1. says

    When I viewed the vid of Elijah being encouraged to speak to Bachmann, I got an intensely creepy feeling. It was not about what the boy was being encouraged to say to her…I was creeped out by the vid itself; the fact that this child was being used by an adult, his mother. If the purpose of the message he was being encouraged to say was to let Bachmann know that he resented her opinions about gay people…just why was the camera necessary? The intention of letting her know his feelings would have been at least as (and probably more) effective on her without the public display of this child. If the intent was to embarrass Bachmann, it is backfiring…embarrassing the mother. It certainly does not help change others opinions about gay people.

  2. Scott C. says

    And O’Reilly is being naive if he doesn’t believe that an 8-year can see and feel him and his family being treated differently because of the homophobic views espoused by Bachmann.

  3. SamIAm says

    I think the stunt was ridiculous and the mother ought to be lambasted for it. That kid was clearly uncomfortable and didn’t want to do it. And while I’m sure he loves his mother, to push an 8 year old into doing something like that is absurd. And all she did was add fuel to the fire – this didn’t humiliate Bachman…it humiliated gays and lesbians for being petty.

  4. Alex Parrish says

    Anyone whose 8-year-old was going to talk to a presidential candidate would be likely to have a video camera at the ready — but because BOR doesn’t like the message, now it’s somehow creepy? Get over it. I don’t know whether the kid was coerced (I hope not) but BOR’s assertion that a kid of this age with 2 mommies should not know about it is patently absurd. Kids of that age and earlier need to know that there are different kinds of families — even among breeders. BOR believes that ‘ignorance is bliss.’ He is a mean-spirited and evil-minded person and shouldn’t have the public exposure that he does.

  5. Troy says

    My 8 year old son would have done it without me asking if we had told him why we were going to see a candidate we don’t support (to tell Bachman the same thing ourselves). He is very protective of us and his family.

    And I think as a parent, having a son who wants to take part in the political life of his country and take a break from the Wii, is very camera worthy.

  6. Sean in Dallas says

    I disagree with anyone who says an 8-year-old can’t understand and shouldn’t know about homosexuality is willfully ignorant, or worse, intellectually dishonest.

    Eight-year-olds are already talking about sexuality and body parts. They are much more sophisticated and precocious than most adults give them credit for.

  7. Robert in NYC says

    I suppose in O’Reilly’s distorted logic, an 8 year shouldn’t know about heterosexuality either. What an idiot even though he’s a lucky wealthy one. What can we expect from a catholic bigot who bought his way out of a sexual harassment lawsuit while married to his second wife and espousing the sanctity of marriage in regard to his opposition to same-sex marriage.

  8. says

    This woman’s parenting is very obviously suspect. First of all, she had the kid at an Occupy encampment, which is strike one. Secondly, the kid was obviously prompted to say something in front of the cameras. Even if it wasnt an explicit, “hey go up and say something to the mean lady”, he had been told enough about her to feel like he should to please his militant mother. Sorry, kids should not be exploited like that. Stand up and say something yourself as an adult if you feel that passionately about it.

  9. Gigi says

    As difficult as it is for me to admit, I disagree with Mr. O’Reilly. My nephew was defending my honor on the playground when he was 5 (told other kids not to call someone “gay” because it wasn’t nice – “I have an uncle who’s gay and he’s great!”), so I’m certain that Elijah, age 8, could have a very good understanding of what’s going on in the world around him.

  10. Caliban says

    First of all, the kid may have wanted to do it then got shy at the last minute. If you had a kid who really wanted to be in the school play but got stagefright at the last minute, wouldn’t you push them to go through with it?

    Secondly, kids are used by the Right ALL THE TIME, whether in anti-gay commercials or by the candidates themselves when they drag their kids onstage to prove their “family” credentials. Kids are dragged to anti-abortion events to be used as props. So who exactly is O’Reilly fooling? He’d be peeing his pants with excitement if a kid said something against Obama.

  11. says

    As the father of a 4YO in a same-sex marriage I would have never put my son up the way the mother did of her 8YO. If my son walked up to Bachmann without being prodded and prompted that would have been acceptable. The kid was obviously uncomfortable and having his mother insisting in the wings that he repeat his pre-rehearsed statement was deplorable.

    Sorry guys, this little act made us all look just as the far right loves to portray us: underhanded, vile and promoting a specific gay agenda. That’s not a good thing…

  12. QJ201 says

    I don’t see Bill O’Reilly going off on the Phelps klan for using their kids to spread their hateful message. Also, conservatives have no problem using pictures of unborn children to fight against legal access to abortion.

