1. Tom in long beach says

    So while perhaps Mitt was tricked by what must have been a safe looking old man, We all have to know there is no way that any self respecting gay person can vote for a president that supports DOMA or repeal of hard won rights to marry on the state level.

  2. Gus says

    All these politicians love to speak about our issues in the abstract. They are not used to real people asking them questions, as we see the Iowa Caucus becoming less and less a face to face ground contest but televised debates. Keep up the good work by being politely in their face and make them see a human being.

  3. candidates say the darndest things says

    What I can’t figure out is, How did he win an election in Massachusetts in the first place? Of all the states, that one in particular.

    I guess the average dope voter thinks millionaires and billionaires know best. Why would any working person think the money people have their interests at heart?

    I suppose in Mitt’s and Scott Brown’s cases it could be the face that counts.

  4. Robert in NYC says

    If he’s such a great business man, how many jobs did he create while Governor in Massachusetts I’d like to know? Romney, like the others in the parade of clowns eyeing the White House are totally out of touch with the real world and the every day lives of the 99%. He’s not too bright, but then neither are the rest.

  5. Bart says

    He’s going to be eaten by Newt Gingrich and will fade away to his 20 million dollar home in California.

    And Newt will go on to lose to Obama because Gingrich is an obvious, dispicable, repellant human that even half the Republicans don’t want.

    Six months ago, I couldn’t see a possible way for Obama to win re-election…but with Mitt and Newt as the two top dogs (the Afghan Hound and the slobbering pug) on the opposing side, Obama must be living under the same shining star as Tim Tebow.

  6. Don says

    @Bart: While you and I agree in political opinion and prediction, I must take issue with your disparaging remarks about pugs and afghans, two noble, loyal, and selfless breeds of dog who don’t deserve to be in the same sentence with those republican bottom dwellers.

  7. Paul says

    Actually, the news accounts I heard said that Romney approached the couple (not vice-versa), who was just sitting at the booth. So he wasn’t “confronted”… he just stepped in it.

  8. Jexer says

    Yeah so? The founding fathers didn’t intend for women to vote either, or consider them legally ‘equal’ to men. That changed. This can change too.

    “Civil Marriage” is an exclusive, enduring and committed relationship created between two consenting adults.

  9. Caliban says

    From Ben Smith’s article about this at Politico: “Romney aides, meanwhile, reminded reporters that the former governor is running in a Republican primary.”

    OK, now WTF is that supposed to mean? That if he wasn’t running in a Republican primary he would have said something different, that Romney’s answers are situational?

    I think this is hilarious. I’ve looked at several press accounts of this event and they make it clear that Romney approached “the Bobs,” as they’re known to the diner staff, since they’re regulars and both named Bob. They didn’t go to him. And why wouldn’t Romney have assumed he was in safe territory? Older white men, especially older veterans, LOVE Republicans, right? Welllll, maybe not when those two old guys are a married couple. LOLOLOLOL! This made my day. Seriously.

  10. JFE says

    Besides all the anti-Romney stuff, which is well deserved, let’s give it up for the Bobs, who become faces of our rights movement, simply by sitting down together, proudly married, and ordering a couple of eggs.

  11. Mary Waterton says

    Mitt Romney should have said, “Mr. Garon, you are a disgusting homosexual pervert and a disgrace to the military. I not only support DOMA, I also support a complete ban of homosexuals in the military.”

    It’s no mistake that Senate Bill 1867 which repealed the ban on HOMOSEXUALITY also repealed the ban on BEASTIALITY (see p174, repeal of USMJ Article 125). They are both on the same moral level. Now the homosexuals in the military can screw animals too without being dishonorably discharged. This evil country is doomed.

  12. Caliban says

    Mary Waterton, it’s liars and prevaricators like YOU who are condemned to Hell, in the extremely unlikely event there is such a thing. You lie knowingly, frequently, and with malice, against the teachings of the holy book you CLAIM to believe in. YOU are far more revolting than anyone here.

    FACT: The clause in the Code of Military Justice than bans homosexuality is THE SAME ONE that deals with bestiality. You CANNOT remove one without removing the other. It’s like removing half a Bible verse, though people like Mary should be quite familiar with that. They ignore the Biblical rules that are inconvenient to themselves while focusing ONLY on those that apply to other people all the time. The hypocrisy of it is galling, and from what I remember of my own religious training Mary’s “savior” was quite harsh in his condemnation of hypocrites and liars while mentioning homosexuality not at all.

    Don’t worry about us, Mary. Worry about yourself.

  13. Brian says

    I enjoyed this clip but I don’t see how people see this as Romney faltering or being bested in any way. He clearly, definitively stated his view and was not demeaning in any way.

    To say that he is a bad person or can’t be trusted because he disagrees with your stance on this, a moral issue, is the embodiment of hypocrisy.

  14. eamon says

    Make it a regular practice, boys. Call the various campaign offices of these clowns and engage their staff people. Right now, Romney, Perry, and Santorum’s websites have various campaign office telephone numbers. Give them calls and ask questions like this guy does. Make them have to speak to gay American citizens and tell us directly that we are second class or whatever. Put the pressure on.

  15. Caliban says

    Brian, what Mr Garon said about Romney being untrustworthy wasn’t about his response, but that he wouldn’t look him in the eye while he said it. And Bob Garon is FAR from the first person to say that Romney is strangely blank, that there is nothing there but ambition, which is why he will say anything to anyone, why his “beliefs” are as changeable as the latest polling.

    And while he did answer Mr Garon’s question, for a politician to say “I don’t believe” in something isn’t really an answer. We rightly expect more than that, politically sound reasons for that belief. And when he expands on it his reasoning is empty. There IS nothing in the Constitution about marriage. Not one word. They didn’t even have Marriage Licenses then. If he’s talking about what people THOUGHT at the time the Constitution was written, what has that got to do with anything?! Nothing. They thought that if you were sick being bled by leeches would make you better. They also thought slavery was fine, neither blacks nor women should be able to vote, and that women were basically property whose ownership passed from father to husband. What I’m sure they DIDN’T believe is that corporations or businesses are “people” with the full rights of living, breathing people like Mitt Romney claims to believe. In fact, Romney seems to believe Corporations are worthy of full rights while Mr Garon isn’t, merely because he’s gay.

  16. jack says

    Romney is the least “crazy” of any of the republican candidates. That said: Any LGBT person and all those who favor equality who vote republican need to have their heads examined.

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