1. WDS says

    “His worst moment came earlier this month, when Rachel Crow, 13, sank to the floor in tears live on air as Steve told her she’d been eliminated.

    The host first crouched down, then stood around looking awkward after Simon Cowell and Rachel’s mother rushed on stage to console the distraught teenager.”

    Let’s see. who would have done better at handling that? – Ms. Seacrest would have reminded her that she could have her own show on E!, Numbnuts from AGT would have done a silly dance around her, Carson Daily would have hummed a few bars of a show tune. Good Lord!!! The kid had a melt-down and IF they had looked at the video – Steve was dealing with the producers yelling into his ear in the earpiece! I agree with S. He was the best thing of the show – which sadly, isn’t saying much!!!

  2. Truth says

    Really? Was that Rachel Crow “moment” considered a low point for Steve? I didn’t think so. Maybe it was a low point for Rachel Crow who threw a tantrum on TV. Steve got up in Nicole Sherzinger’s face about her influence on Rachel’s elimination – I thought that was ballsy. But then again, I think I’m the only person watching this show. If anyone, I would think they would recast either LA Reid or Nicole.

  3. KP says

    I wonder how much of the decision was based on his interview with Ellen, where he mocked Paula and complained about the producers yelling in his ear all the time. Valid complaints but not ones to make on a nationally viewed talk show.

  4. Pattyd says

    I think he is hot and one of the reasons I enjoy watching the X factor. It sure isn’t for the way the contestants get to there positions. The right ones never get enough credit but Steve tries to do his best to console. Don’t take Steve off of the show!

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