1. says

    I’m trying to respond to this post as if it were the late 80’s or early 90’s (since that’s where the post seems to come from), but I’ve evolved so much since then I can’t relate to that person I was anymore.

  2. Mike C. says

    Ron Paul has always called it how he saw it. I don’t agree with every one of these statements, but I certainly see where they’re coming from, and I think they are more insightful than just brushing them off as bigotry (which they are also) might indicate

  3. tommyboy10 says

    i am glad this is coming out because everyone thinks he is so progressive!! the truth eventually comes out.

    The previous comment about gay men taking chances while infection rates are so high is out of line. You cannot blame a society who values sex and now that HIV is under control, since you are not seeing the devastation of the disease, of course people are not going to be as safe as they were, especially a group that did not experience that devistation.

    we know how behaviors or influenced by pop culture…this is why abstinence only programs cannot work…when everyone is exhibting the pleasures of sex. and peer pressure forces you to do it.

    I am just glad this side is coming out…becuause if we elect an official who wants to roll back the clock on us…it is going to be horrible!!

  4. Gay American says

    and of course RP did not indicate that societal homophobia contributes to alot of the wrongs….IF Gays/lesbians were treated equally to begin with – this all would be a NON-ISSUE!

  5. Vishar66 says

    These newsletters are 20 years old so I guess that we are saying people not change the way they think about things.It’s remarkable that now with his 3rd pres run they come out why did’nt they come out the first 2 times.In fact I would’nt be surprised if it was’nt a GOP that pointed others to thses newsletters just to start this up and get in his way to get the nom.And/or it could be a Dem that is afraid that his views on somethings might pull some support from Persident Obama’s relection.

  6. says

    What about heterosexual people having unprotected sex? AIDS is not a gay disease, it is a pan-human disease. And what person would want to get horribly sick just to have sympathy? This is prejudice rearing its ugly head, Ron Paul.

  7. Dave says

    “If you heard a certain behavior of yours caused a deadly disease…”

    Ron Paul is supposed to be a Doctor and he says something this stupid… Immediately, Smoking and Cancer came to my mind… Then you think about it for a minute and dozens of others come to mind… This guy just comes off badly to me…

    Yes, everyone should practice safe sex, but then again, everyone should stop smoking, too!

  8. Jason says

    HIV infection and unprotected sex IS on the rise in the gay community whether it’s seen as a gay disease or not–or whether Ron Paul says it or not. That reality is what we need to deal with.

    It is sad since yet another generation of gay men will die prematurely and unnecessarily. It’s too bad we don’t have more leaders in our community willing to address this. Unfortunately we lost so many of the strong gay men who fought hard for our rights to this dreaded disease in the 80s and 90s. Perhaps if they were still around we’d have gay elders willing to stand up and speak out against this self-destructive crisis that currently exists in our community.

  9. OMNOMNOM says

    Doesn’t anybody on this site realize that Ron Paul never wrote or said these things? They were printed in a newsletter that had his name attached, and now people are trying to use them as a smear campaign. Shady and disgusting. Towleroad should know better than to post misinformation like this, and you people should know better than to accept it hook, line, and sinker.

  10. candide001 says

    Ron Paul who never had a snowball’s chance in hell of being elected now has even less of a chance. His “states rights” policies are bad for minorities. Period. His history of bigoted anti-gay remarks and actions are only sealing his doom.

    What are all these bigots going to do when the HIV vaccine becomes a reality?

  11. says

    His views, not surprisingly, are as antiquated as he is. The Ron Paul trolls keep trying to see Paul as a libertarian, but he’s clearly a social conservative (i.e. bigoted homophobe) under his faux-libertarian robe. He bashes gay people for not having the family life he has, yet he believes we should have no right to marry. He claims to want the federal government out of marriage, yet he’s had no problem having the government involved in his own marriage for over half a century. The weird thing is that some gay people actually buy into this doddering old fool’s nonsense. Fortunately, he and his views will soon be put out to pasture, and he’ll be a footnote. I’d love it if he wins a few primaries just keep the Republican primary circus of self-destruction spinning along . . .

  12. Francis says

    More insightful, Mike? What an insult. Insightful? No, it’s heterosexist homophobia at it’s worst.

    And, of course, we have Jason standing up yet again for any right-wing shrill who attacks the gay community.

    Ron Paul’s newspaper? It’s his responsibility what’s printed inside of it. And since there is nothing to suggest that this *isn’t* truly how he feels, I think more than anything the cat has simply been let out of the bag.

    I should be upset, but I couldn’t care less. He’s just like the rest of them, and ultimately, irrelevant.

  13. Don't take it personally says

    He’s shallow and small minded, but being a doctor he thinks he’s smart enough to publish his opinions for the unwashed masses.

    Can they revoke a medical degree? He should worry about that.

  14. sparks says

    *Looks at pregnancy rates, millions of abortions, and millions more unwanted children put up for adoption*

    Yeah.. unprotected sex is a gay thing. *rolls eyes*

    And if what he said about gay men not wanting to live past their 50s was true, there’d be a higher suicide rate among gay seniors and a lower one among gay teens.

  15. says

    ever notice how the cowards who defend Ron Paul’s words can’t put a face and name to their own comments?

    there’s a reason for it, folks. pity the ron paul supporters. they’re still desperate for daddy’s approval.

  16. says

    I hate to say it, but anybody who’s read “And the Band Played On” or any record of the early days of HIV know that gay leaders and gay men were criminally irresponsible in their early AIDS denial-ism. A toxic mix of hedonism, entitlement, identity politics, and plain old obstinacy killed a LOT of us.

