1. Pete n SFO says

    I’m against this path… lots of people have 2nd & 3rd spouses today, and only in politics does anyone even notice.

    They should trash him for carrying on an affair while his wife was undergoing cancer treatment, for pushing the impeachment of Clinton at huge expense of time & money, or work being as corrupt as the system he claims to want to correct ie: $’s from Fannie Mae.

    This kind of parody belongs on SNL not prime time & not from the Dems.

  2. booka says

    The ‘Fat Snake with legs’ must shed his skin regularly, it keeps his scales smooth…”and Callista is attracted to such smoothness” he says with a forked tongue hisssssss…..

  3. voet says

    @ Pete n SFO

    I think the reason people have raised the issue of his marriages is because of his hypocrisy. If he had not gone after Clinton and pandered to the “family values” folks, I do not think people would care that much about his multiple marriages.