1. Mark says

    You heard did you? How big are your ears? The reviews have been mixed I believe. Given that Madonna directed, the fact that mixed reviews were grudgingly given probably means it’s pretty good.

  2. Tagg2 says

    Actually…the film hasn’t received any glowing reviews from any respected film critic and has been blasted for being a thinly veiled take on Madonna’s life and how she see’s herself as the victim like Wallace Simpson thought she was. I give Madonna props for pushing herself artisticly though…

  3. Chris says

    she doesn’t need the money, but the movie does suck and her new album…the leaks don;t sound very promising…too bad Gaga isn’t doing the superbowl

  4. Archer says

    Yes, the British King gave up his throne for his love. However, this same man became a Nazi sympathizer. So, why bother honoring him with a movie that makes him into a romantic hero?

    As for Madonna, I applaud her creativity and hope that she’s able to one day create a film that is critically successful.

  5. Dan says

    Why does she always act so stuck up in interviews? She’s so unlikeable. And after reading about all the bad reviews this dumb movie got at the Venice Film Festival, this movie is sure to be a flop (like all of her other movies).

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