New Book Alleges Richard Nixon Had Longterm Gay Relationship

UK tabloid Daily Mail is reporting on a new biography of Richard Nixon by journalist Don Fulsom which suggests former President Richard Nixon had a drinking problem, beat his wife, and had deep ties to the Mafia and a long-term affair with Cuban-American businessman Bebe Rebozo:

NixonYet the most extraordinary claim is that the homophobic Nixon may have been gay himself. If true, it would provide a fascinating insight into the motivation and behaviour of a notoriously secretive politician.

Fulsom argues that Nixon may have had an affair with his best friend and confidant, a Mafia‑connected Florida wheeler-dealer named Charles 'Bebe' Rebozo who was even more crooked than Nixon.

The book, Nixon's Darkest Secrets, is out next month — by coincidence at the same time as the UK release of a new film directed by Clint Eastwood about another supposed closet gay among Washington's 20th-century hard men.

Did Nixon have a gay affair with a Mafia fixer? [daily mail]


  1. Paul R says

    Without proof, I really don’t want to think about this one. The other allegations (drinking—obvious, especially based on comments from the devil Kissinger—and beating—much the same) I can sort of stomach. He was a monster.

  2. alguien says

    there’s been speculation about this for decades-i remember my mother & sister joking about it when nixon was still in office. rebozo spent countless hours at the whitehouse, had his own office, telephone & sleeping quarters and accompanied nixon on mos of his vacations.

  3. anon says

    His life was so well documented that these claims would require very hard proof (as it were). It also smacks of the homophobic “Hitler was gay” meme that makes str8’s feel superior.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    The man is DEAD! Really what does it matter? Anyone, what does it matter if he was Gay, he’s dead.

    “If True, it would provide a fascinating insight into the motivation and behaviour of a notoriously secretive politician.” HOW? Only Gay men are crooks, is that what motivated the behavior? Here we go again, Crook was really Gay = Gays are crooks.

  5. Glenn says

    It would hardly be “extraordinary” for a publicly homophobic republican politician to turn out to be gay himself, now would it?

    Still… Ew.

  6. jaragon says

    No no no- don’t make Nixon play for our team-but you know now the final scene in “J Edgar” makes a lot of sense….

  7. Rob says

    Usually there is more to go on, but it’s an intriguing thought.

    Still, as CA Tripp proved, people report the facts they want to report. Every Lincoln biographer before Tripp selectively edited out the love letters he wrote to Edwin Didrickson and said that he and Joshua Speed had to share a bed because it was cold. Really? Including four summers in a row? So cold they had to jointly own property?

    Some of my best romps have been with closeted Republicans. Breakfast conversation the next day? Not so much….

  8. Some Gay Dude says

    I think it’s true. It doesn’t point to gays as being crooks, just natural leaders full of ambition. I hate to say it, but Macbeth, my dear queens, was gay.