  13. coolbear says

    This is wrong on so many levels.
    O’Reilly has problems with people focusing on bullying as a social issue because he’s a bully, and that’s all he’s ever been. Even people on the right see him that way.
    It’s wrong for kids to tell Bachmann they love their mom, but perfectly OK to demonize the children of gay families.
    What I don’t understand is why on earth this mom would appear on his show. Does she think he has an audience of reasonable people who can be convinced? Does she expect anything other than bullying from this professional assassin of ideas?

  14. tommy says

    well…some say why didn’t the woman just speak to Bachmann herself…the truth is Bachmann would have ignored or blown off the woman, but the kid is great because he totally knocked her off guard…it was brilliant. the right is constantly hiding behind the children to defend their bigotry…kids are not stupid and aren’t born bigots…remember that!!

  15. FreddyMertz says

    Spare me!..this coming from a man who said this about Shawn Hornbeck: “there was an element here that this kid liked about his circumstances”. Bill-O lost any credibility regarding children long ago.

  16. Jay says

    Wow – these people think nothing of saying: “But the children…”.

    Cowards hiding behind the terrible consequences children will face if L G B or T ______ cause is allowed to continue.

    When confronted by a child that they actually claim to be helping…now it’s the mom who is a coward?

    “We are going to use children to keep you from your rights…and if you try to show data or exampls of grown children who can counter your argument, you will just fight back with…’But the children…’.” When your argument is weak, mention children and it makes your argument stronger than titanium.

    However, when we actually incorporate children into the debate who are MOST AFFECTED by your hateful rhetoric in order to expose your hypocrisy, then we get called out for manipulating children into discussions they know nothing about nor should they.

    This child has a gay mother. Guess what…at 8, he knows what that means. And, despite being nervous at having to get so close to an evil person he has seen on TV repeatedly saying nasty things about his mom and him…he has the courage to call her on it…and the mom is a bad person?

    Nice try at spin!

  17. Married in MA says

    I don’t think we should ‘use’ children like this because it simply makes us look bad. Although the right does it all the time & it seems that that’s perfectly okay. Whatever!

    Your typical 8 y/o today is pretty well informed. They all know about sexuality and a lot of other things! With the media of today, it’s hard to escape. Sorry Bill, but this is not the 1950’s even though you wish it were!

  18. TJ says

    No, an eight year-old would not use a word like “fixing,” he’d use terms like “reparative” or “conversion” therapy. He’d talk about how one can change behavior but not orientation. A simple word and concept like fixing is so not what an eight year-old would use. Once again, O’Reilly’s logic is flawless.

  19. Rob says

    For once in my life I agree with Bill. The video is truly awful and shows a scared little boy who clearly was coerced into doing something he was uncomfortable with.

    That video is one of greatest assets the likes of NOM and Family Research Council have received all year. They’ll be using it over and over in their attempt to underscore what they see as a gay “agenda” to indocrinate children.

    Shame on this mother.

  20. says

    those of you agreeing with him have taken the bait. which is sad.

    stop, and reconsider all of this for a moment. ALL CHILDREN are already involved in queer politics, whether YOU know it or not. They are. All gay children are, and all non-gay children are – they’re utterly involved and AFFECTED by how grown adults in this country react to and talk about LGBT people.

    i know so many young kids who are fully aware of an LGBT parent. sibling. aunt/uncle. friend. relative. the kids are fine .the kids get it. the kids accept it. the only trouble comes from third-parties who harbour bigotry.

    i knew i was gay at age 8. i also hated it in myself. why? simple – trickle-down gay politics.

    conservatives are angry because this points out what they don’t want to acknowledge – that children are negatively affected by anti-gay bigotry, not LGBT Equality. they want to continue to make it seem as if “Gay” is just something that involved grown adult white males in tight tee shirts in big cities. not mothers. not fathers. not children. not families.

    those of you who think this “made us look bad” are utterly brainwashed by the Culture of Fear that is America. THIS is why your country is taking forever to embrace LGBT Equality – you’re so scared of what bigots will think that it’s stopped you from growing a spine and fighting bigotry head on.

    CHILDREN are affected by lgbt bigotry and discrimination. and you’re all more angry at this lesbian mother than the country and culture of prejudice that is killing our young brothers and sisters.

    wise up, folks. this mother is not the enemy.

  21. TJ says

    Children ARE affected negatively by how their parents are treated. It’s the fallout from Minority Stress (a term used in legitmate, peer-reviewed research literature). Children are aware of prejudice against their parents. They don’t like seeing their parents treated badly. To think that they are unaware is ridiculous. By the logic of these people, a child of color would have no business being at a civil rights demonstration. A child would have no place at an anti-war demonstration, nor should videos of children being surprised by returning armed services parents ever be shown, because what would a child know about war, or the hardships caused by it?