  17. Chuck Mielke says

    While he accurately cites that AIDS is on the rise again, how can he possibly assume that he understands “the gay point of view”? The more I see of this, the more I must assume that he’s a bigot, pure and simple-minded.

  18. Hank says

    He’s being unfair and making very broad generalizations…but unfortunately key parts of what he says are true. Unsafe sex is on the rise, and if we haven’t learned a lesson from the past 30 years of AIDS, then we really have no excuse. Especially with other bugs, like staph infections and (the warnings of) the coming wave of un-treatable gonnorhea and other STD’s…if we just keep hooking up casually w/guys on grindr, online, and other ways (with those guys in turn hooking up with other guys, who are hooking up with still more guys) we have no one to blame but ourselves. We are too focused on sex, and we need to be more focused on relationships. (Not to say straights aren’t also but our infection rate is still far higher than theirs – although theirs is growing and too high also.) Ron Paul is a homophobe, but in parts of his hate speech he’s unfortunately right.

  19. says

    Thank you, Towleroad, for keeping it classy and leading some of the commenters and readers on here to believe that these were documented “current” views of “Ron Paul” as evidenced by Chuck Mielke’s response (i.e. his use of “again”), among others.

  20. Gregv says

    @Hank: it’s not on-line or Grindr hook-ups in and of themselves that are a problem. It’s what SOME of those people choose to do within that context that results in STD’s.
    I haven’t been on the dating scene ever since I met my guy years ago. But for those who are, it is certainly possible to “hook up” with 365 guys a year and still be at zero risk. To stay safe virus-wise, you just have to know what is risky and choose to say no to anything on the “risky” list.

    Too many people, when presented with a potential sexual partner’s risky expectations, don’t put their foot down to stay safe. That’s how straight women get pregnant and all kinds of people get HIV.

  21. Hank says

    I know it’s not Grindr or online per se that’s the problem, but having sex so readily available, 24/7, with so many different potential partners, who in turn have the same thing. The risk of infection increases exponentially. (Many don’t always play safe – yet even with safe sex you can still get a practically incurable staph infection, not to mention a host of other infections, from herpes down to the common cold. Also, there could be many other terrible, virulent new bugs out there, just waiting to be discovered and spread throughout an obliging population. And unfortunately, we’re one of the most accommodating.)

  22. HIVminus says

    Reread these comments carefully. I winced only at numbers two and six, and even then noticed that writer is referring only to sexual compulsives not to gays in general. Sorry, boyz, but I used condoms (to the extent that I indulged rectal at all) from 1984 onward and I never saw AIDS as being integral to gay identity.

  23. Rich says

    These remarks — likely written by Lew Rockwell — are short on compassion but essentially correct. This is truer still of the comments on blacks. As one of many gay race realists in the US, I’m disheartened that no candidate will acknowledge what is screamingly obvious to me and to anyone who’s experienced the joys of “diversity” firsthand.

  24. FunctioningBrain says

    Are you guys retards? Ron Paul didn’t write ANY of those. And the media knows this, and to avoid defamation charges, they just insinuate that he did, like Towleroad, an obvious shill for Barack ‘Let’s defend DOMA in court and coyly not admit that I’m against gay marriage’ Obama. Some GOP troll is obviously really trying to smear Dr. Paul. And, coincidentally, it’s hilarious to see people defend unsafe promiscuity. Yes, you may do it, but no, you don’t have any high ground for engaging in risky behavior. But for most gays they think they have some sort of warped right be above criticism. Not so.

  25. just_a_guy_for_transfolk says

    AB ain’t wrong. Love u, Anastasia, as always, girl. That said, I see trans culture as a work in progress–not unlike gay male culture, btw.

    Progress takes leaders who neither whitewash nor let the pains of injustice hold them back.

    But maybe better to see a soul securely real, and still strong and defiant enough to openly fight the wrongful hatred that she might face on a daily basis. Than to see only the whitewashed version alongside the statistics blandly showing the lived indignities that such a person accepts daily.

    Does white-washed invisibility risk communicating that such a lady SHOULD accept such cost to her very dignity?

    Or that a certain brand of gay man shouldn’t be himself, but should adapt to appear the way straights want to imagine him?

  26. winston says

    wasnt there just a post from the national health organization about the number of aids and hiv patiants decressing in recent years due to the increse of gay marriage, now im young and at times dumb but even i know that the NHO is kinda a reliable source and it was on towleroad like a few weeks ago, so i dont know where these people are getting their info about this, but ill believe the NHO before i believe commenters to this post, and yes i know im prbably saying national health organization wrong.

  27. says

    “Are you guys retards? Ron Paul didn’t write ANY of those. And the media knows this, and to avoid defamation charges, they just insinuate that he did, like Towleroad, an obvious shill for Barack ‘Let’s defend DOMA in court and coyly not admit that I’m against gay marriage’ Obama. Some GOP troll is obviously really trying to smear Dr. Paul.”

    Oh, honey, you calling others an obvious shill? If anyone looked up the term in the dictionary, Ron Paul’s many online shills would be standing there waving. Re: DOMA. The difference between Obama and Paul on DOMA is that Paul enthusiastically supports it, while Obama opposes it. And, contrary to your assertion, Obama has instructed the DOJ to stop defending DOMA which, quietly, it has, moving over to our side. Paul, on the other hand, believes we have zero right to fight DOMA’s constitutionality in Court. So much for free speech.

    And, defamation charges, please, what are you smoking? If Paul didn’t write those things, it only means that he’s incapable of controlling the homophobic, racist idiots who shill for him.

  28. Bobby says

    For anyone defending Ron Paul by saying these newsletters are 20 years old or that he never made these comments..yes, he did. And he confirmed them this week on Fox News.

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