Senate GOP Uses Gay Pride Support as Excuse to Block Confirmation of Ambassador to El Salvador

The Senate confirmation of Mari Carmen Aponte, Obama's pick for Ambassador to El Salvador, who has been serving since Obama made her a recess appointee in September 2010, is being blocked by Republicans who are partly using a June editorial she wrote supporting Gay Pride as reasons for objecting.

AponteThe AP reports:

Conservative anger toward Aponte is based, in part, on an op-ed she wrote June 28 in La Prensa Grafica, a daily newspaper in El Salvador, The essay was in response to a State Department cable to ambassadors worldwide urging them to recognize gay pride month.

In a Spanish-language piece titled, "For the Elimination of Prejudices Wherever They Exist," Aponte wrote: "No one should be subjected to aggression because of who he is or who he loves. Homophobia and brutal hostility are often based on lack of understanding about what it truly means to be gay or transgender. To avoid negative perceptions, we must work together with education and support for those facing those who promote hatred."

In the op-ed, Aponte noted that the United States and El Salvador were among more than 80 nations that had signed a U.N. declaration for the elimination of violence against gays and lesbians. She also pointed out that El Salvador President Mauricio Funes had signed a decree in May 2010 prohibiting discrimination by the government based on sexual orientation.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved her nomination on a 10-9 party-line vote last week, but it's unclear if Aponte will be confirmed by the full Senate before the session ends.


  1. says

    Again, to the Obama haters, these kinds of actions by US representatives make a difference in the world. We’ve seen so many of these actions at various levels of the Obama Administration that just wouldn’t happen under a republican.

  2. says

    the GOP made their decision years ago – they will cater to, and feed, the bigotries of the scum of america.

    that’s the GOP base – America’s worst citizens. the most bigoted, the most selfish, the most cripplingly insecure and prejudiced.

    and all those who continue to support the GOP are equally abhorrent. congrats, fuckers.

  3. says

    You show me a Gay Republican that does not suffer from massive “daddy never loved me” issues or a big case of “i love sucking up to the bullies because i have no balls” and I’ll show you a unicorn.

    of course, there will be “gay republicans” who write on here to argue…..thing is, they won’t be able to post a link to their own profile pages, webpages, blogs, video pages….why? simple: they don’t have an ounce of integrity or a shred of self-respect.

    Gay republicans neuter themselves for approval and tolerance.

  4. HadenoughBS says

    As the righwingnuts are so fond of saying: I apologize if I offend anyone by this statement (well, not really) but I truly loathe GOPers – straight or gay. They are nothing but puss-filled boils on the ass of American society.

  5. rafi says

    Ambassador Aponte’s editorial seemed to be focused on violence toward gays. Isn’t the obvious response to the GOP on this issue, “Are you suggesting it’s okay to assault and kill people based on orientation?”

  6. billmiller says

    Again I find it sad and amazing that a lot of gay people support the right, and the republicant party. This is what we get from them, childish pandering and non-sense!

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