Proposal at Marriage Equality Play: PHOTO


Peter James Zielinski captured this photo at the Minetta Lane Theatre this week at the end of a performance of Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays, which closes on December 18.

Playbill writes: "Jenny Greenstein received a special encore surprise when she attended the Dec. 9 performance of Standing on Ceremony. Following curtain call, her partner Dina Weisberger got down on one knee and proposed in front of the cast and packed crowd at the Minetta Lane Theatre. Greenstein said yes."


  1. Adrian says

    Sweet, but I’m leery of public marriage proposals. It’s a form of entrapment. Happened to my cousin before.

    Here’s hoping it’s happily ever after!

  2. rafi says

    I love the guy on the far right, just behind Greenstein. He’s just so overjoyed.

    ADRIAN, Public proposals make me really nervous too, though in this case she looks pretty damn happy. I would hope someone would only publicly propose if they were certain their partner would say yes, though I know it doesn’t always work out that way.

  3. G.I. Joe says

    What I love most about the picture is the reactions of the people behind. You can just hear the gasp and the OMG!!

  4. Bryan says

    @G.I.Joe: Yep! I was having trouble figuring out why this pic made me smile more than other public proposals I’ve seen, i guess that’s it.