    The problem here is any sort of expectation that an a**hat like either Bachmann or O’Reilly would get that. The mother could have said what the child said, and these people would still say that being gay and a parent are mutually exclusive concepts. To think that by “playing nice” with these one will make headway is overly-optimistic, if not down-right delusional. Despite all of the “save the children” rhetoric, what they do, through their ignorance and bigotry, hurts children.

  22. Jim says

    I remember back in the early 90’s Operation Rescue would place kids in front of cars entering Dr. Tiller’s Clinic in Wichita, KS. I guess that is different then since it was a conservative cause. Can we say hypocrit?

  23. says

    I don’t understand how Bill, a Catholic, can be angry about this.

    The Catholic Church indoctrinates children, at age EIGHT, with their bogus First Communion rituals.

    Eight year old children are told of the world of SINS they’ve committed and need to “confess” in order to receive the sacrament and save their immortal souls.

    At age eight. EIGHT. 8. the same age as the boy in this video.

    why is THAT allowed, Bill?

  24. Tarc says

    It’s bizarre that O’Reilly objects to any of this: conservatives (the more conservative the worse) actively brainwash their children with religious schools and weekly brainwashing sessions (usually on Sunday). They’re little different than Hamas ‘training’ their 2 year olds. It’s massively hypocritical for the man to be saying anything on the topic.

  25. Paul B. says

    @KIWI…whoever you are…thank you!!!
    You said a mouthful, said it clearly and said it correctly. Ditto, ditto ditto.
    Lisa G on the other hand, back on our board to stir the pot. She/He is consistently on on the wrong side of the issue…no surprise. I’ve raised two kids…both knew gay, knew bigotry, knew discrimination and knew parental love. Both would have been proud to do what this little guy did…without any coaxing from me. What this kid did was put a mirror up to bachmann’s face and she didn’t like what she
    saw. BOR saw the same thing and reacted just the same way…no surprise there. Two pigs in the trough!

  26. GregV says

    Like Little Kiwi, I knew I was gay when I was 8 (well before that, actually), and I’m sure I understood homosexuality at that age better than O’Reilly understands it even now.
    I was also keenly aware of MANY social issues going on in the world. I read the newspapers as a kid, and I paid attention to every word any politician or televangelist said about homosexuality. It made me very upset at that age that they had such a lack of empathy.
    I dreamed of a day when I would have exactly the same rights that everyone else had.
    Granted, I was precocious (like a disproportionate number of gay kids are, I think).
    My brother’s kid asked him in kindergarten what gay means, and he said it’s a man who falls in love with a man or a woman who falls in love with a woman. The reason she had asked is that she had already heard prejudice expressed against gay people, and she had wondered what that was about. It did not take more than a few seconds for her to understand the concept, nor should it be for any kid who’s old enough to have developed any degree of intelligence.

    But for O’Reilly to proclaim that no 8-year-old exists who knows what homosexuality is is just flat-out WRONG.

  27. jack says

    This gay lifelong liberal democrat says that Bill O’Reilly is absolutely correct in blasting the lesbian mom for using her 8 year old son in this political stunt. Just because she is gay and was trying to make Bachmann look bad doesn’t make it O.K.This foolish mommy made Bachmann look like the sympathetic figure in this scene.

  28. GregV says

    @Jack: It LOOKS like the mom is prodding him into this, which does, indeed look like it’s unhelpful to us. But some commenters said yesterday that the mother had said afterward that the kid had asked her to let him go have his say and that she was just encouraging him to do what he said he wanted to do.
    O’Reilly is making assumptions here (as he tends to do) without really doing any homework to find out.
    I could agree with O’Reilly that a mother shouldn’t prod a kid into making political statements he doesn’t understand (IF that’s what happened, but, unlike him, I don’t make assumptions when I don’t know).
    My issue with O’Reilly is that his reasoning for making this assumption in the first place (that an 8-year-old is always incapable of understanding what a same-sex couple is) is very, VERY clearly dead wrong.
    Like many others, I know that he is wrong, without ANY doubt, from my own childhood experience which contradicts his claims.

  29. Nole says

    Anyone who thinks this is the way to make a political point is sick. To prostitute your 8 year old son so you can video it and hopefully score some points with the wack jobs that agree with you is very sad. I have noticed that this piece of trailer trash did not bother to give her own name nor has she come forward to take the heat and explain her actions. I hope one day that her son refuses to have anything to do with her and she dies bitter and alone.

  30. says

    Nole, you’re a worm.

    Know this – this son will grow up with a better and more loving relationship with his parents than you do with your own.

    You want her to die bitter and alone? Too bad, she won’t. You, however, very well may.

    What yuo are doing, Nole and others, is drinking poison and waiting for other people to die from it.

    newsflash – they aint.

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