1. kit says

    When he says “religious liberty”, what he means is “the ability to subjugate the rights of others to my own personal beliefs — to crush the rights of others because I *believe* in my own liberty but don’t believe in allowing other people to have the same liberty. And I should be allowed to actively work for the subjugation of others’ liberties without having to hear any criticism of my actions.”
    Admittedly, my version doesn’t have the zing that “religious liberty” does…

  2. says

    The Family Research Council has no standing and is a hate group plain and simple. They should be tried for advocating hate crimes. Let Peter Sprigg spend 20 years in Federal prison, say Lompoc, San Quentin or Folsom and watch how quickly the man repents and embraces thall things gay.

  3. anon says

    Tried for advocating hate crimes? That’s a big can of worms. I’m still not convinced that they have any political influence anywhere, really. The average US citizen has almost zero influence over US foreign policy, but Irish nationalists, Jews and Cubans do directly influence US foreign policy as large pressure groups acting in concert. In 30 years of trying, evangelicals have not been able to greatly influence US foreign policy towards the protection of religious minorities overseas despite religious freedom being considered a Universal Right under the UN charter.

  4. andnowwhat says

    the frc fails to see the irony in incorrectly declaring that being lgbt is not an immutable characteristic, when being a poor christian clearly is.