NC Baptist Leader Hopes That Marriage Will Be Kept Away from Gay ‘Sinners’ in a ‘Civil’ Manner

Rev. Mark Harris, leader of North Carolina's Baptist Church, says he wants a "civil" debate on marriage, the Charlotte Observer reports:

Harris"Over the next several months, I am going to stress that this is an opportunity for the church to celebrate marriage and its biblical foundation – rather than talking about something we're against," he said.

"From a biblical position, all I can do is state my position: I believe that homosexuality is a sin … That said, I don't believe that that position is at the heart of this amendment. If homosexuals choose to maintain a relationship and live together, that's their business. I don't believe people should be discriminated against."

Same-sex marriages, he said, aren't good for children. "I just believe that marriage between a man and a woman is ideal," he said. "It is such a unique union, and it is absolutely essential to the future of humanity."

Harris was elected to lead the North Carolina chapter in November.