1. Danny says

    “They changed the world,” eh? Not so fast. The iron fist of corporate power and other varieties of fascism still have the police and the military at their beck and call–in the US as much as anywhere. “Changed the world” seems a premature prognostication to me. OWS people are still being beat up all over America; and in Syria…

  2. say what says


    I did the TIME poll and it was strange ranking 1 set of protesters over the other

    OWS, Arab Spring, etc

    and all were polling very high so it is cool the TIME editors just did an amalgamation of them all as person of the year

  3. Gregoire says

    I hate when Time doesn’t pick a individual human being. Remember when YOU were the Person of the Year?

  4. anon says

    One of their better choices, but they can’t resist the notion that person of the year equals story of the year.

  5. rafi says

    STEERPIKE, it looks like the protestor is wearing both a knit beanie and a face covering to symbolize OWS protestors and Arab Spring protestors. Nothing about it makes him/her look like a terrorist to me.

  6. says

    Another copout choice for Time. I guess there are no more honorable people in the world. At least none covered by the media.