Sylvester Stallone Ain’t Afraid of No Shirtless Film Still


He's 65 and still packing it in a still from a new film with the pleasant title Bullet to the Head.

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  1. princely54 says

    The guys LOOOVES his steroids. That must be why he’s as dumb as a brick in real life, too. He tries SO hard to come off as erudite and that just makes him more pathetic when he can’t pull it off.

  2. The Milkman says

    Yeah I don’t think his cognitive status has much to do with his steroid use (which has been well-documented from previous reports of legal problems associated with getting those meds through customs). He was kind of a meathead at baseline.

  3. Dan says

    Anyone know why so many steroid abusers in the WWF kick the bucket early yet Sly keeps on going? Your heart can only take so much…

  4. RonTEX says

    Me thinks HGH may be in the mix too. He does look pretty good for 65 though, have to give him credit for up keep. Although, he does look like his shrink wrap needs to be a little tighter : /

  5. Bart says

    He doesn’t look all that steriodal, he appears more like he’s pumped his body full of HGH and maybe some Wintrol to get rid of the body fat. For 65, he’s got an odd body for sure. But God bless him, he knows what his audience wants. It’s the taunt face and high brow (he never had that) that seems odd. Does the face move at all? Hard to tell by the still but when you’re not the most emotive actor, why make your face even more frozen?

  6. Martin C. says

    Such a nasty bunch of queens posting today. Give the man a break. Have any of you made an impactful film in your life? Been at the top of the Hollywood food chain? etc… You get the point. For new years, make a promise to hold all bitter comments in. I promise you, it will change your life for the better.

  7. badlydrawnbear says

    Pointing out the FACT that the only reason Sly has that face and body is because of decades of plastic surgery and steroid/HGH use does not make someone bitter or a queen.

    Expressing the opinion that you don’t care for the reddened, highly vascular, paper think skin that comes with long term use of steroids or the ‘surprised’ look of repeated face lifts isn’t anymore gueeny or bitter than expressing the opinion that you prefer twinks to bears.

    Rocky was a great film and Sly did create some iconic characters, such as Rambo, but that doesn’t mean we have to jump for joy at a picture of him shirtless.

    Maybe if he made his current work about the quality of his performance and not about how much liposuction he has had I would be more impressed.

  8. Nate says

    Well… damn. If you can take steriods like that and still be alive at 65, maybe everything bad we’ve heard about them is overblown. This is not what gay people need to be seeing, we’re already body obsessed enough.

  9. Caliban says

    That reminds me, I need to pick up a bag of preservative encrusted beef jerky on my way home from work…

  10. Dback says

    Stallone has always made my flesh crawl–creepy, fascistic, jingoistic, violence-obsessed,simplistic, narcissistic knuckle-dragger. By the way, he shares his birthday with George W. Bush, for those who follow astrology and/or numerology–explains a lot, yes?

  11. Batman says

    Stop comparing him to Taylor Lautner. He’s 65, a senior citizen. Compare him to your grandpa. He looks amazing!!! And DBack, u r misinformed. This “Fascist” is the only Action Star who has ever played a hero who could only succeed in catching the Bad Guys if he is cross dressing. The movie is called “Nighthawks”. Stallone may be a conservative but he is a moderate. He’s not the hateful Rush Limbaugh type. He’s cool.

  12. Batman says

    Yes he is. He admits it. Although HGH IS natural. Your body is making it right now. After 40 we make far less and if you and I were needing to play someone like Rocky or Rambo or Barney Ross, we would need to take it. Like someone with diarrhea might need Metamucil.

  13. says

    Geese guys jealous much? I think he looks healthy and amazing and all this image does is prove he is still a huge star. Makes me believe I can rock a nice body by summer because I am 14 years younger than he is here. I can hear the song from Rocky as I write this.

  14. suntrabo says

    It’s perfectly natural to look that way at 65, if one works hard at it and stays off the junk food, cigarettes and booze.

  15. Batman says

    Ladies AND Gents, you know how this idiot above called DBack pointed out that Stallone shares his birthday with George W (like that should mean something?).
    WELL GUESS WHAT! The Dalai Lama, Pierre Cardin (fashion designer, inventor of the Bubble Dress)Frida KAHLO, Jennifer Saunders (of ABFAB fame), and Geoffrey Rush ALSO SHARE STALLONES Birthday.
    Nobody chooses when they are born, dumbass. Stop spreading hate.
    Google STALLONES paintings. His writings. Janeane Garofalo has said that he is a nice person who is very smart. Stop staring at your Ryan Reynolds calendar for 2 minutes and READ about people BEFORE you judge them. Stallone did a musical with Dolly Patron (who has had more plastic surgery than Sly & gays tend to love her). Stallone has always been a friend to gays, employed Elton once and there would be no Hugh Jackman without him.

  16. Andy Hofler says

    Oh yeah..Stallone is a saint. There would be no Mother Theresa without him. He cured cancer. Don’t judge the idiot meat-head. What is wrong with you? Just because the guy made a string of movies makes him some kind of untouchable GOD, so that you can’t criticize his ridiculous over-drugged out body? This is Hollywood celebrity worship at its most pathetic!

  17. jaragon says

    Stallone obviously takes care of his body besides the obvious chemical enhancements and yeah he looks good for a 65 year old man.

  18. romeo says

    Oh, Sly, what are you doing to yourself to keep all that goin’ on? Being a fellow Italian, I always thought Stallone was a hoot, but I fear he may be putting himself in an early grave with all the chemical enhancement.

  19. Dback says

    For the record, I don’t own a Ryan Reynolds calendar, as he does nothing for me–I have a Ben Cohen calendar, because not only is he a beautiful person on the outside, his charity work with the Stand Up foundation shows that he’s beautiful on the inside. So yes, I do pay attention to the world at large. (Would you like me to summarize all of the various Republican candidates and their respective platforms?)

    I also have a degree in Telecommunications and Film Studies, and was the national runner-up in a nationwide competition for movie-lovers, so I’m not completely moronic, Batman. Thanks for trying to keep me on the straight and narrow nonetheless.