this but these are just the best-known, most successful. (There’s several about teen girls dressed as boys, and usually another boy falls in love with “him,” causing gay panic, then the male character often decides they don’t care they love this “boy” anyway. Then the female character reveals her real gender and societal values are reaffirmed, but there for a while the possibility of gay love is there.)

    But all those excuses are just what Hitchcock called the MacGuffin, the think that sets the plot in motion but nobody really cares about that much- it’s really about how the characters interact afterward. And usually there’s a lesson in there somewhere about what it’s like in the other person’s shoes. And who’s to say where this show could go with the theme? ABC isn’t a backward network so they may have gay OR trans characters planned (there was a trans character on ABC’s Ugly Betty). So why not wait until they DO something offensive before getting “offended?”

    And Little Kiwi, Some Like It Hot may be old but it’s also one of the earliest, boldest example of gay and/or trans acceptance in American film. It’s played for comedy, not drama, but by the end of the film Jack Lemmon is planning to marry Joe E Brown and he’s learned that he enjoys being a girl. It’s the first time I know of that homosexual desire (vague and unstated as it is) isn’t treated as revolting and it’s the HERO who’s feeling it. That shouldn’t be dismissed casually.

  39. mintylaramie says

    This looks hilarious.

    Hey self-righteous Homos. Learn the difference between transgender peeps and straight men doing bad drag before you try to “educate” people about lgbt stuff.

    I work with a trans gal and the last thing she wants is to be lumped in with every hairy drag act.

  40. GregV says

    @Mary: Transgendered men who identify fully as male generally have no interest in using the ladies’ room. They would be using the MEN’S room under progressive, trans-friendly policies.
    If you look at Paige Elliott Phoenix from Austalia’s X Factor, for example…
    ( )
    …I don’t care if he has a vagina (nor do I even know whether he does or not). It’s none of my business. He identifies as a man, he looks like a man, and if I saw him go into the men’s room and take a stall, I’m sure no one would bat an eye. In the women’s room, he might easily elicit concerns or offense because he clearly doesn’t look like he belongs there.
    There’s no evidence that in any jurisdiction with trans-inclusive policies there is any increase in non-trans people posing as the opposite sex to get their jollies listening to women pee.
    Nor is there any reason that such a person would break the rules to do that under trans-inclusive policies if he isn’t already breaking the rules to do that where there are regressive policies.

  41. says

    Here’s the way I see it.. What is different about “Work It” vs. other shows in the past is that the characters are dressing in women’s clothes to obtain a job that they supposedly would not obtain as men. In other words, using deception.

    What sent many people in the TS/TG community into a riff over this was a promotion that showed both characters in women’s office wear standing at urinals.

    This sends two toxic messages to the general public. First of all, transsexual/transgender persons use deception to gain employment. Second, it suggests that trans people do stand to pee.

    Keep in mind, one of the most vocal states in the Work It controversy is Maryland where a public accommodations inclusive GENDA is going before the legislature in this upcoming session.

    I know for me, if the context of this show was something other than the workplace, I would probably not be as offended.. but because we have some uphill battles including the Maryland GENDA bill as well as a nationwide ENDA, which we know will not happen during this show’s short run, but the thoughts will be engrained in the minds of Americans.

    For those who are saying that trans is not the same thing as drag and that the trans community should not care about this issue, remember.. us in the community know the difference between trans and drag.. but the average American from Podunk Hollow does not know the difference between a transsexual, a crossdresser or a drag queen. To many people, we are all just a bunch of homos, fags, freaks, trannys, whatever..

    As long as this misunderstanding continues, the discrimination will continue and the violence will continue. We have lost too many brothers and sisters already.

    I feel with less fuel in the fire, we will eventually make progress with equality for all.

  42. intristin says

    GLAAD has a long history of picking the wrong fights. I just pissed me off when groups like this claim they speak for all glbt people when clearly they don’t. And they most often come off as nothing more then a bunch of uptight crazy cry babies.

  43. says

    I think some people have too much time on their hands. Do they want to ban reruns or DVD sets of Bosom Buddies too? If the show is bad it won’t last.

  44. John says

    Much ado about nothing. HRC and GLAAD… this is a show about men cross-dressing, much like many other shows over the years. It is not about transexuals, from what I’ve heard. Pick your battles more carefully. Whether it is/will be a funny show remains to be seen… I suspect not. But, remember the end of ‘Some Like It Hot’ when the old tycoon found out that his love interest was really a man… “well, nobody’s perfect”. That was damned funny!

  45. TJ says

    MICHI – The audience knows the truth – that these are straight men wearing women’s clothing. I don’t know that this will reinforce stereotypes; in fact, this show has the opportunity to skewer them (although I have no expectations that a sitcom on commercial TV will live up to such possibilities) by how it handles reactions from friends and co-workers. It seems too early to tell. But if it makes things worse in any way for a trans person in the workplace, then I would be all for sh*t-canning the show.

  46. Kris says

    Yesterday, I canceled my monthly contribution to HRC citing that I was tired of being nurse-maided and having them make the arbitarty decision of what is funny and not funny, what is offensive ad not offensive. Notice how they never touched RuPaul’s drag race which is NOTHING BUT STEREO TYPES of the most unimaginative drag performers out there lip synching and being bitchy catty queens. They don’t even call each other by their male names when they aren’t in drag. As a member of the drag community, that offends me, but because it is on a gay network, GLAAD and HRC leave it alone, probably to do more black-tie fundraising events. But a main stream show that could indeed show, through humor, straight men realizing how hard members of the gay and transgender community’s lives really are is being called to shut down because gay people might shatter like glass at the mere thought of being poked fun at on television? Grow a set of balls!!!! I’m offended by HRC and GLAAD being the moral arbiter for our community.
    Yes, there will always be idiots out there who demean us. yes, life is challenging. Yes, it is hard to be a member of the gay community and I believe event harder to be a member of the Transgender community, but please stop telling the rest of the straight world what all gay people think and feel. We don’t! Some of us actually have developed a thick skin which we use to fight for our brothers and sisters and don’t want to be painted as these fragile, namby pamby delicate creatures made of glass that can’t take care of themselves. Stop it already, GLAAD and HRC! PLEASE!!!!
    I will be supporting that show. If it isnt’ funny, it will fail on its merits, but I am going to give it a chance.

  47. Jerry6 says

    Stupid Concept; Terrible acting; Tiresome potential; Otherwise, a great show. I’ll have to try to catch it sometime. Oh! And who is the sponsor?

  48. bobbyjoe says

    I don’t know if this show is offensive in a GLBT sense or not, but if the preview is any example, “Work It” is offensive to genuine comedy, so cancel the damn thing already. “Bosom Buddies” looks like Shakespeare next to this.

  49. Damien StCharles says

    Lgbt groups need to chill out. NPH plays a straight man on tv, why don’t the go after him too. Geez

  50. Stephen Frost says

    This has NOTHING to do with trans people. They are in DRAG. Totally different. Stop being over-sensitive. Being overly sensitive never helps a cause. It just makes people resent you for being prissy and it waters down real messages if you keep crying wolf.