NBA Adds Gay Protections To Collective Bargaining Agreement

GaybasketballThe sports arena's gay evolution continues.

A mere three weeks after Major League Baseball added "sexual orientation" to its collective bargaining agreement, the National Baseball Association has done the same.

"I am pleased to announce that we have concluded the collective bargaining process and have reached an agreement that addresses many significant issues that were challenges to our league,” said Commissioner David Stern. 

“This collective bargaining agreement will help us move toward a better business model, a more competitive league and better alignment between compensation and performance.”

GLAAD of course celebrated the news. Said Acting President Mike Thompson: "This decision shows that homophobia has no place on the court or in the game and we hope that local, college and high school teams follow this important example."


  1. says


    “…the National Baseball Association has done the same.”


    “the National Basketball Association has done the same.”

  2. Brian in Texas says

    Where are the several commenters who earlier in the week said that the NBA was a “homophobic league”?

  3. BobN says

    All the sports leagues are still homophobic, but through collective bargaining (socialist millionaires!) we have achieved something only a small minority really care about.

    Thanks to the rapid changes in the atmosphere at the high school and college level, we will soon have out gay players in all major sports. It will come about by attrition, and these new rules will make it easier.

  4. says

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